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Vote for Mitt Romney!… or Obama!… or Just Run Political Ad Campaigns and Cash In!

It’s an election year and that can only mean one thing… friendly conversations of political talk and hatred towards the other political parties! Don’t forget about all of the friendly conversations on Facebook and Twitter that are sure to grab attention!

While we don’t know who will win the election, and I personally don’t care who you favor, one thing is for sure… millions of dollars will be donated and spent on the political campaign, and millions of dollars will be made and spent on online ad campaigns and fund raising in the process.

There is a whole collection of Someecards.com cards that show how a great majority of Facebook users and people in the world feel about politics right now. You can see one of my favorites on the right side of the page. People are very passionate when it comes to politics, yet the odds of actually changing anyone else’s minds is pretty skim.

So what’s the big deal with all of this political talk anyway?…

Of course it all comes back to online marketing and how you can cash in on the tons of money that are currently being wasted on fundraising, donations and all of the wonderful funds being wasted on trying to get your vote. With so much money floating around there must be a way for you to cash in as well.

Fortunately this is the world of online marketing and everyone is always thinking about fun and creative ways to make money online with hot topic trends. I’m actually surprised I haven’t seen more political offers popping up on ad networks. It’s very easy to create your own co-registration offers or landing pages for ppv marketing to bring in clicks and redirect them to other offers.

If you are looking to active political offers that are floating around the networks right now, here are a few to choose from.

Who will you vote for in November survey?Available at Axon Media

Everyone loves completing a quick survey, especially when you combine the passion of politics and winning money just for your opinion. Create a nice landing page that caters to each political party and you can drive some nice volume on this one.

Sign Up for Romney Email UpdatesAvailable at Rextopia

Offers and ad campaigns that are targeted towards one political target are always great. Create your own landing pages or ad campaigns on Facebook that target “republicans” only and this is an easy lead generation for even newbie affiliates.

Knock Out Barrack or Mitt – Available at Various Networks

While looking through different landing pages and ad networks, this fun survey / zip submit email popped up on me. I’m not sure which network you can pull the offer from, but onlinerewardsclub.com offers are usually all over the place. This offer is a perfect example of a fun lander that will get people to click and take action.

There are only a couple of months left in the election, but that doesn’t mean the money and ad spending is going to slow down any time soon. Be sure to take advantage of this election by getting creative with your ad campaigns and building niche focus groups on Facebook that are passionate about their political party. You may not enjoy the world of politics, but as online marketers we know opportunities like these only come around once every four years!

I will continue to update this post with a few more Mitt Romney / Barrack Obama offers as they continually pop up across the networks. Feel free to add any that you find in the comments section as well.

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