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My Experience with a Virtual Assistant

It’s been nearly 13 years since I first started making money online, and this whole time it’s always been just myself. Sure, there have been a few times where I worked with a programmer on the site, and I still outsource for web design, but outside of those two… I’ve always done everything . More than anything else, I know I will get the job done right, and it’s hard to trust and bring someone else in to share what you’ve worked so hard on for so many years.

This year was the first time I experimented with bringing in a virtual assistant. I always heard virtual assistants mentioned in conversation, but never had a reliable source or know where to start. One of my good friends Rosemary, runs a virtual assistant company and we were talking about how it works and what services were offered. Rosemary’s company, VirtualHires, specializes in offering full time, college educated virtual assistants and operates out of the Philippines. We setup all the paper work and a walk through of who I would have as my VA, and what we should both expect from working with each other. I ended up choosing a virtual assistant that specialized in writing, mainly to build up content for a few sites I was working on. The service was great, and the VA was excellent and always provided quality work and was available when needed. I would email my VA at night with a list of topics to write about, then would receive the completed work in the morning. I went on to keep my assistant for around 6 months. If I was (and I probably will) to go the virtual assistant route again, I would make sure to have a better plan in place on how to better utilize my assistant and time.

The minute you start thinking about getting a virtual assistant, start writing down everything you would have them do. Once you start minimizing your workload, you will be more relaxed and actually have time and be focused to work on the most important tasks. As mentioned, my VA was strictly for writing purposes. The cost of a virtual assistant through VirtualHires, is around $1,000 a month. This might seem high since your friends may be outsourcing to other countries for less, but each virtual assistant through VH is dedicated only to your jobs and tasks. I had my VA writing for me and she was pushing out 3-4 full articles a day. The $1,000 a month price tag works out to roughly $45 a day (estimated 23 working days a month), and can be broken down to paying around $14 per article, assuming 3 new articles a day. If you have an already profitable and established business, you could easily pick up 2-3 virtual assistants for only a few thousand a month, and easily thin out your “busy work” work load.

I went with VirtualHires for my virtual assistant for three reasons. First, I knew Rosemary personally. Second, they came recommended by a friend. Third, all of their virtual assistants are trained and must pass many qualifications before being used by the company. With all of these qualifications in place, this is why you are paying the higher $1,000 a month price tag versus finding someone on eLance and paying them by hour or project. You are also guaranteed the security of contacting the company, VirtualHires, directly should there be any problems.

Though I decided to cut my virtual assistant after only six months, it was a great learning process and provided me with a lot of new content for some of my other sites. Bringing in a virtual assistant for content writing was awesome, but it was almost actually bringing in more work for me, then saving me. When I decide to start my next VA process, I would like to grab a content writer along with a web admin VA, this would eliminate the need for me to import the articles and manage these content sites. I can easily see a virtual assistant coming in handy for any affiliates working with list building and creating/upload ad campaigns. This is the type of manual work that can eat up your hours and is well worth the month of outsourcing.

This post was not sponsored or compensated in any way by Virtual Hires, but was used as a real life experience of using a virtual assistant. Feel free to any comments, experiences or advice on virtual assistants.

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