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Top PPC Marketing Experts on Twitter

Pay per click marketing is one of the most direct and easy to understand ways to start making money online. The process is simple. You bid on keywords to target your audience, send them to your landing page and try to convert your visitors into leads. It sounds easy enough but the competition and high advertising rates make it quite the task to master.

Fortunately we are working in the world of internet marketing and there are so many resources out there for you to learn from, you won’t have to go it alone. From basic tutorials, landing pages tips and ppc campaign optimization there is a whole world of free content and paid learning courses out there for you to learn from.

It would also be wise for you to start following some of the best names in ppc marketing through Twitter. PPCHero released their list of the Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts and each of them provide value and expertise in their own special way.

This year the list was selected by the visitors of PPC Hero and over 130 names were submitted and received votes, but only 25 could make the top list. The list below features the name and their and twitter handle, which will make it easy for you to learn more about each person and easily follow them through their social outlets as well.

Top PPC Marketing Experts on Twitter

  1. Larry Kim – @larrykim
  2. Marty Weintrab – @aimclear
  3. Bryan Eisenberg – @thegrok
  4. Avinash Kaushik – @avinash
  5. Kevin Lee – @kevin_lee_qed
  6. Matt Van Wagner – @mvanwagner
  7. Brad Geddes – @bgtheory
  8. Jeff Ferguson – @countxero
  9. John Rampton – @johnrampton
  10. Perry Marshall – @perrymarshall
  11. Justin Seibert – @domjbs
  12. David Szetela – @szetela
  13. Joanna Lord – @joannalord
  14. Gregg Finn – @gregfinn
  15. Martin Rottgerding – @bloomarty
  16. James Svoboda – @realcity
  17. Pamela Lunda – @pamela_lund
  18. Marc Poirier – @marcpoirier
  19. David Rodnitzky – @rodnitzky
  20. Joe Kerschbaum – @joekerschbaum
  21. Heather Cooan – @heathercooan
  22. Manny Rivas – @mannyrivas
  23. Aaron Levy – @bigalittlea
  24. Kent Lewis – @kentlewis
  25. Lisa Raehsler – @lisarockssem

Top PPC Marketing Experts

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Vukasinilick says

Those are really some great experts Zac. I've been following them for quite long. I most love John Rampton as he is truly giving some great tips! 🙂

@marthapreston4 says

Thanks so much for sharing this.As a beginner I always think its important to learn from the best! I have heard of some of these people but others are completely new which is great!
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Nancy Badillo says

Thanks for proving such an great list of experts. I have met some of them and some are new to me. Will be following some new faces. 🙂
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Jay says

Nice list Zac ppc is a great skill to Master especially If Your consistently profitable.

You do Not need an email list, a blog, or anything in between to make a great living once you Master Your ppc skills:)
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Tinnitus What Is It says

Wow! Impressive list. Can you come up with Top SEOer, Top Social Networkers, etc … I'll like to follow influential people.

Thanks for the list!
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Arbaz Khan says

That's truly an awesome post Zac!
I don't follow much people on Twitter as I am not quite active there but I am subscribed to a lot of people's list who are mentioned here like John Rampton so that makes up for the loss.
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