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Waiting on WidgetBucks Stats

If you’ve added the new WidgetBucks widget to your web site, I’m sure you’re anxiously waiting for the first sets of stats to come in. Basically, what we are waiting on, will pretty much "make" or "break" this company. After Jim contacted a bunch of blogs, the WidgetBucks nearly got as much promotion as BlogRush. It would be a shame to see such promotion go to waste if bad initial stats come out. I guess we will have to wait a little longer and see.

I setup two skyscraper widgets on one of my network sites and have served over almost 200,000 impressions and brought in almost 300 clicks so far. The banners are targeted to show products based on "Movies"… so we’ll see how these initial clicks earn up on the first report.

Why are the stats delayed so much? I don’t know, but I really wouldn’t have went live with the program until this was fixed and accurate. This is almost reminding me on the demise of AuctionAds before this program even gets started! Anyone else out there pushing WidgetBucks and getting any decent click through rates, or have any comments on the new program?


Just a couple hours after making this post, WidgetBucks responds and posts stats! Unfortunately the earnings I’m seeing are less than stellar. This just may be because of my traffic, as I’m sure other sites with shopping or tech themes would perform a lot better. I’ve already heard from some other blogs that they are pulling some decent CPM numbers. My test breakdown numbers looks something like this:
200,000 Impressions, 304 clicks and $6.94 Commissions… average of 0.022 per click.

I’m not that surprised, nor upset. These are initial stats and this just means I need to do more testing. Setting the category of ads shown to "Movies" will likely pull in the most clicks, but are probably low earning clicks. I will not start tracking and monetizing the program by running a few other categories and see how they perform. I will keep running the program at least until I hit my minimum payment requirements. AuctionAds wasn’t that great the first month I ran them, but the next month after, I was able to rack up $1700+ in commissions.

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