1000 RSS Subscribers for My Birthday?

It’s been an extremely fun time writing this blog over the past several months and it’s almost time for the next big milestone. Right now I am sitting at 910 rss subscribers and I am looking to surpass 1,000 RSS Subscribers tomorrow on my birthday! As John Chow and Shoemoney battle it out for the most RSS subscribers (both are sitting in the 12k range), it seems like it’s all too easy to throw up a blog and the subscribers will just come in. I remember when I first started this blog back in March and I was so excited and full of ideas for posts to share with others. The only problem is, I wasn’t getting the exposure I wanted. When you start blogging, every morning you run to your computer and check your rss count and see if any new subscribers came in… and nearly have heart attacks the day your rss count drops by a third! I know I still do today! This is blogging and to most of us, it’s a passion. Do what you love and the money will follow.

Here’s a run down of my RSS count since starting the blog, as hopefully hit the 1,000 mark tomorrow.

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  1. Happy birthday, Zac!

    As an early birthday present, we just signed up for your RSS feed.

    We wish you the best of luck on reaching 1000 RSS subscribers by tomorrow! We are still waiting for double digits… 🙂

  2. We started our blogs around the same time but you have quite a few more subscribers. Happy Birthday to you and here is to reaching the 1000 RSS subscribers!

  3. That's very nice steady growth you have there Zac. I'm already a subscriber so I can't help you but I'll be rooting for your 1000! I'm hoping to hit 250 soon on my blog.

  4. Happy B'day Zac … ur numbers are going down … its currently showing 944 …

    Congrats anyways. Its not so easy to hit the 1000 mark.

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