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The World’s Youngest Billionaire

Forbes magazine is well known for their annual list of top billionaires, and I always look forward to the list because I like to see who’s been added and who’s been knocked off. This year Forbes has added Mark Zuckerberg to the list. Not only is this his first time on the list, but Mark is now the youngest billionaire in the world. At only 23, and the founder of social networking site Facebook, it will be fascinating to watch Mark’s net worth on the billionaire chart over the coming years.

Another reason I love the Forbes top millionaire and billionaire lists, is because it shows how the individual’s wealth was earned. I’ve never been a big fan of the listing that inherited their wealth. With Mark Zuckerberg, this is a completely different story. “He is the youngest billionaire in the world right now and we also believe he is the youngest self-made billionaire in history,” said the magazine’s associate editor Matthew Miller, unveiling this year’s super-rich list.

So how much is Mark Zuckerberg actually worth? Forbes magazine puts his personal wealth in the area of $1.5 BILLION. This was said to be a conservative valuation since Facebook is valued in the $5 billion range and Mark’s estimated stake in the company is 30%. However, even these numbers are not definite. There is even speculation that Facebook could be valued in the area of $15 BILLION, especially with Microsoft buying a 1.6% stake in the company for $240 million last year. Forbes instead based it’s valuation on Facebook’s estimated annual sales of $150 million.

Bill Gates’ Reign Comes to an End!

For the first time in 13 years, the reign of Bill Gates as the wealthiest man in the world, has come to a halt! According to Forbes magazine, Warren Buffet has claimed his thrown as the wealthiest man in the world. Carlos Slim Helu and his rapidly growing wealth, has pushed Bill Gates down to the number #3 spot. Warren Buffet’s net worth is valued at $62 billion, up $10 billion from a year ago. Carlos Slim Helu is valued at $60 billion and Bill Gates comes in third with a measly $58 billion!

While Bill Gates was knocked out of first place for the first time in 13 years, anything can happen between now and when the list is released next year. With the possible merger of Yahoo and Microsoft, Bill Gates could easily regain a top position in 2009 if things should swing his way with his major stock holdings. Where will Mark Zuckerberg place on the list next year, and who will fall and rise on the list next year?

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47 responses to “The World’s Youngest Billionaire”

  1. Royal Radande says:

    Wow! Marc Zuckerburg is doing it up with facebook. He's a very smart kid who thinks BIG!

    • ViralKing says:


      Im 23 this year and my goal is to be worth 10mill by the time Im 28. Nice going Mark, make the rest of us feel small why dont you ๐Ÿ˜›

      Really good achievement, interesting to watch where he goes from here

    • From everything I've read about him I'd say he got lucky rather than thought big! Good luck to the guy though, I'd be happy with 1% of that at the moment.

    • Mayank Rocks says:


      Thats a lot!

      Congrats to that kid!

  2. That's interesting. I knew Mark was rich, but not THAT wealthy!

  3. Marc says:

    I honestly believe he has no business being on that list. Obviously time will tell. My bet is you won't see him there next year.

  4. Tom Beaton says:

    I think he deserves his spot – his company is currently valued at that level. As to whether it will hold its value or not in the years to come is a totally different matter.

    • Marc says:

      No it isn't.

      • blackysky says:

        I think facebook and myspace will died in the next years and comapgny like ning will become bigger because you will have to create a niche social network.. i think this is the future of the social network.. however maybe facebook and myspace will be able to do so… an other problem with those website is be able to make money in a long term..

  5. Edgar says:

    nice article. One day will be in that list

  6. You have to admire Zuckerberg's accomplishments with Facebook, however, it's just money on paper at this point. Facebook's valuations go up and down billions of dollars at a time, and he's not diversified like Buffet or Gates.

    Does he deserve to be on the list – yes… Will he be on the list in 2015 – wait and see.

  7. eMarketing Chat says:

    To be billionaire and brilliant minded at just a young age, is just amazing!

  8. Thegeekboys.com top 100 thousanaire I'm still trying to get to this list

  9. Aaron Novak says:

    I don't know how i feel living in a world where bill gates isn't the richest man in America, it just doesn't feel right. but good for Mark Zuckerberg youngest billionaire. Why didn't i think of facebook?

