$1000 in Facebook Ads Coupon Codes

Written by Zac Johnson
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Last week at AdTech, Facebook had a booth and they were giving away $50 free trial coupon codes. I swung by the booth and managed to pick up around 20 of their Facebook Ads Free Trial business cards. I went back to grab more later, but they didn’t have any more out.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to use them on my existing account, but I grabbed a bunch to give them away through the blog. You can see the actual card below, and yes, it is an active trial code, but only good for the first person who grabs it. These $50 free trials (x 20 codes =$1,000) are only available on new Facebook Ads accounts. See if you are the first to grab it!

Monday Code: 45CH-11RM-8CK3-HMEN,  K2E6-0EYV-Y7R5-5YMT
Tuesday Code: 4XJ6-889T-Y5NC-1JF4, RKPJ-24E2-5YCF-CXKW
Wednesday Code: 9Y3P-YV16-YM8X-PJ26,  YR7H-469W-F6PY-614N
Thursday Code: J7E4-164N-N8K1-5EJ0,  H7D3-U9JK-7GD4-8H7F
Friday Code: 10 codes to be mailed out on Monday! (Codes already sent out)

I’ll be adding two new coupon codes daily for the rest of the week. For anyone else who wants a coupon code, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter and I will send out another set of 10 coupon codes this Friday Monday the 14th 16th of November. Make sure you signup on the list below to get the mailing.

Also, for anyone else starting our on Facebook Ads, or still struggling, here is a list of previous posts I’ve written on Facebook Ads.

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The $1000 in Facebook Ad codes promotion may have come to a close, but you can still grab a $71.88 coupon code through this blog.

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66 Replies to “$1000 in Facebook Ads Coupon Codes”

    1. Did you not read the Post ?


      how is that taking it for himself ?
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  1. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-111601" rel="nofollow">@Facebook Worker:

    I know a few people that took a lot more then me, and Facebook also went with hundreds if not thousands of these cards. My 20 was nothing compared to what was handed out.

  2. Yahooo… I just added $50 to my new Facebook Advertising Account!!!

    Thanks Zac!

    I've been following you blog for awhile – and the content is always top notch.

    Keep delivering the value!

  3. Hi Zack,

    I would love to get a coupon code from you, I recently subscribed to your mailing list.


  4. That sounds great, but I couldn't visit facebook in China, but thanks all the same! I'll be back :).

  5. Whoa!!!! What a really sweet deal you have offered us Zac, I'll be hitting the refresh button like mad to try and get my hands on a code =D I've never tried out facebook ads, and this gives me an incentive to go ahead and try it =D

    Till then,


  6. Missed out 2 days in a row now 🙁 Problem is that Im in New Zealand and codes are added in the middle of the night. :s

  7. That was quick thinking of you Zac! Maybe FaceBook will sponsor some more vouchers if they take heed of your promotion, so here's my vote for that!

  8. Good idea grabbing all of those coupons. I'm sure there are plenty of people itching to try advertising on facebook. I'm one of those people, but probably still a couple months away from being ready. So I'll let someone else use these coupons.

  9. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-111673" rel="nofollow">@lisa:

    <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-111675" rel="nofollow">@oes tsetnoc:

    The FB mailing will go out friday, and will include a few other $50 coupon codes as well.

  10. This blog is like the Warrior Forum or DigitalPoint of Affiliate Marketing blogs. How pathetic. You need to steal extra coupons and offer them to your sheep of a fanbase to keep them happy. These comments show that your readers are like a bunch of baby birds waiting for you to vomit your bullshit into their mouths. So fucking sad…

  11. I would like to place an advert on Facebook and apparently they have been sending out coupons which will give you a $50 of your bill. If you have one I would be grateful…

  12. If it was for a month and u didn't stop. No one can do anything. Every coupon has some limited time and validity.

  13. When I first saw the title of this post I was convinced you were talking about $1000 facebook ad coupons. Ity seemed too good to be true, and unfortunately that was the case. A $50 voucher will still not go amiss, and I'm sure that giving away loads of them has opened up facebook advertising to loads of people who would not ordinarily have dabbled with them. How many carry on dabbling will be the measure of success of this campaign.

  14. Thanks for information.But ı think big websites like facebook must down the advertisement prices so all people can give advertisements.That is my opinion.

  15. oh wow, I really missed out!

    I really should stop taking breaks from these blogs every so often. :/

  16. It seems like facebook advertising is the hot trend these days. I'm not surprised with the amazing ad targeting capabilities. I'm kicking myself for not jumping on this bandwagon sooner.

  17. Was the promise of codes on December 14th just a ploy to get people to sign up to the blog to read about what has been happening in this guy's life for the past 5 days?

  18. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-112211" rel="nofollow">@Jess:

    Facebook Ads codes were mailed out… along with Sponsored Tweets coupons added in. This mailing was pushed back two days, but still went out. It was a typo on the blog post, instead of December, it should have said November.

  19. TYPO!!! I signed up to your mailing list for nothing then? I was hoping and waiting to get some coupons today.

  20. Well, same here, the date kept changing and the typos were corrected a couple of times to attach subscriber. Very disappointed :(.

  21. It’s my understanding Mike that as long as they clicked on a link on your site then you get credited for anything that they buy.

  22. Hey boi. You are doin a real service to da visitors out in Vancouver. Me and my brothers are hustlers but we tryna make it big on the internet. Sick East coast.

  23. I run targeted facebook ads and I also think it works perfectly. I love that it really narrows down your search parameters.

  24. Ity seemed too good to be true, and unfortunately that was the case. A $50 voucher will still not go amiss, and I’m sure that giving away loads of them has opened up facebook advertising to loads of people who would not ordinarily have dabbled with them. How many carry on dabbling will be the measure of success of this campaign.

  25. Thanks for the tips. I just got started with facebook advertising, so I probably won’t be able to use the code but the targeting tips will be very helpfull.

  26. Hey Zac,
    are you still giving away facebook ad codes?
    It's now a new year and it seems your posts are all old.
    what's up?

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  27. can you post again about facebook voucher code?
    i need to start my first campaign 🙂

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