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My Blog Readers have Earned Over ONE MILLION with Neverblue

neverbluemillionOver the past decade I’ve had the task of working with many different affiliate networks. Some thrived, died, went out of business and a few also went on to be acquired and become parts of larger companies. One of the few successful and very profitable networks I’ve had the joy of working with, has been Neverblue. From what started out as a small affiliate company, has now grown into one of the top, thriving affiliate networks in the game today.

Since the inception of this blog, Neverblue has also been a proud sponsor and I’m thrilled they have seen such an amazing ROI. Through banner ads and mentioned on the blog, I’m proud to announce that over ONE MILLION DOLLARS has been earned through new referrals Neverblue from this blog ($1,191,700 to be exact). This not only shows that Neverblue is still one of the best networks to generate revenue, but also that the readers of ZacJohnson.com know how to make some good money for themselves.

Breanne Storey of Neverblue had the following to say.

Congratulations Zac on surpassing the $1 million dollar milestone! The Marketing department at Neverblue is always thrilled to see the number of referred Affiliates Zac provides us with. To date Zac has been responsible for delivering over $1,000,000 in referred earnings to Neverblue! I am looking forward to seeing the quality Zac can continue to bring to our Affiliate referral program.

– Breanne Storey, Marketing and Communications Specialist, Neverblue

I would like to thank Neverblue and all of my readers for making achievement this possible!

About the Author Zac Johnson

My name is Zac Johnson and I have been an online entrepreneur for the past 18 years and blogger since 2007. This is my personal blog and I welcome you to the site. In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that I am benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website.

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Dean Saliba says

Well done everyone involved.

I'm going to sign up with them next month as I am starting my first jump into affiliate marketing.

    Gregory C. says

    Now is the time to start!

    Great job with this program, that is a lot of referrals!
    My recent post WordPress Comment Plugins & Tools: Is Your Comment Section Working For You?

      @goodgirlsguide says

      : You replied 90 weeks later – so I expect he got started – : )
      Often – you can apply to affiliate programs and they turn you down because you don't have a site or haven't set up a definite way to promote the products/services.
      My recent post Starting your own website

Tyler Cruz says

Not with a single network quite yet (almost with MarketLeverage). I'm curious what Zac's overall numbers are from all the networks, he's probably beating me with that too, heh.

Zac Johnson says

<a class="replyTo" href="#comment-111952" rel="nofollow">@Tyler Cruz:

I haven't taken a tally on all the networks combined, but there are some that definitely tower over the others on success rate/earnings. MarketLeverage pays 5% and Neverblue pays 2%. I'd be earning over double if these referrals were doing the same volume on ML.

Simon says

Well done, I think Tyler Cruz is doing better than you…

Johnny Burgers says

Amazing over $20k in referrals

$600 from me lol i signed up under you

Student Loans says

Thanks, I would like to sign up as well, but I've noticed it gets harder and harder to be approved by CPA networks… can you offer any advise on how to get accepted – that's the first step…

oes tsetnoc says

Wow thats really good

Metal Briefcases says

Congrats on the million dollar milestone. That is a nice piece of commission for you. Considering it is your #6 banner ad, you must be making a lot more from the other offers.

chain link says

Neverblue. Never heard of it.

Minnesota Attorney says

That's impressive! It looks like ZacJohnson.com is both influential and deserves some gratitude from Neverblue.

car purchase says

That is really a great inspiration with have a great info.It is really a great thought.ButWhich affiliate marketing networks can I make the most money from?

    eave says

    Thanks, I would like to sign up as well, but I've noticed it gets harder and harder to be approved by CPA networks… can you offer any advise on how to get accepted.injury lawyers fort worth

dollhouse says

Not much to say, except 'very impressive'. I'm sure that your referrals are also very happy for you, and glad to have helped you to this major milestone!

Goran Web Design says

$1000,000 is quite a remarkable milestone. COngratulations on that, and may it just get better. Now one question I have to ask of you is how much did you earn of that $1000,000, Zac?

Gabe | freebloghelp. says

Timing is everything. I'm actually looking for a new affiliate network so I'll head over to Neverblue today and check them out.

marcus@make money fast says

Congratulations to you and your reads. This proves providing good resources will help you and others. Keep up the good work.

Diabetis says

I'm happy for you. Hope to make that amount someday.

Revenue Robot says

congrats man… that's awesome!

LukePeerFly says

Wow. Congrats on that. Amazing number! πŸ™‚

zap oyun says

Wow thats really good

Gry dla dziewczyn says

woooow! Congrats! I'm really happy for you!

