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The Effects of Human Emotions in Your Ad Copy

How are you driving customers and sales for your business? Are you striking fear into the hearts of the people reading your ad copy, or given them the hopes and dreams they have always been looking for? There no question that ad copy that draws attention and calls to action, gets the job done.

In addition to write great ad copy, you have to think about all ad copy as a whole. Search Marketing Standard recently had an article focusing on “Writing PPC Ad Copy that Delivers” by David Rodnitzky and focused on human emotions as one of the best practices. The chart shown below was listed in the article, and shows an example of each human emotion and a corresponding ad copy.

All of the text ads above are targeted towards selling the same product, but they are all worded differently depending on how you want to target.

Example of Using Vanity to Bring in Sales
With the massive amount of acai berry and weight loss offers flooding the internet, you can see how well this is working. The promise of having the body of your dreams, is selling acai berry and weight loss pills like crazy. “Look Like a Supermodel” falls perfectly into the Vanity category.

Fear, Vanity and Exclusivity Also Works
On the flip side, you have government grant offers also giving everyone the hopes and dreams of getting free money from the government. (Vanity) You will also see these same offers being played into the “Fear” concept, and how people are getting laid off and left with nothing. Take it another step, and several of these programs have pre-qualifier pages… which puts them in the “Exclusivity” category.

Greed Ad Copy Closes the Deal
Almost all sales or trial offers love to play the “Greed” card. “Order now and you will save 50%, Today Only!” and “Only 42 Trials Left” are perfect examples of greed ad copy and closing the deal. It makes the user feel like they have to order and make the final action, or they will be given a lesser deal later on… making them more greedy and want it now.

This is nothing new, and I’m only using acai berry and government grants because those ads are wide spread right now and you can clearly see the variation of ad copy and how they fit into each of the human behavior characteristics.

Just as much as the wording of your ad copy, the colors being used on your landing page can also effect your end conversions.

Now that you have a better understand how almost all advertising links back to one of the four human emotions, you may not look at advertising the same way again. Are you covering all of your bases with your ad campaigns?

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