The Fall of AuctionAds?

  • Published on : Aug 21 2007

Since the acquisition of AuctionAds to MediaWhiz, it seems like I now hear less and less about the company. It seems like their ads are still occasionally down, and I was going to write this article a couple hours ago, but was unable to access their site and check my latest stats. My network traffic is down a bit, as that’s what usually happens during the summer… but my AuctionAds earnings aren’t that great either. What used to generate over $1,000+ a month is now just a jumbled mess of stats.

Let’s take a look at this month’s reporting:
The first week of the month was fine on impressions and click tracking… but what happened to the rest of the month? The CTR falls from a .20% average to .01% every single day after. There is nothing consistent about earnings either. It seems like every other day is a dollar day, then pennies the next. My site traffic isn’t changing and I haven’t touched any coding in weeks…

As you can see, this month I have only earned $256.57 with AuctionAds, compared to my previous monthly earnings of $1.691.42 in June and $816.33 in July. Luckily the ad space that AuctionAds is filling it some extra area I have been testing the offer with, otherwise I would be quite concerned with this deep drop in commissions. Unless something updates on their end and shows better earnings, I will pull their ads this month… as almost anything else will pull these numbers or better with the type of volume I’m giving them.

AuctionAds was a BIG Earner during June, but continues to decline.

I’m sure they are still in a transitioning phase, but I was hoping for a much better month with the AuctionAds, now with MediaWhiz in control. AuctionAds is a really great concept and I’ve never had a problem with payment, but if everyone else on the network is seeing these same type of cuts in earnings and ridiculously bad tracking, I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose a good majority of affiliates. Is anyone else seeing these same tracking issues and a loss in earnings?

Zac Johnson
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