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Want Your Own $100,000 Media Buying Coach?

As marketers, we all learn to adjust to what’s making the most money. In the beginning there was email marketing, many focused on search marketing… and the latest craze is media buying. The reason why you have seen banner ads all over the place for weight loss ads and rebill offers, is because the most successful affiliates have been buying traffic on a CPM or CPV basis. If you put the time and work in, you can make a ton of money in media buying… without the heading of dealing with quality scores and other search marketing issues.

Jumping into media buying isn’t for everyone. Even small test ad campaigns can cost you a few thousand dollars up front. Where is a good media buying guide when you need one? Will from PPC Coach just went live with his new site, which focuses entirely on media buying. For anyone who isn’t familiar with PPC Coach, it’s one the best and most respected PPC learning programs around… and has helped many new affiliates and marketers generate a ton of money using PPC. Will is looking to do the same with Media Buys Coach.

Media Buys Coach isn’t cheap and it isn’t for everyone. The cost is $199 a month, and discounts are available if you choose a long term subscription. The opportunity to join is also limited to the first 200 members.

I just signed up (yes, I’m paying $199 a month) for my account and have full access. For anyone familiar with the PPC Coach platform, it’s pretty much the same thing. You will have access to videos, an active forum and new media buying tips each month.

The first month goes into details on how to setup an ad campaign on the Google Content network and expand your earnings to a few hundred dollars a day. This is a great program for anyone new to media buying, simply for the fact that you are walked through the entire process of what to do. You are given full landing pages, banners, and keywords to setup the campaign… then should repeat the process with other offers.

I’ll follow up in a couple weeks with how the program is looking as more members join.

Learn how to make big money with media buying.

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