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The Selling of Printable Coupons on eBay

The world of online marketing is vast and loaded with so many different ways to make money. While affiliate marketing is the leading source for many of our incomes, for many, just to figure out a way to make a few bucks online is a dream come true.

While searching for “printable coupons” for retail stores in my area I came across a few sites that mentioned you can actually buy coupons through eBay. It sounds ridiculous… but it actually makes sense. If you are looking to make a big purchase and can’t find a decent “Save $20” coupon online, but someone is selling it on eBay for $5, it seems many would gladly pay $5 to still save $15.

Go ahead, search eBay for “printable coupons” and see what you can find. Most of the listings sell for a few only around a few bucks, but there is still a demand from customers. Just a quick search shows a massive amount of results, and here are a few examples with bid results.

Let’s look at a real life example of how eBay sellers are taking advantage of Old Navy coupons available through Facebook. Old Navy has come up with an awesome ad campaign for distributing their online printable coupons. You actually have to play a quick game and you randomly win coupons. To print your coupon you need to enter your email and join their mailing list. Some coupons go as high as $50 off a $100 order, but these are very hard to come across. Win one of these and you can easily sell the print out on eBay for $20 bucks. It’s not much, but this is an easy way to make $20 for anyone outside of the online marketing world.

Would you pay $20 to save an extra $30? Maybe not, but there is a funny little niche audience that are buying printable coupons through eBay.

It’s not brain surgery and it’s not going to make you rich, but it’s just another great example of the millions of different ways people are making money online. Think small to think big!

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