10 Industry Stats that Prove You Need to Google Yourself

We use the internet on a daily basis to connect with friends, buy stuff, update the world on our daily activities and much more. However, did you ever take a moment to stop and think about how this might affect how others see you online?

For example… how often do you Google yourself? If you don’t check what ranks at the top of the search results for your name, you may not only be losing search traffic — you could be losing your reputation and good name in the process!

The truth is, everything you do online can affect your reputation and the first impression that is delivered. The same holds true for every brand and business in the world today… even if you aren’t focusing on your online presence. This is something local businesses still have a hard time with, in thinking that they only need to cater to their local audience and not online reviews.

The Importance of a Great First Impression in Google

Consider this… When you want to find an answer to something, what do you do? You search Google of course.

At the same time, without much hesitation you are going to take whatever answer (search results) Google provides you with and look at it as legitimate. In most cases Google is probably going to give you an accurate answer (or source)… but what about those times they don’t?

To back up this thinking, we can even look at the following stats.

This is the type of thinking and mindset you need to consider when also thinking about your reputation online and how others might be getting a first impression of you or your brand.

In a new infographic from SEOBrand reputation services, they’ve highlighted ten amazing facts about how other people are potentially seeing yourself online. This includes friends, family, customers, employees, jobs and everyone else you could possibly think of.

When running through the list, be sure to consider each of the data points and methods being discussed. It’s no longer a question of “if” there is content online around your personal or business name… but “what and where” it is!


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