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Setting Up Your First Facebook Ads Campaign

With Facebook now at over 250 million members, it’s never been a better time to take a stab at Facebook Advertising. I continually get requests through email on how to setup a Facebook Ads campaign, and what offers to work. Instead of writing back to everyone individually, it’s better to just write out a whole post. “Warning” – This is entry level stuff for Facebook Ads. If you’re already advertising on Facebook, you can probably skip this post… if not, learn something new and maybe make some money in the process.

For some reason, whenever you start talking to someone about Facebook Ads, you either get the response, “I just kept losing money, so I went away”, or “Facebook Ads is awesome! I love it!”. The truth is, Facebook Ads can make you money, just as easily as it can make you lose your shirt. It’s all about testing, setting your ads up correctly and managing your daily balance.

Let’s go forward with setting up a Facebook campaign. For this walkthrough, I’m going to use a “3G iPhone” email submit from Tatto Media, which pays $2 per submit. This will be a good example to use for when we go over targeting.

1.) Design Your Ad
– Destination URL: You can use your affiliate link, or a landing page. There are no quality scores, or full sites needed. In most cases, you can link directly to the affiliate url.
– Title: The title is what your user is going to see, and make them click. The better the title, the higher the click through rate.
– Body Text: This is usually the generic information that helps in deciding if Facebook will approve your ad. In this particular example, Facebook likes you to list the process needed for the viewer to take to receive their free iPhone. Again, the better the writing, the better the click through rate.
– Image: Usually more important than your title, is your image. Depending on the ad used, you can get creative with this. Draw attention to your ad by using a funny picture, or something out of the ordinary… but still relevant to the ad. Take some extra time to choose  a high quality image and do any necessary cropping so it fits correctly.

The ad copy is the face of your ad campaign, but the targeting is where you setup who should see your ad. There is no reason why a single guy in Florida should see an advertisement for “Married Women in New York“. Thanks for Facebook Ads targeting, this will never be a problem again.

Most of the targeting options are self explanatory. Just for demonstration, I checked off that I want to target only “Married” “Males” interested in “iPhone” and living within the “United States” to see this ad. You can then see that 56,540 Facebook users match this description.

Keywords: The keywords are what will make or break your ad campaign. If you don’t place any keyword specifications, your advertisement will be shown to over 66 million Facebook users in the US. This will result in not only a horrible click through rate, but can also deplete your account of funds in no time.

As you can see in the picture below, I selected “iPhone“, “iphones“, and “Apple Iphone 8gb“. This means only people with these listed interests will see my ad. In addition to the keywords I selected, Facebook listed a few “Suggested Keywords“.

3.) Campaigns & Pricing
Now that your ad campaign is created, you just need to set everything up for going live and setting your ad pricing. The most important setting in this whole step, is your “Daily Budget“. The thing with Facebook, is that their audience is so huge, you can go through a few hundred or even thousands of dollars in just minutes. When setting up a campaign, you will need to test what CPC amount is right for you to spend. While testing, I would set the daily budget in the $5-$20 range. As for the CPC rate, I usually put 30-50% of what their actual suggestion is. Once you have some traffic flowing through the campaign, you will have a better idea on how to manage you CPC and daily budget.

4.) Review Your Ad
The last step is to simply review everything you have just setup. Once you verify everything is correct, you simply need to click “Place Order” and you campaign will go into que for approval.

Important Notices for Facebook Advertising:
– Your daily spend limit will increase in increments til you meet $1000, then you can contact an ads manager to get boosted to $5k+ daily range.
– Facebook ad team will deny your ads all time. Keep submitting new ad copies and resubmit whenever they are denied.
– Take advantage of NON-US traffic. Facebook is BIG worldwide, and these markets are less saturated then US.
– Facebook Coupons: For new accounts, several networks and sites offer $50-$100 coupons for Facebook advertisers.
(Visa used to offer $100, looks like they don’t anymore. Search around for the latest coupons to go live.)
– Setup multiple offers and ad copies. Keep higher CTR converting offers, and close out the others.
– The higher the CTR, the lower you will have to pay per click.
– Once you master CPC, move over to CPM advertising for better ROI results.

Give Facebook Ads a try.

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