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What’s Your Best Blogging Tip? (Win $500 Cash!)

Bloggers are taking over the world!… well, at least the internet!

It seems like no matter where you go online, bloggers are all over the place.

Everyone has a blog now… ad networks, corporate web sites, celebrities, gurus… and even pets! But that’s a good thing… blogs are the best way to create content, share content and build a brand of your own.

This is something I have been stressing for years now, and it’s my #1 tip for any blogger or online marketer out there.

YOU are your BRAND and you need to make it start working for you.

Zac Johnson BrandingThe search engines can go away…

The social networks can vanish…

Ad networks can run out of money…

But at the end of the day, you will still have your brand!

So I’m sure you are reading this post because you saw the snazzy headline and it says you could win a nice $500 bucks for your best blogging tip? Well, it’s true!

My good friends over at ContentBLVD.com are holding a contest to get feedback for their content generation network and they would love to hear from you.

Here’s how simple it is to enter:

  1. You must have a blog.
  2. Like the Content BLVD Facebook page if you haven’t already.
  3. Click on the $500 Contest! tab.
  4. Take our Content BLVD Blogger Survey.
  5. Submit an awesome blogging tip to the contest.

Now here’s why it’s going to be EASY for YOU TO WIN:

First of all… people are lazy! I’ve learned this all too well over the years, I even mentioned this several times in the past and it’s why I’ve personally won thousands of dollars from online blogging and marketing contests.

The majority of people are going to read this post and waste their time looking at stupid updates on Facebook or doing something else to waste their time. This is $500 up for grabs! Take some time to enter the contest and put some effort into your answers and you can easily walk away the winner on this one!

By the way… after you win the $500… don’t forget to tell them Zac Johnson inspired you to take immediate action!

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sandi says

Zac,if I win this this $500 I will certainly tell them that you inspired me!
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Anurag says

Hi Zac,
Great contest! I just want to ask you one question that When will the winner will be announce?

Thanks for the contest.
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chigotoday says

Amazing, about the enter. Thanks for the opportunity
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Darnell Jackson says

Ha haaaa!

This is an outstanding idea Zac.

I've been reading some of the ideas submitted so far on FB WOW

Thanks 1 million for sharing no wonder your blog is so freaking popular.
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Enstine Muki says

Interesting contest Zac
I just spent time going through it and I completed the process.
Hope to win
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Alexander says

Thanks very much for the opportunity, spreading the word about your blog and hopefully Ill win.
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Vivek Kumar says

Thanks you..I am going to be IN. I wish I will win the contest.
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Rudd says

Thanks for this. Just entered the contest and shared my best blogging tip.

With this kind of contest, I'm pretty sure we'll see many ideas that we never thought before. Brilliant
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Onibalusi Segun says

You are 100% right Zac, I Am So certain that if the internet should vanish today most people will become dependent, In one way or the other.

BTW Thanks for sharing this great Info
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EmitezBoy says

Awesome contents thanks for sharing
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