Verizon Wireless Sucks

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  • Published on : Sep 7 2008

If you’ve been following me on Twitter over the past week, I’m sure you’ve seen at least one of my posts on how Verizon is giving me a hard time with replacing my phone. This is more of a rant than anything else, but I wanted to make this post, so anyone else out there with Verizon Wireless problems, can share their experiences.

Here’s how it all went down… the other day I went out in my friends boat and they put my LG Voyager in their back so it wouldn’t get wet. Unfortunately some water drained into the back of the boat where the back was, and the LG Voyager sucked in the moisture (but wasn’t wet). At this point I wasn’t able to get my phone working, or even turned on.

Later that night I went to the mall to visit the Verizon Wireless store and talk with my sales manager there. The only reason why I am still will Verizon, is because my sales manager is awesome and can always get stuff done. So I went to the store and my guy was there, showed him the phone and he immediately asked, “what kind of liquid did you get in here?“. He could see that the charger area was already corroded. So at that point he said there was nothing he could do, mainly because I didn’t have insurance on the phone. (You know, whenever you actually get insurance you never need it… but the one time you don’t!)

So I went home, without a new phone and hoping my LG Voyager would dry out and come back to life. Later that night while watching TV I heard my phone start beeping… it came back to life! Everything is fine on it now, except none of the QWERTY keyboard keys inside work the phone. So I called my sales manager up and let him know it came back on, he then said I could get a replacement phone and battery for $79. Awesome, right!? Unfortunately he wouldn’t be back til Thursday (it was Sunday night this happened).

Monday came and I went to the mall to tell them my situation and that my sales manager said I could get it replaced. The person at the Customer Service desk started giving me a hard time and saying “we don’t do exchanges”… I told her I was in the previous day and talked with my sales manager, then she went and talked to her manager. She then came back and said it could be done, but they wouldn’t have the LG Voyager phones in till Thursday. However, she did make a note in the system that I would be approved for the exchange for $79.

Thursday comes and I head over to the Verizon Wireless store again. My sales manager left early, so I have to deal with the people in Customer Service again. I get the same attitude and story again… that they won’t replace or exchange the phone. I told the girl it was in the system, and she still didn’t care… her response was “well, that just means some one wrote it, and we don’t always acknowledge that”… so wtf does that mean! I knew my sales manager would be in the next day… so I just left.

Now it’s Friday, I call Verizon Wireless and make sure my sales manager is there so I don’t waste my time yet again, he’s in! I head over, talk to him and I’m ready for the exchange. He talks to his manager then tells me that “management” yelled at everyone yesterday and told them to “turn in their badges if they give any discounts or deals”. So once again… I’m screwed… after being promised by a customer service worker and my sales manager that I could get my phone exchanged for $79 instead of buying a whole new phone.

So I asked what my options were… my sales manager went to his manager a few more times and he was finally able to get me an LG Voyager for the price of a one year contract… which came out to $270 (-$50 rebate. So now I have to pay the $270 instead of the $79 I was initially promised.

In addition to everything I’ve written and gone through… here’s my breakdown of why Verizon Wireless Sucks!

- Horrible Customer Service Staff / Department
If you’ve ever been to a Verizon Wireless store, the Customer Service Department is usually crammed into a corner and no one ever has a smile on their face. The worst part is, these people have the worst attitude and everyone thinks they are a god. Because they were dealt with a poor position for a job, they seem to take it out on their customers… usually not solving most peoples problems.

- Upper Management Doesn’t Care About You
While employees and sales managers are doing their best to signup and help new customers, the upper management either stays in the back room never to be seen, or not at the Verizon Wireless locations at all. Again, the only reason why I am still with Verizon is because my sales manager is awesome. Now his job is being threatened by Verizon for trying to help customers, like myself, with phone problems and staying a member. I pays over $250 a month for the several phones on my plan, which comes out to $3,000+ a year…. but Verizon doesn’t care, I’m just a number among millions to them.

This was my rant and as long as it was, you get the point of how frustrating it has been. We all conduct business online and know what expectations we want others to have of us, and I would be mortified if someone felt this way about my business.

Are you with Verizon Wireless and have you had any complaints with them?

Zac Johnson
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  • Chase

    I love att.

  • Verizon Customer

    If you want to attempt real resolution, get in touch with me. I have the contact information for Verizon Wireless "Executive Relations" team.

    I am among the thousands of unhappy Verizon Wireless customers. Recieved a Blackberry Storm by mail. Activated by an in store representative, only to later find out that I was being billed for a Data Plan subscription that I was not informed of beforehand, and that I did not accept. Attempted to return the phone numerous times, and have dealt with Customer Care a half a dozen times. Its been 8 months.

    Finally I discovered how to reach the Executive Relations team at Verizon Wireless. They are the only ones who can help resolve your problem, short of having an attorney contact them. BTW, I subscribe to Pre-Paid Legal for $35 a month, and their attorneys at no additional charge, will contact Verizon Wireless. Find me on .

    Share your experiences online and then email me at . I will forward you important contact information to reach the real decision makers at Verizon Wireless, the Executive Relations team.