Reva says

Congrats Zac for attaining a good number. You are great.

Katrina Halili says

Oh boy… that figure can only be realized by me in my dreams! Well done Zac!

Kalvster says

Amazing work there!

bathca says

It really seems hard work behing this success! Congrats for this,

David says

I like this place! It is wounderful. I am inspired and shall come back with an article……

Sikat Ang Pinoy says

That is a huge figure. I am not yet into affiliate marketing but after seeing those stats, I might go and try it now. Hopefully, i can gain some tips and advice from this blog.

ninjaproxy says

woooow! Congrats! I’m really happy for you!. thanks zac

Home Theater Seating says

$1 million dollar milestone really huge milestone with big achievement for any company.

SixReel says

Nice work dude, congrats! I am glad to hear that …. I love NeverBlue

Zak Show says

This is impressive, congratulation on your achievement Mr. Zac


ninjaproxy says

wow, that is an amaxing milestone to have reached! Congrats!

Bidet says

Wow tha is a great milestone, Congratulations

Internet Marketing S says

Well that's a great news. I just wish I have the same achievement, it's quite impressive!

Oliver Kleiman says

Hello Zac!! Congrats on your 1 million milestone! I signed up under you and generated $165,000 with neverblue! So Im a big chunk of that $1,000,000!! πŸ™‚ Can I get some reward for that?? Lol just kidding but I did generate $165k's+ under you!

By the way how are your myspace resource sites doing??

Chris Calabro says

Congrats Zac! That's an awesome accomplishment!

cash genie says

Cool.. you should have asked for some incentive from them πŸ™‚ I know a company which sponsored a trip to Las Vegas for a similar feat in UK.

vektörel says

Wow thats really good


Amazing number, You are the Blue Eyed boy for Never Blue.

Citroen C5 Review says

woow it really cool,

i have firs heard about Neverblue from your blog, i will try this affiliate network.

Rent Textbooks says

Well done I guess you get to keep that title of "Super Affiliate" see ya over at wickedfire. πŸ˜‰

haber says

Congratulations to you and your reads. This proves providing good resources will help you and others. Keep up the good work.

Jay says

Attention Affiliates:

Beginning January 1st 2010, Neverblue will transition its Affiliate based referral program. The program will be changing from 2% commissions for life, to 2% commissions for 6 months. Please note that all existing referrals will be honored until June 30th 2010.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact your Affiliate Manager.

* Cheers,

The Neverblue Team


Ha. Haha. Hahahahahahahaha.

adwords reklam says

Congratulations to you and your reads. This proves providing good resources will help you and others. Keep up the good work.

Pete says

Wow, this is great, congratulations! Keep up the good work,


CNA Training says

Wow, that is just simply amazing. I’m sure all the other affiliate networks will want to jump on board now, correct?

satria nugraha says

nice sharing anyway. this info make me know what affiliate program that can earn much thing from it.

Jon@ Student Loans says

CPA marketing can be very profitable… but let me tell you I can't get approved by some of the best networks… do you have any advise on how to get approved? Could you help some of your most trusted followers get approved with Never Blue?

PS3 says

Wow that is one amazing achievement! How long has the blog been going?

Electric treadmill says

We've worked with NeverBlue for at least 2 years off and on. We've given them offers and they've given us a few as well. Overall my experience with them has been very positive.

Chase Cashwell says

Congrads…Job Well done

La Digue says

I would say congrats for the great job you've done. I didn't know about Neverblue until now. I'm going to try them out. Thanks for the share.

chester says

Very impressive and congrats to you. Never heard of Neverblue until now. Will check them out.

andisuro says

That's an amazing achievement Zac. Wish you all the best.

Career Pakistan says

Well done Zac, thats a great achievement.

Branko Zecevic says

Congratulations Zac!

This is really amazing! I will keep in mind things you said about Neverblue affiliate network and I'm sure there are many opportunities worth to observe and examine.

samuel ndem says




jude says

What an achievement… your an inspiration sir.

gadis says

Congrats Zac, I hope I can follow you with hard working

infopediaonlinehere says

great job….zac

samuel ndem says

i pray to get such amount in months to come.

Mark Maranga: Travel says

Congratulations Zac! This is a lot of money to buy beers!! Cheers!!!

Mayweather vs Mosley says

You are such an inspiration Zac. I'll do my best to be as rich as you!

Olgi Zenullari says

I stopped advertising Neverblue's affiliate program after they stupid move, 2 % only for 6 months … now I don't see why they had to do such a bad move but anyway … congrats on your achievement!

