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Sponsored Tweets is a Serious Business

Maybe it’s just the new budgets in the beginning of the year… but it looks like some of us are just killing it with earnings on Sponsored Tweets. This month was easily my best month with Sponsored Tweets, and that’s even with turning down a few offers. Why would I turn offers down?… some just aren’t relevant at all. With that being said… the business on Sponsored Tweets has just exploded lately.

SponsoredTweets has one of the best monetization concepts around. As a Twitter user, you just need to click YES or NO to accept a new advertised tweet. How much money is being made in whole by “sponsored tweeting”…I don’t know exactly, but it’s enough to make a full scalable business. Sponsored Tweets isn’t the only game in town… Ad.ly is also a huge player in this space, however in the past several months I’ve had an account with them, I’ve had only ONE tweet request. Ad.ly has the big name advertisers, and the backing of many Twitter celebrities… but something just isn’t ticking like it is at Sponsored Tweets.

Back to the money… it’s not enough to retire or quit your day job… nevermind, it is! Let’s get serious… no one is really going to retire from tweeting, because anyone who is making that much is already in a position where they most likely don’t have to work. But to keep things fun, let’s just look at some of the earnings going around. John Chow just posted an image of his Sponsored Tweets account with his $4,000+ in earnings. I asked how long of a time period that was for, and he said about a month and a half. That’s pretty damn good for clicking an approval button! Let’s bring it up another level. Another big name is Jeremy Schoemaker of course. In a post a few months ago, Jeremy talks about how he sometimes makes over $15,000 a month for sponsored tweeting!

Even if you had the extreme following and brand awareness on Twitter to make $1,000 a month, that’s still an very honorable figure. However, in reality, most people are using Twitter for fun, see what other people are saying and just to be part of the group. These big name players are the exception… but there is definitely enough money to go around!

With this month being my busiest month yet for Sponsored Tweets, I’ve also come across a few new advertisers. Three new advertisers I had request a tweet this month are below, each with their own reasoning for ordering a sponsored tweet and how they got their message across.

1.) ShoeMoney System – Jeremy already had all the branding and following he needed to easily fill the 500 lead cap on his new ShoeMoney System program. However, that didn’t stop him from ordering a ton of targeted sponsored tweets by well known names in our affiliate industry. I’m not sure on his end numbers and ROI, but Sponsored Tweets was able to get his message around to a targeted audience in a short period of time.

2.) $DGDM Awareness – This was the first stock related sponsored tweet I’ve seen. I also decided to promote this one because I found it quite interesting. I do a fair amount of stock trading, but didn’t jump on this one. The tweet url went to a site by 8020m which gave an overview on DGDM stock and why you should own their stock, and highlighting company achievements. During the past week, this penny stock went from .10 to .75! If anyone else decided to buy this stock based on their paid tweets, it would be hard to tell.

3.) MyHosting / Affiliate Summit West – Bringing awareness to an event that you’re attending is an excellent idea. MyHosting.com has tweets going out to display they had a table at Affiliate Summit West, then to promote their $100 activation bonus on new hosting accounts. Both relevant ad copies, and unique to anyone attending ASW.

This is just the beginning… it’s only a matter of who can find the best ways to monetize their Twitter traffic, and who can monetize your Twitter followers with new ad buys. Which side will you be on… or can you manage both?

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pcaveney says

This is just the beginning. The new currency is an audience! Have people listening to you & you can turn that into cash.

hackcorp says

I see… I thought all the affiliates were actually trying to get the commission from showmoney, but it was just Jeremy buying tweets… Interesting…

Tom - StandOutBlogge says

I have signed up for SponsoredTweets but have never got a single ad offer for my Twitter account which has almost 5,000 followers.

Nimit Kashyap says

I never tried sponsored tweets yet, but after seeing the income of shoemoney and john chow i really feel that its worth trying .

VikingBlogger says

Zac, want to share how much you get per tweet, aprox? ๐Ÿ™‚

Zac Johnson says

Sure, I charge around $65-$75 per tweet.

Steve says

The number of opportunities has really picked up this year. I had three opportunities last week and I don’t have a lot of followers.

Writer Jobs says

$65-&75 per tweet?

Wow, seems you have tons of active followers.

I might try this ShoeMoney sytem perhaps.

Good luck to me then.

Mid Mo Mortgagez says

I saw this mentioned on the Shoemoney blog. I mentioned this there too, but I just don't understand why a service like this can garner much attention. Unless I could buy ads on a truly great Twitter page, maybe the Twitter page of Chuck Norris, I don't think I would ever even think of advertising via Twitter.

Or maybe i'm missing something? Are there case studies I can review?

Student Loans says

I agree that sponsored tweets could be a huge business if you indeed have a huge base of followers like the big names you cite in the post… for the small guy, well, not so sure….

Laptop Briefcases says

Wow I had no idea people were making so much from sponsored tweets. Those guys much have huge twitter lists to bring in monthly earnings like that. I think the average twitter user couldn't come close to those numbers. You simply need a huge following to be successful with this.

Laptop Briefcases says

Another thing I question is how long such a system will remain viable. If a twitter user is sending that many sponsored ads to their list, there are bound to be people who grow bored of it and unfollow that person. Also as twitter ads increase, people will develop the same kind of subconscious blocking that they have for banner ads and google adsense. So in time I would think it would become far less beneficial for everyone involved.

Cash Genie says

I didn't know that sponsored tweets could be such a serious business. Always had this feeling as to why people would ever click on sponsored tweets.. but it seems its worth exploring now.

La Digue says

Great post about the power of Sponsored Tweets. I really need to try this because, as you've clearly explained there's money for everyone. I'll definitely try this out.

zuls says

I do believe the same that, Sponsored Tweets means bussiness ๐Ÿ™‚ , in adly, I am not receiving any job.

Jude says

i knew it.. i do believe in that thing.

used tires says

I can’t stand ad’s on twitter. I do advertise my own brand, but it is clear by my twitter handle what I am selling, and 9 out of 10 of my y=tweets are conversation/replies/re-tweets. I am seriously turned off by affiliate marketers, period.

Till then,


MLDina says

I've been getting quite a few offers in my box as well. I've turned down most of them as I only want to promote things I would consider using or relevant to my audience, but I'm thinking it's time to up my per-tweet rate.

Zac Johnson says

<a class="replyTo" href="#comment-112938" rel="nofollow">@MLDina:

Sounds like you definitely need to increase your rate! ๐Ÿ™‚

Laptop Briefcases says

MLDina if you want to keep your followers, keep turning down the irrelevant offers. Promoting an excessive amount of unrelated offers would just make you look like a spammer who has no interest in providing useful information to your followers.

Goran Web Design says

Jeremy is making some rather nice cash from having a vast twitter following. How much have you made so far, Zac?

Link Wheels says

It sounds like sponsored tweets are the way to go, I will have to give them a whirl.

ergasia says

Totally agree with pcaveney. I you have the listeners – followers you can make some serious cash.

Alex says

It's amazing people around the world are following these one liner tweets from celebs. I still cannot grasp the concept of why it is so popular. Maybe I never really visited tweeter long enough to actually know what is going on. So if I have a tweeter account and I will just tweet something through my cell phone like I just saw the prettiest girl ever having coffee and people might like that? Is there any samples of "good tweeter content"?

bulletproof says

wow great i have read many articles about this topic and everytime i learn something new i dont think it will ever stop always new info , Thanks for all of your hard work!
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Seo india says

By the way, SponsoredTweets has one of the best monetization concepts around. Interesting stuff.

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