  • Kirstin Bali

    I am never use it before…

  • bill


    Um, no. ATT didn't buy anyone…..

  • chuck

    HI, I have cable tv and have never had them offer to give me a tv because I pay for cable service. Why is it that you expect a cellular company to give you a phone because you pay for network access. I mean maybe cellular services should just require people to outright buy 6-700 dollar phones to get service, hmm that should fix the issue eh. Wireless companies pay for a phone and sell it to you at a reduced rate(IE they subsidize it and you commit to having service for x years for that reduced pricing) and you have the option for insurance which you decline; then you bitch and whine when your phone which you didnt pay for insurance for gets damaged through your carelessness, or error…. I mean really, just LOL

  • Rob O'Grady

    DO NOT purchase the Verizon USB Wireless Airport Card. It is a complete rip. The wireless service is good for about 2-4 hours of airtime per month…which they do not tell you when buying it. Fees start out at $39.99+ tax per month. They don't tell you that the card falls under a two-year contract. They also don't tell you about the horrid overage charges that incur once you've used up the titsy-bitsy amount of airtime service. HUGE, HUGE RIPOFF. SHAME ON YOU VERIZON!

  • ROSE

    I am so sick of being ripped-off by Verizon and pretty much any major corporation. These companies deliberately extend the reach from customer to customer service, they deliberately set-up problems for the custom then count on the custom just payingn the bill and putting up with the sh*t just to keep the service. THEY DON'T GIVE A ROYAL FUCK about you, the customer. As long as they get your money, they do not give a fuck.

  • Kate Fred

    VERIZON WIRELESS ARE ASSHOLES and WILL RIP YOU OFF. Make sure you check every detail of your bill because they automatically upcharge you for features even if you specifically requested not to have the service. And it doesn't matter how long you have been a customer, they tell you that there is nothing they can do, NOT THEIR PROBLEM!

  • You

    fuck verizon wireless and their shitty customer service

  • Angry at Verizon

    Verizon Wireless allows and supports fraudulent charges. They make it difficult for you to refute fraudulent charges and force you to waste time and energy "proving" the charges are fraudulent.

    A big class action lawsuit is needed to teach them a lesson…

  • Derek

    Ya well I actually payed for the insurance and verizon is even giving me a hard time. They gave me a refurbished phone in the first place and the damn phone ended up having manufacture problems with freezing and also not letting me be able to use my keypad while talking to someone.So i went back to verzion and asked if i could get a brand new phone and not a refurbished one. The lady working there told me that my phone was a brand new phone and had never been previously owned (which wasnt true at all because someone had just returned the phone earlier the day i bought it). Its been about 3 weeks now and ive been just trying to make it by but now i cant even hang up when i make phone calls, i have to take the battery out just to hang up if someone doesnt answer my calls or else it will just leave a long voice mail. I finally got fed up with it and called customer service to see why i should pay for a phone i was given that was refurbished, and especially since it was having manufacturing issues. So customer service made things even worse and are now telling me that i havent had any insurance on the this phone (droid incredible) and she then explained that my insurance might be from another store and not verizon(even though the store says VERIZON WIRELESS in big letters) . This has made me really want to switch service providers since i payed 300 bucks for a BS refurbished phone, payed for insurance, and they still want to try and charge me for something. Honestly i feel like verizons scamming people because they basically sold me a broken phone and want me to pay more, on top of the broken phone price, the insurance, and the BS lies they told me. Ill make another post once i take my phone bills up to verizon and show them that ive been paying for insurance for a couple months. Hope it works out cuz this sucks

  • Zoe

    I definitely hate them, too. I keep getting my calls redirected to the godsdamn financial center, and they ask me for the primary account holder's federal tax ID number … guess who's not the primary account holder? ME. And guess who can't call the primary account holder to get that number? ME. Because they're redirecting all of my calls to fucking financial center. We have an unlimited data plan – that doesn't include texting…. What part of texting isn't data? The other phone is charged with a ten dollar a month data plan that was required for that phone, they convinced us that we needed the data plan for that phone … yeah RIGHT! I don't even know what they're charging it for! The DAY my contract is up, I'm switching to at&t.

  • VerizonDoesSuck

    Verizon Sucks I have been with them since way before they were Verizon 1994. They will not give me the Unlimited Data Plan that they gave to any idot that switched to them Less than one month ago. $29.95. Just Data that is all I wanted. Now they will lose 5 Lines. Fios. TV and Internet. All the rest of there fun Fees. I pay them now over $500.00 per month That is $6000.00 per year for just my Home Stuff. I also own a company with More than 100 employees and Fios and many other Verizon Services. Guess what else they are gona be missing. These people are nasty. I am going to switch everything to another service, and my Corp Sales Rep is going to kiss my A._ _ to get me back. I will never happen. I have paid them and setup several other companys on there stinking network. They will all be switching to. I think in the USA just stoped taking crap from companys like this and everybody switched Free Market would dictate price and service very quick.

    Verizon you Suck and have lost another one.