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Your Blog Won’t Survive Without Targeted Traffic, So Here’s How To Get It!

Everyone needs people to land on their website otherwise it’s pretty hard to make money. The only thing you have to watch out for is traffic that’s never going to convert. If you love having your ego massaged you could easily go out and get a hundred thousand visitors per month. Just look for keywords with huge searches that nobody wants to rank for. You’ll find they have absolutely no adsense value and will be for generic words that don’t mean anything. All those visitors will land on your site, but instead of making money you’ll just end up paying more in hosting costs.

Your Blog Must Attract PeopleThe other option is to target traffic that you know want to find your website. They are somewhere out there in cyberspace just waiting for you to find them. Once they land on your website they will become a loyal follower and read all your stuff. They will also probably buy all your products, so you can see how important it is that you find them. We’re going to look at how you can find them without using the search engines, but bare in mind that each of these methods will improve your rankings anyway and you’ll get even more traffic.

Check out special forums

When you think about what a forum actually is it sounds like the perfect place to find traffic. People spend their own free time speaking with other people about a certain niche. You need to find forums in your niche and start making your presence known. You can’t just start spamming them or it won’t work. You’ll get banned and told never to return. You need to start leaving great advice for people to read and if they like you they will click on the link in your signature.

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Send out a press release

There’s going to be people that don’t read blogs. Not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t yet understand what they are and that they get updated all the time. You can find them through something as simple as news websites because they might read those. You can do that by releasing press releases of special articles you write on your blog. If news websites pick them up they will get splashed around everywhere.

Get a mention

A great way to drive lots of targeted traffic is by getting mentioned in a post by some popular blogger who has lots of traffic. The only way this is going to happen is by getting on their radar. For that you’ll need to take action on something they said and email them about all your fantastic results. They will be so happy they will tell all their readers about you and give you a link.

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Write a guest post

If you can’t get a mention the easy way by someone mentioning you, perhaps you’ll need to do it the hard way by writing the actual article and letting them publish it on their site. You obviously want to write a post for a blog that has your ideal readers as fans already because there’s much more chance of it being a success. Just email the blogger and ask nicely if you can write a post for their site, but remember that it always works better when they know you.

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Are comments still effective?

Blog commenting is still an effective strategy to attract some readers. It’s definitely not going to set the world on fire, but you will get some people coming through to your site. You just have to be careful about what blogs you post on. Don’t bother with the ones that attract hundreds of comments because no-one will find you. Also don’t bother with blogs that pump out rubbish information.

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This guest post was written by Ben, who is the managing director of SEO Positive Limited, an innovative search engine optimization company based in UK.

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