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The Art of Company Logos and Branding

There’s no doubt about it… the importance of your logo is extremely crucial to your company’s branding and success. Just having a great logo alone won’t determine your future, but branding that company image into the minds of your customers is all part of the game.

When Logo Design Goes Bad
The logo P&G (Proctor & Gamble) used when it first launched in 1851 pictured a man in the moon with 13 stars, representing the original American colonies. The logo later was criticized for having stars connected to form “666” and also that the curls on the man’s beard represented devilish sixes. P&G would later remove the bearded curls in 1991, then get rid of the logo all together two years later. To me, the old logo says nothing about the company, and the amazingly simple “P&G” is recognized by all as Proctor & Gamble. (source)

Serving Up New Logos Daily
Starbucks is one of the most well known and addictive brands in the world. Though everyone recognizes the name, Starbucks has had their fair share of logo design changes. Even when you look at the Starbucks logo… you still are confused what the heck you are looking at! In short, it’s actually a “twin-tailed siren”. Check out “How the Starbucks Siren Became Less Naughty” for a nice article on the evolution of the Starbucks logo over the past years.

If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It!
Pepsi is among the handful of most recognized world wide brands. So why mess around with something that has worked so well your company. Apparently Pepsi wants to go through the “new image” process, and along with a new image… comes new logo modifications. Below we have a chart of Pepsi’s previous designs, then all of their new designs below it. The new Pepsi logo varies depending on what product it’s place on (regular, diet, max). What do you think of the new logo? It’s supposed to represent a smile… but has been their most criticized logo yet. Even being compared to the Obama campaign logo.”Pepsi has a New Logo” has an in depth article on the new and past logo designs of Pepsi.

Striking Gold, with Your New Logo
Advertising is all about branding and sales. Having a cult following is just a mega plus! I doubt anyone would be placing stickers and decals on their computers and cars, if Apple was still using their logo from 1976. This design belongs at a renaissance fair or on a classic book cover. Apple also saw the light and changed over to the rainbow colored “Apple” logo in 1976. After years of seeing the rainbow Apple, the smooth and sexy chrome logo was designed, and also available in every color on earth! This logo is so good, they don’t even need to put their name on it, you just know what it is!

What are your thoughts on these design changes, Good or Bad? Leave your feedback about these logos, and any other company logo changes over the years.

To learn more about logos, their designs and hidden meanings, be sure to check out this article from DesignHill.

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