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Zac’s Free Affiliate Summit Pass

Today, for the first time, Affiliate Summit is taking place in London. If you missed out on Affiliate Summit East earlier this year, and weren’t able to hit up the event in London, let’s try and get you to Affiliate Summit West 2008! I can not stress how awesome of an event Affiliate Summit is, and the next one is coming up in February 24-26, 2008 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Right now you can register for the event at the "early bird" rate of $949! Or, you could simply enter to WIN "Zac’s Free Affiliate Summit Pass" and meet with the biggest and brightest names in the affiliate market space for FREE!

For years now I’ve been speaking at, and attended all Affiliate Summit conferences. At the last Affiliate Summit East event in Florida I finally got to meet up with Shoemoney, Amit Mehta, Kris Jones and so many others. I am so happy to say that the latest Affiliate Summit was definitely one of the best!

Network with Some of the Biggest Names in the Industry!

Here’s how to enter to WIN a FREE Full Conference Pass to Affiliate Summit 2008 on February 24-26, 2008 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. ($949 Value)

1.) Link back to this post from your blog. (5 entries)
2.) Post on your blog, why attending Affiliate Summit would be important to you. (15 entries)
3.) Reply to this post with a comment. (1 entry per commenter, not comment)
Bonus Entry:
4.) Write a Review on this blog and mention the Affiliate Summit Free Pass contest.
(25 entries + a Free MoneyReign.com T-Shirt)
(Blog review / post must be a minimum of 500 words)

– You can reply once to this post and make three separate postings on your blog, to earn a maximum of 46 entries.
– All link backs and pings must be to http://zacjohnson.com/zacs-free-affiliate-summit-pass and http://www.zacjohnson.com (use any anchor texts)
– Entries will be recorded by all link back to this blog posting page only.
(Prize may not be sold or transferred, accepted and used by winner only)

Winners will be selected on the following dates:
October 31st (1st FREE PASS)
November 30th (2nd FREE PASS)
December 7th  (3rd FREE PASS)

Please only enter if you are going to be able to attend the event in Las Vegas during February. This is a high priced contest and I want to make sure someone wins that will attend the event and get a whole new look on the affiliate marketing industry!

If there are over 100 entrants by the end of the contest, I will throw in a Free T-Shirt to 25 second place winners! Good luck to everyone who enters and I look forward to meeting with the winners personally at Affiliate Summit West 2008!

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Chad says

Nice give away. I might have to do a blog post to get 15 entries…

Nick Witkoski says

That sounds like a great contest, I think I will work on that later this evening. 😀 Thanks Zac.

Matt Jones says

Great contest Zac!

Bank says

such a nice give away 🙂

Blog Contests says

Hi there

I blogged about your contest on Contest Beat here – http://www.contestbeat.com/win-a-949-pass-to-affi

All we do is write about contests in the blogosphere so hopefully we can send you a few more entries too!

Regards, Matt.

Sensei says

Cool, I'd love to go to this. Here's my post on the contest:


Derek Baker says

Looks like a very helpful event, and you could not have picked a better place to hold it. 🙂

MrPrizes says

I just wanted to let you know that I have added this contest to several categories within our contest and sweepstakes directory.


Please feel free to let me know of any changes you would like made and also keep me up to date on future listings. Have a great day!

Funny t shirts says

Great contest idea, Zac! This affiliate summit should be one of the biggest yet.

Dave says

My entry is here 🙂 I need an excuse to travel anyway

    Dave says

    Oh yeah, and I'll have a blog post about it tomorrow, so put me in for 6 😉

DrewAMP says

Looks like an awesome opportunity! Here's my comment entry 🙂 .

BloggingContest says


Your contest has been posted on our site. Check out the post below.


Israel says

I'd like to be entered.

derek says

This is a great prize and I'd love to kick off my chances with a comment for one entry! Thanks Zac.

Lizard Wisdom says

Put us down for one entry! We look forward to winning! 🙂

rayroman says

Zac, this sounds like a great opportunity. I would definitely go if I win.

Thanks for providing the opportunity to win this ticket.


andrew says

This is the craziest month for contests, and even though others are giving out higher cash value prizes, zac, you seem to be giving out the most valuable as knowledge compounds like no dollar can.

Bazkaz says

Excellent prize. Love your Super Aff Guide too.

