10 Effective Ways to Outsource Your SEO and Link Building

Written by Zac Johnson
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Building links and focusing on the SEO and rankings of your site can be one of the most boring and daunting tasks around. Usually affiliate marketers and bloggers are good at either creating ad campaigns, writing killer content and focusing on link building and SEO. For those of us who aren’t skilled in these areas, it’s something that can be easily outsourced. Knowing the best companies to work with and link building practices is what is important.

SubmitEdge is a very well known link building and SEO management company that has been in the game since 2006 and has helped over 30,000 of sites rank higher in the search results through a wide range of methods. Not all link building is the same, nor will they affect your rankings the same. Below I’m going to list ten different ways that SubmitEdge has helped their customers rank higher in the search results, while also improving their overall SEO and traffic.

Social Bookmarking

Social BookmarkingThe internet is more social than ever and that means your site needs to be to. The days of automated submission to social bookmarking sites is coming to a close. You now need to take the time to manually submit to each of the major directories and create unique descriptions and headlines for each. Social bookmarking can be a slow process, so it’s definitely one to consider when outsourcing.

Squidoo Lens

While Squidoo might not be as powerful as it used to be, their site still has millions of visitors and does rank well in the search results. Creating a Squidoo lens for your site and it’s niche audience is a great way to reach new audiences and funnel traffic back to your site. You can also promote your Squidoo lens through social bookmarking to increase it’s own rankings and traffic.

Forum Link Building

Forums are still one of the best ways to reach new audiences that are passionate about various topics. Many forums allow you to have a do-follow links back to your signature url, which can link back to your site. Be sure to use the appropriate anchor text and only create links and accounts within forums that are related to your site content. Again, the key here is to have this done manually and provide some value in the process.

Press Releases

Press ReleaseEven if press releases are no longer for do-follow and passing page rank, they can still be used to expand your reach to new audiences. When creating a press release make sure you are targeting what’s hot in the new right now. The goal behind press releases is that other new outlets see your information and then write about and reference back to your site.

DMOZ Listing

Getting quality listings in major directories is still beneficial and something Google, Yahoo and Bing like to see. When submitting your site to high end directories like DMOZ, you will want to make sure that you use the appropriate title, description and categories for your site.

Rank Tracking

Google Ranking is CrazyKnowing where your site ranks in the search results is extremely important. You need to know what keywords you are ranking for and how your sites movement in the search engines is changing over time. There are lots of tools out there for doing this, but you can also have the management and tracking outsourced, which will provide you with comprehensive ranking reports and recommended keywords to target.

Video Distribution

Using videos with your site content is an excellent way to engage with new audiences. However if you aren’t submitting your video content to web 2.0 properties and other large video directories and sites, you are potentially missing out on a lot of visitors and backlinks to your site. Taking the time to manually submit your videos into these sites and the right categories can definitely help your overall site growth and reach.

Site Speed Test

It’s now more important than ever to make sure the speed of your web site is up to par. Google takes the speed of your web site into consideration when ranking sites in the search results. Cleaning up your content, using fast loading CDNs, making sure your images and widgets load fast all contribute to the overall speed and rankings of your site.

Blog Commenting

Blog CommentingAn excellent way to gain backlinks and real traffic to your site is through blog commenting. One of the biggest problems with blog commenting is that so many people are doing it the wrong way. For blog commenting to work you need to take the time to write real comments that provide value and comment on blogs that are related to your site.

OnPage Optimization

No matter what type of link building you are going to focus your efforts on, you are going to need to make sure your sites and content pages are up to speed as well. This includes having the right alt tags, H1 headlines, using the right anchor text when linking to other content on your site, complying with Google, Yahoo and Bing guidelines and much more.

As you can see, there are many different ways to build links back to your web site without the need to spam or automate the process. As much as we would all like to implement each of these practices into our own sites, most of us simply don’t have the time or resources. Outsourcing these processes to a well respected service like SubmitEdge which uses only manual processes will greatly improve your chances to see higher rankings in the search results. SubmitEdge is also offering a bulk discount of 25% on $300 deposit and 35% on $1000 deposit, which means you can get $1000 worth of services for just $650, which works out to a pretty sweet deal!

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11 Replies to “10 Effective Ways to Outsource Your SEO and Link Building”

  1. I tried the hoth because you had liked them on Facebook. BAD MOVE. I got penalized for a site that I was trying to optimize cause of their poor quality links. Definitely not recommended after the last Google push.
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    1. hi Matt, if you want to recover from recent Google update than just make some quality links from authority sites and ping them in search engines. you definitely got success.
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  2. hi Zac

    Outsourcing is definitely not an easy task, because first of all, you need to know what to require from the client, and at the same time, you need to know how to select the right candidate for your job, is it?

    SubmitEdge sounds interesting… particularly the deal they’re offering!

    I have my own SEO team that handles link building for me (and my students) and I’d say although Google makes new changes all the time, search engine optimization is not dead, and probably never been – maybe it will evolve into something new, which couldn’t imagine as of today – but that’s part of life and business – everything evolves from day to day, isn’t it?

    Anyway, if you guys want to hear more about my SEO methods and why I believe Google is your friend not your enemy, you could read the PDF I give away..

  3. Nice article. I think that social bookmarking and blog commenting are the best way to do SEO. I've made a video for my site but I didn't get that much traffic that I've been getting from social bookmarking. I would like to add one more step is that article submission is also a good way to get backlinks and traffic.
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  4. Hey Zac,

    I was thinking to start uploaded a video to my blog every Monday to make up for weekend posting. I know it is very well to use videos throughout a blog to engage readers like you said, but what kind of video directories are good for videos related to making money online?

    Bradley Nordstrom
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  5. Hi Zac,

    Thank you for submitting an informative post on effective ways to outsource your SEO and Link Building. The articles has great examples of different ways to create backlinks with out spamming sites. I will be using Submit Edge for my site.

  6. your information about optimizing and link building via SEO is very help full to me. i am beginner in this world of blogging i will like to read more about blogging tips from your side 🙂
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  7. This is the first time I hear about Submit Edge, I will check out the service and maybe will give it a try. Thanks

  8. “Knowing the best companies to work with and link building practices is what is important.” – You pretty nailed it, Zac. For businesses that are looking forward to getting their sites on page 1, it is a must that they find a reputable SEO company to get the job done. In my opinion, one of the prerequisites on choosingoutsourced seo services is to see the success rate of the company and if their business model fit yours.

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