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Where Do You Get Your Daily Affiliate Marketing Fix?

Let’s face it, when it comes to affiliate marketing and industry news… there is just way too much to digest. For anyone starting out and trying to make their first money in this industry, it can be a great, but also bad at the same time. With so much information at hand, many people will continually read and read and read about what’s going on, and never take action of their own. While it’s great to do research, it’s best to learn by process, especially when you create failed campaigns, then turn them profitable.

With all of that said, there are plenty of great news sites and forums that can get you started and pointed in the right direction, without having to wade through a sea of information and affiliate marketing blogs. I have listed some of the best places for you to get your daily fix of what’s hot and working well in the affiliate industry.


Powered by AffPaying.com, AffDaily is a collection of the top affiliate marketing blogs and Twitter feeds all in one place. Highlights of the site include the ability to create an account and customize what feeds you would like to follow, along with having a page full of top affiliate marketers and their Twitter accounts. Each day new “popular” content will be added to the top menu section of the site. (Facebook Fan Page)


One of the first big sites to create a news platform for affiliate marketing blogs, AffBuzz has quite the following. The most read and interesting posts are highlighted in the top section of the site and updated on a daily basis. (Facebook Fan Page)

Twitter Affiliate Marketing

Even today, I still haven’t been that active on Twitter, but I know that so many others are. Instead of having to seek out every top marketer worth following, through the power of “Twitter Lists”, you can follow them all in one simple click. @JonathanVolk has created a great list of nearly 500 affiliate marketers who are currently on Twitter. To follow them all, simply follow his Affiliate Marketing list.

StackThatMoney Forum

Right now Stack That Money forums is at the top of my list for where to interact and read up on what’s hot in the industry. Not only is through forum run by a bunch of guys I know personally, but the content and support inside is just killer. From tutorials, case studies, tools and guides, everything you could ever want as an affiliate marketer is in this one site. (Facebook Fan Page)

IMGrind Forum

To finish off the list, IMGrind has also seen phenomenal growth over the past few months and they have an excellent community of their own. Ruck and Ryan are building quality content, while coaching forum members on the best ways to build out new web sites and membership programs, outside the normal thought process, while driving incredible results. A huge plus in this forum is when Ruck and Ryan write out their success stories from past web sites and campaigns… one of the best ways to get yourself motivated to create the next big thing! (Facebook Fan Page)

Where do you go for your affiliate fix?

There are plenty of blogs, sites, news feeds and forums out there, so be sure to leave a comment on your favorite place for connecting with other marketers and reading up on the latest blog posts and news.

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