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Win a Copy of Internet Marketing from the Real Experts

Earlier this week I received my copy of Internet Marketing from the Real Experts from Amazon. If you were at Affiliate Summit West 2010, you most likely already have a copy, as 4,000 copies were handed out to attendees. In short, the book is made from collection of articles and interviews from FeedFront magazine.

Internet Marketing from the Real Experts” was written by Shawn Collins and Missy Ward, the founders of Affiliate Summit. For anyone who has never been able to make the event, picking up a copy of this book would give you a better understanding of what affiliate marketing is about, and who attends these conferences.

If you are already familiar with the industry, you will see many recognizable names in the book, including; Gary Vaynerchuck, Ted Murphy, Chris Brogan, Jeremy Schoemaker and myself… with three different articles in the book. Articles cover everything from social marketing, email marketing, and blogging to design. You won’t find a map to making money online, but you will find some inspiring and motivational stories to get your mind going. Each article is 2-3 pages long, so it’s a great read for anyone who doesn’t like long reading.

Affiliate Summit is always doing what they can to raise money for charities. With the release of their new book, another chance to raise money was on their mind. All proceeds from the sale of the book go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

I just ordered another set of copies of the book through Amazon. A few copies for friends and family, and another eight to pass along to my blog readers. If you don’t want to wait, the book is  currently 32% off on Amazon, which brings the cost to $14.93. For those of you who are feeling lucky, enter this weekly contest where two copies will be given away each week. All you need to do is place a comment, or retweet this post… or increase your chances of winning by doing both.

How to Enter:
1.) Retweet this post on Twitter.

RT @moneyreign Win a Copy of Internet Marketing from the Real Experts http://tinyurl.com/yzcuj8d

2.) Leave a comment on this page.

Winner Selection:
February 26th: Chris Park, John Rampton
March 5th: PPC Icon, Bob Buskirk
March 12th: tGraphic, Colby
March 19th:

Rules: Simply leave a comment on the post, retweet this page, or do both. One “twitter” winner and one “comment” winner be selected each week, on the dates shown above. I will ship anywhere. No purchase necessary.

Good luck!

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Roseli A. Bakar says

Great book and great contest, always a winning combination 🙂

Colby says

I've never been to Affiliate Summit West so I'd be interested to see what's inside Internet Marketing from the Real Experts. Also, I'd like to learn more about affiliate marketing so I can apply it to my current websites.

HomeOrganizeIt says

Lots of internet marketing books coming out lately. This one looks like a winner! I like the fact that each article is 2-3 pages long. Perfect for time crunched marketers.

Kevin says

I would love to get my hands on this book! Thanks for the opportunity Zac

HomeOrganizeIt says

Lots of new internet marketing books coming out. This one looks like a winner! I like the fact that each article is 2-3 pages long. Perfect for time-crunched marketers! Thanks for the heads up, Zac.

    Zac Johnson says

    Same here. I much prefer reading short stories than a long book. I would usually get side tracked and never finish the book.

Chris Park says

I didn't make it to ASW10, so I'd love a copy of the book to read!

John Rampton says

Would love to get a copy! People at work already snagged my copy!

Iulian says

Nice contest. I hope that this book could help anyone to understand the internet marketing techniques.

Richard says

Would love to win this book, I'm sure it would come in useful for a newbie like me!

Toivo "Deutsch& says

What a coincidence! I just launched a very similar contest yesterday to win a copy of the same book, but on Google Buzz, see it here: http://bit.ly/bdYHlp

    Zac Johnson says

    Quite the coincidence! Let me know how it goes for you. I haven't done anything with Buzz yet.

August says

Nice contest, really would love to read this book!

Hopper says

Zac, Thanks for the contest and the fantastic site.

used tires says

I've ordered the book too. Looking forward to reading it. 🙂

Till then,


Muneeb says

Done Retweet : )

I always enjoy participating your contest Zac, i hope i could win something this time as well.


Sakana says

I missed Crush it contest last time…so let's give this one a try and see.

This book will be a good addition to my library of books. I do also dig quick book reading but yet powerful and to the point.

Just send it over Zak 🙂

used textbooks says

awesome, I hope I win!

Toivo "Deutsch& says

It looks like my Buzz contest for this book contest was pretty much a failure. Only one person entered, so this one wasn't really worth the postage. Oh well, I guess I have to do a better job of promoting it next time.

The one person who did enter found there way there from my comment on this blog. I guess my blog, Buzz, and Twitter account don't have enough followers to generate interest in the contest. Besides the comment on this blog, I also posted a message to the Digital Point forum about the contest, but that was all I really did. I'll have to look for other channels next time, I guess.

    Zac Johnson says

    Test again in a few weeks with Buzz and see what happens. I think a lot of people are either not using Buzz, or signed up but not actively using it… like myself.

PPC Icon says

Grief, yet another book for my mountainous reading list

web stats says

Great book… I already read it!

Ng Wai Mun says

just retweeted. hope I win. f! if i win, will write a review on it too!

Sally Dinius says

Looks like the kind of book I could devour in one sitting! Great contest, Zac, thanks! I retweeted, too.

evdeneve says

I missed Crush it contest last time…so let’s give this one a try and see.

bu blogda faydalı iÅŸler oluyor aslında dil bilsem bende pek çok konuya dahil olacağım malesef yabancı dil bilgim yok

Vincent says

I wonder if you'll send the book outside US.

Bob Buskirk says

Just tweeted I hope I win!

Eric Bisson says

Let's see how it goes for the last copy 🙂

Mikeaff says

Sounds like a good read, thanks for bringing it up!!!!

Jackie says

LoL @ buying this book for friends and family. You're either in the online marketing world or you are out and don't understand it. There isn't much in between and unless someone is interested online the leap probably won't be taken. Hand this book to your mom and she'll probably use it as a coaster. You must have invested your million you made off your MySpace resource website well since you don't have a full time job yet.

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