Charles says

Wow that is a lot of sign ups. Congratulations I have not signed up yet but im going to sign up under you.

Jeena says

I am emberrased to say that I have never heard of Neverblue. Guess I will be signing up. Congratulations on the huge milestone!

Mining Distributors says

Congrats on the accomplishment! That is quite a milestone!

Julius says

this inspires me to know more about Neverblue. This is the first time I've visited your site and I'm enjoying what I'm reading.

Team Trade says

Wow thats pretty impressive. I hope you are getting trailing commissions on this. πŸ™‚

PHP Tutorial says

great job and not much to say, except ‘very impressive’.

used tires says

Wow, $1m earned through referrals alone, that is incredible. Well done to everyone involved. πŸ˜€

Till then,


martin loh says

Very huge earning through referral only. Well done and i am looking forward to learn more from you…:)

Online Affiliate Mar says

I am gonna check out neverblue they sound like a top notch affiliate program. Congrats on your accomplishments.

Richard says

Looks like another successful affiliate program. I'm going to check it out

Martin says

Fabulous, absolutely spot on!

Jake says

Just curious, out of all your referrals what is the most amount of revenue one affiliate has contributed towards that 1,000,000 mark?

Mahesh | altkommein says

Congratulations zac, neverblue turned out to be profitable for many affiliate marketers. I wish they could accept asian affiliates into their system. πŸ™‚

otopsi izle says

Amazing number, You are the Blue Eyed boy for Never Blue.

SEOninja says

That is a hight level of revenue that helped generate for them. I bet that they are happy about that.

John@Retail Fixtures says

That sound like succesfull affiliate marketer,hoping i will be one of them someday maybe.

Womens forum says

Amazing achievement zac,thanks for great info

sang says

It is a great achievement. I really congratulate you. I learned a lot from you. I'll try to be like you

Pacquiao vs Margarit says

Zac, you are such an inspiration. I wonder when I can I earn that amount. Hehehe. It's such a great achievement and it's good that you're sharing us your expertise on affiliate blogging.

Ally says

Congratulations, Zac and everyone involved, those numbers are really impressive. Guess I'd better go sign up right away!

oldtalks says

Congrats on that. Amazing number!

deimos744 says

Nice figure!

Mandeep says

Wow very impressive, always great to see anyone achieve new heights!
My recent post How do you make money blogging

iblworld says

I have not taken a tally on all the networks combined, but you will find some that surely tower above the other folks on good results rate/earnings.

iblworld says

That's actually an incredible inspiration with have an excellent information.It truly is really a great thought.ButWhich internet affiliate marketing networks can I make essentially the most money from?

Personal loan today says

Good post as I never heard through referrals and all also you can earn great amount of money.Good to know that.I really appreciate .

jennifer@t1 internet says

Wow! That's awesome! I've found it really difficult to get going with internet marketing. Maybe Neverblue is the answer. I will look it up.
My recent post Voip- MPLS- Phone- and Internet Service

David Miles says

Wow that is really cool : )
My recent post Beware Israel Bans the iPad over Wi-Fi concerns

bendansurf says

I just can say this word : Wow!
My recent post This Is About Blog

Paydayuk says

wow.. That’s a great achievement. . Congrats. .

lisa:remote pc says

really? i million dollars in PROFIT?

affiliatesea says

Great work and congratulations.

margarito -pacquiao says

Why do u prefer neverblue over google adsense? Does it make more money than adsense? Newbie here
My recent post Freddie Roach playing concern over Pacquiao vs Margarito to the hilt

SSL Certificate says

Congratulations i never see huge community like this and no question why this is all on your quality work.

web design says

I'm going to sign up too…. can you give us some tips πŸ™‚

doctor joe brown says

Wish I had gotten here sooner, I might have been around for this!

Sun says

I'm realy happy for you. Hope to make that amount someday.

IRG says

i have not heard before that… but its really impressive congratulations

Best Domain Hosting says

That is a very huge amount of money man. It really kind of you helping others generating that kind of money. I think I should make you as my JV partner for the future =)
My recent post Multiple Domain Web Host updated Thu Dec 9 2010 2-45 pm CST

Worlds Headlines says

Nice to see and appreciated your blog.

nba says

Now to all who contributed done.

