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OfferVault – Compare Affiliate Network Offers

How many affiliate networks can you name? Most likely it’s a bundle, but as many as know, I’m sure you will still forget to mention a few. Personally, I sign up for a network whenever I come across one. No matter the size or age of the network, you never know if one of them might just have that next perfect offer that will make you a ton of cash.

However, with so many affiliates networks, how are you supposed to track them all and see who is paying the most? The latest solution: OfferVault.

OfferVault has created an excellent site for searching out over 10,000 offers among over 30 different affiliate networks. Best of all, it’s free.

How OfferVault Works
Using OfferVault couldn’t be easier. Once you signup for your free account, you are greeted with a selection of affiliate networks that are compatible with OfferVault, along with a search feature to browse a compare affiliate rates. Simply type in any offer name or topic and the results will come right up. I did a search for “crush“, which is one of the best performing cell-submit offers across many networks. With this given result, you can see the difference in payout rates. You can also see that “AU – My Luv Crush Mobile” has two listings… one with CPAEmpire, and another with GlobalDirectMedia, but there is a difference of $1.70 in commission. Which network would you be running this offer through? As always, networks will argue that they pay more and that these are just “public” rates, but it’s still a good reference list.

Networks Listed on OfferVault
In addition to the major networks you already know about, OfferVault also has a selection of networks that many affiliates might not already be signed up with. Having a system that allows for comparison across a wide variety of networks is key. There are currently over 30 networks listed, but it would be great to see this list expanded to include even more networks, such as Advaliant and PepperJam Network. (and I’m sure more network options are being added) Other than that, they have most of the major networks listed.

A Free Resource & How OfferVault Makes Money
With such an awesome service, you might wonder how they can offer it for free? To access the full search capabilities of the site, you have to sign up for a free account. After signing up, you with have the option to buy an affiliate site template package. This is in no way required, and just an upsell for anyone interested.

The power and long term revenue generator for the site is it’s potential to send new affiliates to the networks it has listed on the site. Imagine how many people search for an offer, then see it’s highest payout is at a network they’ve never seen before. In most cases, the affiliate will click on over to that network and sign up. OfferVault would then receive credit for the referral.

Is OfferVault Worth Using?
I don’t see any reason why someone would pass up the option on using OfferVault, or at the least, just trying it out. With everyone always trying to make a quick buck, it’s nice to see a decent resource site with such value and not having to enter your cc info. There is no cost to use the system, and you may just find another network that is paying more than your current network. Not only is it important to not cut yourself short, but it’s always good to know what network have what offers, and how much they are paying out… along with how much they are banking on margins. The most successful affiliates always know what’s going on in the industry and keeping your networks in check is key!

Take a look through OfferVault and let me know what you think.

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first $100 says

Thanks for the tips, i like your suggestions to converse better affiliate marketing widens. Hope to hear from you more and more power.

Speed_eTher says

There is also AffSpy.

Indo Contest says

I've been member of OfferVault since 6 months ago.

Now, they navigation is much easier.

Dean Saliba says

I think might be a good option for me when I dip into affiliate marketing. 🙂

Jacques Seoman says

Offervault seems like quite a comprehensive service. One question though. Do they filter out the affiliate networks that scrub their smaller advertisers? I read quite a serious post about the little guy being repeatedly screwed over by many affiliate networks in order to protect their bigger clients….

Creative Writing Ide says

This sounds like a great site. What a way to check out the options for affiliate programs, see which ones work best for you AND to see which ones will provide the biggest pay out. Great system.

Nicholas Chase says


I've joined several ad networks, but I can't seem to raise the funds needed to start my campaigns.

I do have a coupon for $100.00 ($30.00 to activate) on Yahoo Search Marketing, but not sure which market niche to select, and this won't last too long I'm thinking.

No room on credit cards, and family cannot assist. We need a micro-loan company to launch our affiliate marketing business!


Nicholas Chase

Agent 001 says

I came to know about it few days ago.Its worth trying. I will be joining it soon. You are not gonna loose anything.

Just go for it. Grab the opportunity.

Hip Hop Videos says

I've been considering making the jump into being an Affiliate. OfferVault definitely seems like a great service that's incredibly worthwhile!

The Blogger Source says

Seems like a great tool, the design is lacking something though.

goblogging says

Very informative article Zac. I just know about it.

glenn says

looks informative i think ill research it further to see if it will suit my needs

Jim Banks says


As the network in question in your example, I'd like to give a network perspective on Offer Vault. Mark Roth who owns it is the consummate business person. Very responsive.

As a network it really keeps us on our toes regarding payouts, it does throw a few issues in respect of naming conventions of offers and does make networks think hard about how they show offers.

I'm a fan on Market Leverage and their display of offers in their interface is great, but because they use HTML it makes their offers look garbled in Offer Vault as they are pulling in the data from the API.

Mind you, I don't seem to recall seeing your application for out network!!

Wink, wink!

Love the blog btw.

Bidet says

This looks like a great tool to use, its always good to compare prices before picking a network. Thanks for sharing it.

Premium Wordpress Th says

Looks like a good tool. I will check it out

Thanks for sharing.

Ann @ Work From Home says

This is a great solution, as I too belong to tons of networks and it is hard to keep track of everything, thanks!

Free Games says

A very well written article.. Thanks for sharing. I'm new at affiliate networking.. a read this gives me the basic idea about it…

Safe Babysitter says

@Nicholas Chase:

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Irvine Babysitter says

If you do some keyword research when looking for offers to promote you can save yourself a lot of work promoting something that may not be profitable for you. The Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool is a great place to start to find out what people are looking for on the Internet. The Keyword Academy can help you to sort it all out. They have a great tool (Niche Refinery) for plugging in what you find using the Keyword Research Tool and distilling it down into a list of keywords or products that will likely make you money on the Internet.

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