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Staree – Make Money Sharing Photos and Videos

In the world of social networking, posting pictures and videos online, and anything to do with celebrities… you simply can’t go wrong. So what happens when you combine the power of all three of these mega attractions? Then you get Staree!

Staree is the latest project behind the team at Izea, and their goal is to make a one stop resource for everyone who is already using Twitter, Facebook and Klout, but also enjoy having their own profile pages and getting paid to share their updates and photos/videos with friends. One of the main attractions at Staree is their connections with the entertainment world and all of the celebrities that they will soon have flowing through the new social network. With mega celebrities like Kenda Wilkinson, Bethenny Frankel, Khloe Kardashian already working with Izea, I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before Staree has a powerful celebrity user base.

Staree is Now Open for Everyone to Join

For now, Staree has closed the doors on their beta launch and have now opened registration for everyone else who would like to get active on their site. You can see my profile page in the screen shot below. Staree has a mobile application that makes it extremely easy for you to share pictures and videos from your phone, then instantly post them to your Staree page. Anyone who visits a Staree profile page will also be able to easily contact the person through their Twitter, Facebook, Ask Form or leave a comment below any updates.

How Staree is Different from Other Social & Sharing Networks

In addition to being another social networking site where people can post and share content with friends, Staree stands out from the crowd by not only allowing members to have a custom look and feel to their profile pages, but also that you can earn money in the process. As mentioned, Staree also has a mobile app, which allows you to update with text posts, photos and videos… something many other apps like Instagram don’t currently offer.

Getting back to the money part…

Yes, just like all of the other component of Izea (Social Spark and Sponsored Tweets), Staree is also focused on creating an excellent user experience while also rewarding their users with compensation. John Chow also wrote up a post on Staree and he has already earned money in his account, just from posting a few pictures over the past three days.

You can see a screenshot below of Ted Murphy’s account area and how earnings and profile settings are setup. You can also upload photos and videos through their web site in addition to using their mobile app.

There are also other alternatives on the market as well, such as Time Doctor, which is a remote time tracking application built specifically to track remote employees’ productivity. It lets you harvest time tracking data on your company’s work habits and then provides analytics to show key areas where improvements can be made.


Join Staree and Start Sharing Updates with Your Friends

With the official launch of Staree today, they are sure to be flooded with new signups and feedback on how to make their site and service better. It will be great to see how many new celebrities and users sign up to use the service and see how they will compete and grow along side Facebook, Twitter and Klout in the coming months. I recommend you go and setup a free account with Staree.com today.

Create Your Staree Page.

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Peter says

Interesting post! It seems like they are coming out with a new social networking platform all the time. This seems to have some unique features though. I wonder how much it will grow.

david says

Zac, This is very cool. Thank you for sharing it. Perhaps the next big thing will be getting paid to do the kind of sharing like people do all of the time on Twitter and Facebook. Maybe that is the next evolution. These companies can share the wealth and build their user base at the same time. Very cool.

After that starts, these social network sites will compete to see who can pay the most to users. – Wouldn't that be cool?

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Ninet Hosting says

I have tried to login with my facebook but here is no chance to give them permission to use my facebook pages.
When i saw : "Staree may login as any of your 57 Pages, including …" i click on exit.
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Dean Saliba says

I'm going to give it a go. Do you happen to know of a similar site where I could upload my free ebooks and earn money everytime someone downloads them? 🙂
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Scott says

Quite an insightful post. I really enjoy reading your blog as it is very informative and well put together which makes for easy navigation and easy reading.

Web Directory says

Very interesting. I’ll sign up and try to make some money Sounds like a good money making opportunity. Thanks for sharing the news

Time clock says

Sounds to me like a better option compared to some work from home craps. Sharing photos and videos are social marketing and I always love doing it.
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Jay says

Thanks Zac this is another cool site to add to my arsenal I am heading over there now and creating a profile and seeing how everything works.
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dragonblogger says

I joined Staree myself and am testing to see how viable it is as an earning platform, whether it will get the users to click on the link from the Facebook posts is yet to be seen. The other thing is when posting via email it doesn't share the uploaded photo's by default and there is no easy way to "manually share them instantly across your Twitter/Facebook" with 1 click.

How To Earn Easy says

your blog is so nice, nice design, grate info… thanks for the info…

Dr.SPO says

I just signed up, waiting for approval…

Anthony Johnson says

Hi Zac

Which is better to sign up with twitter or facebook this looks like a great opportunity?

Thanks for sharing
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earnrupees4you says

thanks for this wonderful information sir, this has done a wonderful job for me
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