My first jump into affiliate marketing, as I am starting next month, I will sign up with them.

arnell75 says

just got accepted by neverblu but I am not sure what to start promoting or how for that matter, I don't want to get kicked out for not following the rules, can you give me some advice?

nba says

Congratulations to read it. This shows good resources, and help others. good job.

make money online says

I was very encouraged to find this site. I wanted to thank you for this special read. I definitely savored every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

jadeslair says

I like Neverblue, I just wish they would expand the number and type of advertisers they use.

Nikola Cvrtnjak says

That's just amazing… Found this blog and I am already following you on Twitter b/c I have found here great amount of good information. Keep the good work Zac πŸ˜‰
My recent post How to monetize your twitter account

Morris says

Wow that's amazngly. I'm with Maxbounty now but I'm swapping a little between the CPA networks. I think I'll join Neverblue, it seems like the biggest and most reliable πŸ™‚
My recent post Why Get A Parrot As Pet?

SSL Certificate says

Oh wow that sounds wonderful..I would like to sign up to get its benefit. This is really a big affiliate network I have seen ever.

fibroids miracle says

A million dollars….congratulations! It's quite encouraging to read news like this. Among the CPA networks, Neverblue is actually one of the best, as many readers have already vouched for.

David says

Congrats $1,000,000 and you make it looks so easy – good decisions made it happen, not luck.

KristinaaaL says

Congratulations, Zac, this is quite remarkable! Both for your sponsor Neverblue and you, as well as for the blog readers. Big achievement, I hope you have many more of them!
My recent post Havahart Wireless Coupon Code

Runescape gold says

Congratulations, this clearly shows you're a man that knows what he's talking about. By the way I love the ebook you released, saw it from john chow's blog.

MpowerWebStore.com says

Absolutely great and impressive achievement. Tried Neverblue but some how not able to convert into sales. Congratulations
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Weber says

It's really encouraging to here of companies like Neverblue doing so well. It makes me focus better when I can see from example what can be achieved through affiliate marketing. The ad space I hadn't considered before which I will certainly look into more.

Richardson's Park says

We're happy for you and I can't believe I missed the chance to join the fray!

Mike - Make Money says

wow. thats great news. specially if you make a % from people you refereed to neverblue
My recent post Make Money online with affiliate programs.

francis says

I have not seen such a stupendous some from as an income from a blog.This is incredible! I am considering the Neverblue and would let my colleagues have extensive discussion of incorporating Neverblue.

Moris says

I just wanna say that I have switched from Maxbounty to Neverblue since I read this post and I lvoe it. They seem very reliable and you can always get in contact with your affiliate manager. I recommend them 100%
My recent post undefined

Russ says

Yeah! congrats that,s really good.

sumit says

Congrats ……….
Few days back my request to join neverblue was denied. Please give me some advice so that my blog can be accepted at neverblue.

Cervical Fibroids says

Congrats on your achievement! $1 million dollars is a head-spinning amount of money!

work from home says

I tried to applied , but refused…Im with cpa tank at the moment, they are pretty good.
My recent post Online Jobs Without Investment – A Step By Step Guide

SSL Certificate says

Oh, it's really good inspiration to all affiliate marketing experts that they can achieve their dream through affiliate program without any own business efforts but everything need perfect.

PCPrima.de says

Congratulations! Well done. Keep doing.

My recent post Gefräßige Pandabären: Forscher knacken Rätsel der Bambus-Verdauung

richard says

Oww man, I hearing all these affiliate making money; I want to be in the game too you know.
My recent post 5 Small Business Search Engine Optimization Tips

malunggay56 says

Wow, that is a great number. Hopefully they will be treating you to some nice perks with that kind of number on top of your own commissions!
My recent post vegan diet plan

casseygirl says

The only thing I can say is Ohh and Ahhhh! wow how I wish I can make it too. Zac you really are amazing.
My recent post SIP Trunking

oliver says

1/5 was thru me. Earned over 200k with neverblue and signed up under you back in the Myspace era sites. And when I asked you to exchange links with one my of my sites you ignored me…..

make money online says

Zac! This is an amazing achievement. How can I sign up under you? I need to start making money from never blue right away!

coldboy166 says

Very good job! Thanks for your sharing.
My recent post Website Flipping: New Method Make Money Online

jehzlau says

Wooow! Now I'm thrilled to join NeverBlue πŸ˜€

News of Mp says

Superb. Excellent work Zac. Well done πŸ˜€

online jobs hunter says

Yes, there are great opportunities for all of us. How did you stumble upon NeverBlue?
My recent post Online Jobs Without Investment for Students.

