Top Web Hosting Companies and Comparing Free vs. Paid Hosting

  • Published on : Feb 6 2013

Web Hosting is Boring... But Necessary!In the world of the internet, hosting is king! Without it you wouldn’t have a web site, email, Facebook, Google or any of the joys the internet has to offer. With that said, there are thousand of web hosting companies trying to fight for your business. Some of them are cheap, some are expensive and some are even free!

Who you decide to host your web sites with is ultimately your decision, but being aware of the differences between free hosting and paid hosting is something everyone should know about. In this post we are going to highlight the differences between free and paid hosting services, while also featuring the list of top 25 free hosting companies in the web market today.

Free Web Hosting vs. Paid Web Hosting

If you’ve ever wanted to start a blog or web site of your own but didn’t have the start up money for a domain name and a hosting package, then free hosting services are probably an excellent choice for you. Here is a quick breakdown of each.

Free Hosting:

  • Comparing Free and Paid Web Hosting ServicesFree hosting services makes it extremely easy for anyone to get setup with an account and web site fast
  • Most services come with easy site builders since the majority of their users are new to hosting and site building
  • Ability to upgrade and add impressive site features to your account at any time
  • Hosting and instant upload from their site, which means no need for HTML and FTP software

Paid Hosting:

  • A great solution for anyone who wants to have their own domain name and full flexibility of their site design and content
  • Hosting packages of all sites, ranging from $7 to hundreds of dollars per month
  • Depending on your host, full support through email, chat and phone
  • Upgrading at any time to fit your business and traffic needs

As you can see, both free and paid hosting services are very similar. From a business stand point, if you are going to create a site that you plan on getting a lot of traffic from, or sending paid advertising to for cpa arbitrage, you are likely going to want to go with a paid hosting plan to solidify the security and uptime of your site.

If you are more of a newbie and looking to start your first site and not really sure where you want to go with it, or have no idea how to design and upload content, a free hosting service would be your best option.

2013 Web Hosting Stats to Blow Your Mind

When you look at the internet as a whole, it can be quite mind boggling. The amount of information out there, along with how many people are on the internet every day is just insane. The numbers behind the actual web sites and how many are created every day is also just as amazing.

Here are some of the crazy numbers that were pointed out by the recent report.

  • The Growth of Web Sites OnlineEstimated 726 Million Active Websites on the web to date
  • 243 million domain names registered
  • 11.27 billion pages published on the Internet to date
  • Estimated 270k new websites created every day
  • 45 million server (8.2 million sold yearly/5 year lifespan average per server)

With over 270,000 new web sites being created every day, you should really be proud of yourself if you currently have a site ranking in the top 100k on Alexa, as it’s becoming more challenging every day!

The Top 25 Free Hosting Companies – Infographic

Over 40,000 businesses and site owners were polled to come up with the stats from the “Top 25 Free Hosting Companies” infographic below. You can view the full infographic by clicking here and viewing the shortlist of the top ten recommended free hosts below.


Top 25 Free Web Hosting Companies

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