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The Google Adsense Dilemma… Should You Use It?

The stories of instant success and millions of dollars being generated through the use of Google Adsense are widely spread, yet also quite over exaggerated. Adsense is currently being used on millions of web sites, but only a fraction of them will ever make any decent money.

Pay Per Click MarketingThe truth is Google Adsense can make you money if you have any of the following:

  • Access to thousands of daily site visitors
  • Content rich web sites with a niche focus
  • Superior placement of ads on targeted sites
  • You don’t care about your traffic or roi and just want money

In short… Google Adsense is extremely easy to setup and implement on your site and allows you to start making money in a matter of seconds. At the same time, you must think that such a simple program must have it’s drawbacks, which consist of:

  • Paying out pennies on the click
  • Making visitors leave your site
  • Ability to close your account at anytime
  • Retract earnings from your account

So the important thing to note is that you and your site is a slave to Google Adsense and you are sending visitors away from your site for potentially just a few pennies. Is there a better business model?

The truth is, I have a LOVE and HATE relationship with Google Adsense.

google-adsense-disabledOver the year’s I’ve generated over six figures with them and even had one of those special certificates sent (saying I did 1 million leads with them) along with the infamous Google Refrigerator… to only have my Adsense account deactivated last year, while they also kept the current and previous earnings in the account as well.

Sure, it was upsetting since I had the account for nearly 10 years and it was loaded with cool stats, but in terms of actually using Google Adsense to make money, it was minimal…

I love Google Adsense because…

  • they simply have the largest collection of advertisers when it comes to serving text and banner based ads
  • easily to test and monetize new web sites and get an idea on potential earnings

I hate Google Adsense because…

  • there are better ways to monetize a web site if you focus on building a brand or promoting real products
  • at any given time Google can close your account and they are virtually impossible to get in contact with

Google is great for niche sites, there is no doubt about it… but having your own brand and following is a thousand times better!

Stop Playing a Percentage GameEven with all of that said, Google Adsense is still amazing because of their massive collection of advertisers that can sync up relevant advertising with nearly any site niche.The other major reason why Google Adsense is one of the best (and will continue to be) ad networks out there… because they are GOOGLE! and it’s so damn easy for the average web site or blog owner to copy and line of code and post it to their site and start making money without the need to ever learn anything about online marketing, buying/selling ads or how to monetize a site.

So the question is… are you going to sit back and make a small portion of money through Google Adsense and continue to let the checks flow in while visitors leave your site, or actually putting in the time and effort to build a better business model where you have a higher return on investment, keep visitors on your site and not help captive to the almighty Google?

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