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Zac Johnson Featured on The O’Reilly Factor on FOX News

On Monday I was featured on a segment called “Watters’ World” on The O’Reilly Factor on FOX News. The interview was during my time at BlogWorld in NY where I was speaking about blogging and how to make money online. This was my second appearance on national television, as I was previously on ABC News back in 2010.

While it was a huge benefit to getting featured on Fox News and I greatly appreciate it, I feel that the segment missed the purpose of BlogWorld, the people who attend the event and the opportunity for making money online. You can view the full video on the Fox News web site.

Instead of focusing on the benefits and power of BlogWorld and all of it’s attendees, they tended to make more of a joke out of the event and what everyone had to say. I’m all for having a good time and it was a funny spin for how boring blogging and tech talk might seem to the average person, but they just seemed to have missed the point and it could have been much more. Another disappointment was that no one in the video was featured by name or given credit, even Rick Calvert, the creator of BlogWorld was in the video, but the average person watching from home would have no idea.

In the end, it was awesome to be interviewed and appear on Fox News and great to see BlogWorld getting more exposure year after year. Be sure to visit the Fox News web site and watch the full video, then shoot Bill O’Reilly an email at oreilly@foxnews.com and let him know they missed out on a good story and opportunity.

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