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The Business of Facebook – Infographic

When it comes to the users of Facebook, average users and internet marketers both see the social network in two completely different lights. The average user can’t wait to see the latest status updates and photos from their “friends”. While the internet marketer can’t wait to tap into the latest set of demographics and targets for new users and to create a new stream of ad campaigns to flow through the hundreds of millions of users currently on Facebook.

No matter if you are just an addicted user of Facebook, or currently mastering their Facebook Ads platform as a revenue source, you should find the following stats and information quite amazing.

With Facebook planning to launch their IPO stock later in the year, will the growth and success of Facebook keep jumping higher and higher. Does Facebook deserve a $50 BILLION evaluation? Only time will tell, but I’d like to think so… and these astounding numbers don’t lie.

The following infographic is from the latest issue of FastCompany, in an article called “The Business of Facebook“. One of my favorite points in the infographics is “Analysts estimate that Facebook pulled in $1.86 BILLION in advertising in 2010. That’s expected to grow 118% this year, to $4 billion.“… how much of this is due to affiliate marketing, and how will Facebook Ads continue to change their ad platform, advertising policies and feelings towards affiliate marketing?

Other key statistics from the Facebook infographic include:

  • Facebook has 610,736,920 MEMBER PROFILES. That’s once for every ELEVEN people on the planet.
  • Based on page views and users, Facebook is the NO. 2 site in the U.S., behind Google and ahead of YouTube and Yahoo.
  • EVERY 60 SECONDS ON FACEBOOK, USERS send 230,000 messages, update 95,000 statuses, write 80,000 wall posts, tag 65,000 photos, share 50,000 links—and affirm or disparage them all with half a million comments.
  • Zynga, Facebook’s biggest app developer, has 19 games that attract 275 MILLION users a month, sabotaging about a kajillion hours of productivity. (Damn you, CityVille!)
  • Facebook takes a 30% cut of all revenue generated through its virtual currency, Facebook Credits. Virtual goods for sale on the site make up an estimated $835 MILLION market.
  • AMERICANS make up 24% of users, followed by Indonesians (6%), Brits (5%), and Turks (4$).
  • Brands with the MOST fans on Facebook: Coca-Cola (21.6 million),Starbucks (19 million), Oreo (16.2 million), Disney (15.6 million), and Red Bull (14.7 million).

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