Ben says

Zac, I'd love to meet you at Affiliate Summit! Here is my entry:


Max says

What a great contest, I may have to go start a blog!

mahdi yusuf says

i am definately in!! 😀

Pat B. Doyle says

Thanks for doing this contest, Zac! If I win one of the passes, I will definitely go!

contest says

Hi Zac,

I think I would qualify for 21 entries. I blog about this on my contest blog

thanks for the contest

denied says

It would be great to get my blogging to the next level. Winning one of your passes would keep me from charging it! 🙂

muttmoen says

i would love to win the golden ticket! great contest

browie says

I'd like the free pass. Idk if I'll be able to go but I'd love to see if I can. Maybe I'll use it for my own personal contest if I win. BUT I'd rather go to the summit.

George Kim says

Wow, very nice contest. This is really great thing you are offering for free.

Moms Cash Blog says

S-U-P-E-R cool idea wacky Zachy ; )

Enter me for sure!!!



Abdalla Ahmed says

Super Cool! Enter me!!!

Charles Ngo says

put me down for an entry. I'll go for sure if I win!

Colin says

An Affiliate Summit Pass would definitely fuel up my affiliate marketing dreams…

Pick me Zac …. 😉

Martin says

I would love to have this. If I win, I could finally be on my way to quitting my day job.

Erik Karey says

Great contest zac!! Please enter me for the contest!

Ron says

Not sure how I missed this before but just saw the reminder. Man, winning something like this could really change my world for the better. Everyone, including my fav $blogger Zaz, says these are really important to get ahead and it's pretty obvious it is a great opportunity for those that attend. Though for us noobs, it's always a catch-22…It cost a LOT to go and if we aren't making much money yet it makes it even harder. Sure, it wouldn't be too hard of a choice for guys who make enough to cover the ticket price in a few hours online but some of us don't even earn enough to cover it after a full month, and sometimes even years lol. Those that could really use the experience are often the ones that can't afford to go. And that is where I fall into it. Unless I get super lucky and win a pass somehow, I won't be able to afford to go to one of these for some time. Really cool you are trying to help out (YET AGAIN!) Zac! There are a ton of bloggers to act like they care about their readers but you prove you really do over and over again. Thanks!

Osmolar says

Sign me up ;).

DayDaySite says

Great! Please count me!

Ryan Maule says

Here is my last minute entry, but make no mistake that this is a great contest and a fantastic prize that I would make great use out of – and thank you for writing such helpful articles.


DewDropSEM says

Posted a blog entry at this URL >>

Vik Dulat - Making M says

I hope I win. That would be pretty sweeet!

Fred K says

Great idea for a contest Zac…I actually won a full pass to Affiliate Summit West 2 years ago on Shawn's blog, so let's hope that lightning strikes twice!

Geiger says

Sign me up for this contest!!! 😀

bmunch says

Count me in on the contest…

john says

6 entries probably won't do it for me, but as my blog is a weight loss blog a post or review doesn't make sense. I'll still take a shot though, would love to attend!


My Journey from Fat to Fit

Aaron says

I'd love to go. Haven't been to Vegas since I moved from there a few years ago, but to start making appearances in the make money online/blogging convention circuit would be a fantastic gift.

Good luck all.

Gyutae Park says

Awesome contest Zac. I just wrote up a post on my blog for this. I hope I can go to Affiliate Summit West for free.

Chris says

I would love to win. Attending would bring a great boost to my affiliate efforts.


Vik Dulat says

Good luck to everyone is going for the free affiliate summit pass. I would go for this but I am not sure if I will be able to attend so I don't want to win and not be able to go. I would rather have someone who is going there for sure!

Good luck to everyone.

Jeff Tirey says

Hey Zac – looks to be a fun contest, I'll give this a shot and hopefully get the chance to meet you in Vegas.

Debby Banning says


I would love to win the pass to the Affiliate Summit! 🙂


Liz says

I would love to win a pass to affiliate summit. I am off to post on my blog to get more entries. Thanks for all your good information Zak!

Liz H.

Steve says

Count me in on the contest! Thanks.

Tob says

I've never been, but could definitely use the face time. Count me in, thanks.

Ricardo says

Yo Zac 🙂 Gimme an entry 🙂

max says

Tight Zac, if it’s in Vegas, I wanna be there. Too bad, my baby is supposed to deliver on Feb. 23rd, I don’t think I should plan to go. But will make a blog post on http://zedomax.biz regardless.

Al Young says

I’ll give it a try

Daehee says

Awesome opportunity. I'd like an entry as well. Thanks 🙂

missouri car insuran says


Richard Kaulfers says

I am pretty Sure I missed this one. Oo well Maybe Next Year.

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