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So You Want to Build a Niche Web Site?

Have you ever wanted to build your own mini niche web site? If you haven’t yet, I’m sure you’ve at least heard of them. Niche web sites are every where and there is virtually an endless supply of topics and search terms you can build sites around.

This mini guide will serve as your blue print for creating mini niche web sites and how you can start making money in literally just a few days after creating your site. During the process, you may find yourself building up a little empire of mini sites that can each earn you anywhere from $300 to $1000 a year while you continue to build and scale out more sites!

What is a Mini Niche Web Site?

The best way to explain a niche web site, is to think about a very specific topic. Let’s use basketball for example, and break it down a few levels. BASKETBALL > PLAYING BASKETBALL > JUMP TRAINING. First we started with “basketball”, which covers everything possible about basketball, then we went to “playing basketball”, then one level even deeper, where we stop at “jump training”. This is a perfect example of a mini niche.

You might not think there is a huge market for “jump training”, but everyone who is searching for that topic is very dedicated to purchasing or finding more information. This same breakdown process can be used to find any niche market, just keep breaking down your original topic. Your web site or blog would focus just on jump training for basketball, or your desired niche of choice, just make sure it’s extremely targeted to only that one topic.

Still skeptical about mini niches or even using “jump training” as a real profitable niche? Just read my post on how Jacob is earning over $75,000 in this same niche!

Finding a Niche that Makes Money

Now that we found our “jump training” nice, let’s make sure it’s a good choice for making some money. I like to head over to Google’s Keyword Tool when searching new niche markets and just doing quick keyword searches. Here are the search results for the breakdown of topics we discussed above.

BASKETBALL – 16.6M monthly searches – 1.07 average cpc
PLAYING BASKETBALL – 33k monthly searches – .54 average cpc
JUMP TRAINING – 18k monthly searches – .82 average cpc

From the stats above we can see “basketball” gets a ridiculous amount of searches per month and wouldn’t be a good topic to go after since it’s so broad. Search “basketball” on Google and you will see Amazon.com and Ask.com as the advertisers, so you have little chance if any to compete for this keyword, while trying to make a profit. Next we have “playing basketball”, which has a lot less searches, but enough to keep it interesting… but still too broad for our niche site. Our final breakdown of “jump training” is perfect with 18k searches per month, and also has a decent per click average of .82  from advertisers bidding on the term.

When searching for each of the terms on Google, you will see different advertisers appear for each. “Basketball” and “playing basketball” were pretty generic, but when you look at the advertisers for “jump training”, it’s gets pretty cool! Nearly all of these advertisers have their own products to sell, but also an affiliate program for you to push their offers. Bingo! We found a solid niche to make money with.

Head over to ClickBank and type in “jump training” as your search request and you will find a great deal of ebooks and guides you could promote through your jump training niche site. The same holds true for many other niches and ClickBank has made a lot of niche site owners a lot of money!

What to Put on Your Mini Niche Web Site

As mentioned earlier, you should keep you niche web site completely focused on your topic… and nothing else. Excellent ways to find content for your site is to head over to Google Keyword Tool again, place “jump training” in the search box and check off “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms”. You know have a great selection of topics to write about, that other people are searching… while all are still completely focused on your topic. You can also post videos from YouTube, product reviews, interviews and news stories.

We already know that jump training is a great niche topic, but looking at the web sites of the products you may be promoting, can actually help you create your niche sites. Are they offering a free ebook / download for your email subscribe? What type of jump training are they offering? Do they have real customer feedback? Use all of this information to create the best content for your niche sites and visitors.

Getting Traffic to a Niche Web Site

Whether you are building your niche web site for search rankings or paid traffic, it’s all about finding relevant traffic. If you can buy an exact keyword match domain for your mini site, you are already ahead of the game for SEO. If you don’t have the money to spend on advertising, create a mini niche site with some nice content, submit a few articles to directories for link building, spend a few bucks on getting social networking bookmarks and you could see your site ranked very high for your niche keyword in no time.

Article marketing has been very effective for mini niche web sites, which are tightly focused on trying to get indexed in Google and other engines for one or two specific keywords. As an author on an article submission web site, you would submit content and receive a high quality and high page rank backlink to your site, thus helping with your seo ranking. Be sure to read my Article Marketing blog post for how to build free backlinks and which article directories you should be using.

Another alternative is paid advertising. Facebook Ads allows you to target any demographic you can think of. Imagine how many people on Facebook have “play basketball” as an interest, which is completely relevant to “jump training”.  Also see my Facebook Ads Design Tips & Creating Your First FaceBook Ads Campaign posts for more help and information on creating killer Facebook campaigns. You also have search engine marketing through PPC, which allows you to get ads for your web site right in the face of people searching for your niche keywords.

Free search traffic or paid traffic, work the numbers and improve your conversions to see what works best for you. You can even split test by creating a mini niche site for each type of traffic source.

Making Money with a Niche Web Site

Most niche web sites are created to drive conversions, which may be in the form of mailing lists, affiliate programs / leads, pushing your own product or even Google Adsense. It’s up to you to decide how you would like to monetize your niche web site. While Google Adsense has been a big winner in the niche area, you may be missing out on a lot of potential revenue by pushing an individual product or service.

Going back to our example of “jump training”, if you create a mini blog updated with new content on the best ways to strengthen your leg muscles to jump higher, then at the bottom of each post, recommend that your reader buys “XYZ Jump Training Manual”, and you would earn a commission on each sale. If your niche web site ends up making you a lot of money off affiliate sales, you should think about creating your own product so you earn 100% of all sales.

Work the Numbers, Get Better & Replicate

Niche web sites are all about finding hidden gems and what works. It can also be quite addicting to play around with making mini niche web sites, which you could find earning you a few dollars a day here and there. It’s not hard to buy a domain, outsource your content and link building… then have a small web site you forget about that makes $1,000+ per year. It’s all about continually adding content over time and building new incoming backlinks to the site. Remember… you mini sites will always be working for you. Ten mini sites earning $1 per day will bring in over $3600 a year.

So You Want to Build a Niche Web Site?… Go for it! Pick up a few domain names, create some content and do some link building. Take note of what’s working and what isn’t. Make changes with your positive and negative results along the way, then replicate with new mini sites and see where you can get!

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