  10. Asif Siddiqu says:

    Thats so inspiring a 23 old Billionaire

    i hope you are going to featured on forbes list soon :) and inspiring internet marketers like me will follow you :)

  11. DamnSmiley says:

    WOW this is so cool, i always admire Mark Zuckerberg so much with his facebook achievements. Nice move there and hey Zac nice post!!!

  12. Simlock verwijderen says:

    Interesting post. He is a very lucky man with $1.5 billion dollar, I don't know what to do with so much money, do you?

  13. Bhumika says:

    Did Mark knew when he was developing Facebook, that he was indeed making move towards Top Billionaires list!

  14. Sunglasses says:

    When are you going to make the list Zac? I plan on being there by 2050! :)

  15. JimBob says:

    Mark Z, is a no talent jerk off. Facebook will fall off the face of the planet ala myspace.. His interview on 60 minutes the other day clearly shows he is no visionary.

  16. The Manager says:

    wow. I wonder what life is like for a 23 year old with $1.5 billion? Zac, you'll be there soon, and so will I !

  17. Mike Huang says:

    Wow, talk about money and age….


  18. .Calvin says:

    Did you notice that Mr Buffet managed to pump up a 19.23% his net worth in US$ terms in a falling market? Even after a 13.24% drop in the USD/EUR exchange rate he managed to increase his wealth a 3.44% in euro terms! The man is good!

    As he said the other day on CNBC, he didn't make his money out of predicting the market, but out of 'staying out of trouble'! Let's learn a bit, you lot! (Included me)


  19. Rich man says:

    I never imagined that simple interface would make some one billionaire.

  20. wisdom says:

    Wow I hadn't heard about Bill Gates falling from the top.

  21. Deal Money says:

    It's great when someone takes an idea and makes it better. Facebook is a much better social networking tool than most of them. Awesome wealth!

  22. Futon-Matt says:

    Thats pretty crazy at only 23.

  23. Kris says:

    Hmm .. I'm 16 years old now, but my friend and I've promise eachother to be Millionaires before we're 20 years ๐Ÿ˜‰ ..

    – Soo Billionair at 23 – Is okay ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. David Miller says:

    Its somewhat ridiculous to say he is worth $1.5 billion. The Microsoft investment was made when people still believed there was a good way to monetize social content. Google lost alot of money paying Myspace an upfront on their search, and Microsoft has been doing poorly with their facebook investment as well. Zuckerberg owns less than half of an unprofitable company doing $150 million in revenue. The company as a whole is worth $1.5 billion in today's economy and that is at a VERY generous 10 times revenues, find me another unprofitable tech company worth 10 times revenue

    • Thought says:

      Facebook is different … show me another unprofitable company doing $150 million in revenue, that so many of us would be willing to comment on

  25. Kelechi says:

    Being a billionaire is one thing, staying one is another. Hope he's got his acts together to maintain that position.. talking from experience :)

  26. bobla says:

    greatness is unlimited

  27. PS3 says:

    Damn, why couldn't i come up with Facebook! Pretty impressive that he's a billionaire at the age of 23!

  28. Larry Pitcher says:

    Since I do not have his personal email, here is my open acceptance to Warren Buffett to be the first Hedge Fund Manager in Chicago to pledge 50% of our performance fees and 50% of my personal net worth to charity!!

    Larry Pitcher

    Managing Partner, Quantitative Algorithms Capital Partners

  29. Abiy says:

    I don't wanna hear about Bill Gates’ loos!
    plz dear Bill Gates’ make it rise on and keep up making money!
    other wise i will add u ma money to get in the firest class!
    Just guss how much i might add u!

  30. Google Sneak Review says:

    This guy has some seriously smart genius in him. Well done especially for a 26year old!

  31. Wills says:

    Thank you…..The article was brilliant…Billionaires talk….bless

  32. thanks for the post. Oh the possibilities when you have that much money!

  33. Amma says:

    Good job Zac, just wait til i show up

  34. I had watched how Mark had the Facebook ideas on the latest movie. It was really brilliant and just at the right time. It was a great display of persistence and guts. Congrats!
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