Cristina says


I would like to know more about this Neverblue affiliate program. Is it too late to join now? Would I still be profitable if I do join? Thanks for sharing this and I hope to learn more.

– Cristina

yashscool says

Hey can you provide some pointers on how to get accepted to cpa networks.

Shaqir Hussyin :) says

My recent post 12 Key Tips For Your Biz AKA “The Most Awesome Email Ever”

Jeff says

Wow! 1M already from you blog? Awesome! Congrats Zac
My recent post Intel 3rd Generation Processors Core i7 and i5 22nm Now Available

Trung Nguyen says

$1,191,700 is a big money for everyone, how this guy can earn so much like that???? I'm very serious.
My recent post How to Start a Blog: 7 Steps to Start a Blog for Yourself

pradeep says

i luv this website.. nice work
My recent post 3D Architectural Designs

Web Design New york says

That's a great news. Congrats to all of you on your achievement.

chetan says

i came to your site from facebook, link posted by chitrasinha(socialvani) and read some of your articles and they encouraged me to get into affiliate marketing, so far i have been earning only through adsense and amazon affiliate, havenot tried other networks.

@goodgirlsguide says

Hi Zac – Congratulations!

Lionel says

Thats an awesome figure!! Thanks for helping us.
My recent post A Student Guide to Object-Oriented Development

tony says

Thanks for sharing this information, i truly love your weblog. Keep this good work & enlighten us with your new post. Thanks.

Bash Bosh Money says

OMG! Congratulations Zac for your earnings. Amazing work indeed.
My recent post What Can I Do to Earn Money

K.Singh says

Wow that;s great. However what most people don't realise is the amount of effort that must have gone into promoting afilliates in order to make this kind of money.
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Ferb says

This is the first I have heard of NeverBlue and you made a lot of money from it, I should definitely try it out.
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Liane Markus says

All I can say is congratulations and this really is a nice blessing and achievement at the same time. Happy for you.
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AlZ says

Wow,sound's unbelievable. I'll definitely follow your advice!

Stock Market Mate says

Impressive and inspiring! Keep it up.
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faddi says

I agree with you. This post is truly inspirational. I like your post and all you share with us is up to date and quite informative, i would like to bookmark the page so i can come here again to read you, as you have done a wonderful job. infrared images of façade's design

adamboyd1 says

Great to hear man. You deserve it. I have an inspirational story for stay at home moms that you guys might want to see.

bodyrevolution4u says

Never heard of this site. I am gonna check it and maybe become an affiliate as well.

Thanks for sharing it Zac
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@CrackMarketing says

You're the man! Congratulations and what a good job you did there!

Rajan says

Congratulations Zac. This inspires to new bloggers just like me.
My recent post Blog Opportunities – Surface Pro Giveaway

karan chauhan says

Congrats! Zac! NeverBlue Rocks…

My recent post Essential tools and applications for bloggers in 2013

Robert Connor says

Nice milestone Zac!

prabhat says

hello zac
i an a newbie when it comes to affiliate marketing and i have tried but never succeeded. but afer reading this post i got the idea about how much hardwork do i need. i will definitely create an affiliate site because i dont want to be dependent on adsense alone
My recent post Top Best Web Sites to Download Free Music (English, Hindi mp3 Songs)

Himanshu says

Congratulation Zac for achieving such a milestone πŸ™‚

My recent post Mega WordPress Themes $800 Worth Giveaway (3rd Anniversary Celebration)

Ashi says

Hi Zac Sir,
I am big fan of your blog and subscribed to the feeds. I really enjoyed your article. Sorry about the Google Adsense but seems like you don't need adsense anymore.
Congratulations on your great success.
I have just started the blogging and learning things. I want to earn something with Google Adsense but somehow Adsense is not accepting my Application.
They always says
Site does not comply with Google Adsense policies.
I have concerned many people about it and none of them are able to answer the correct problem. Well I think you are the one genius. So please sir take a look and tell me the problem. I would be really thankful to you.
Waiting for your response.
Thanks & Regards
My recent post BlackBerry A10 Rumored to launch Soon….

Ron- Make Game says

Good luck ! I need lerning lot from you πŸ˜‰
My recent post Return of the Hero

@NeverblueJoao says

Hello. I'm an Affiliate Manager for Neverblue, and if anyone is interested in joining the network — please get in contact with me so I can work on getting you accepted onto the network and running campaigns as quickly as possible! You can find me on Twitter @NeverblueJoao. Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you Zac for all your support! We really appreciate it! Think you'll be making it out to Rio de Janeiro for our next famous Out Of Bounds trip?

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