$10,000 in Earnings with NeverBlueAds

I’ve been an affiliate with NeverBlueAds for quite a while now, but I had stopped using their network for quite a long period of time. It was nothing personal or against the network, I was simply running offers elsewhere. It wasn’t till I met up with my friend and VP of Affiliate Marketing at NeverBlueAds, Jordan at AdTech and we talked about setting a few campaigns again. Once I got back home, I set up a few links on my network of sites and the rest is history. April was my first month of generating revenue with them and I ended up with $1950 in earnings… five months later and several updates later, I am now pleased to announce I passed the five figure mark with NeverBlueAds in August, ending the month with $10,818 in earnings.

Keep in mind, I did not go from having nothing to making $1950 in that first month. I had a network of web sites to run offers on, but there has been plenty of testing and monetization along the way. Anyone can have a high traffic site and throw offers up on them and make a few bucks, but continually increasing your earnings is the skill to master. Even with the summer slow down, I was able to continually increase earnings with NeverBlue Ads. Some easy steps to improve monetization on your sites are, using blue text links, change advertisement placements through your sites, test hot zones and see where people are clicking. Another tip that will almost always improve your numbers is to USE BLUE TEXT LINKS instead of AD BANNERS. People want content, not advertisements. Blend in affiliate offers with your site content and your clicks and conversions will soar!

Earnings from April through July were mainly all from general site traffic across my network of sites. It wasn’t til the end of July that I started to play around in the PPC market. PPC is definitely what helped push me over the $10k mark in August. Just like placing advertisements on a web site, PPC is all about monetization, but can be even more risky as you are backing ad dollars behind every click. NeverBlueAds has an awesome variation of ads to test in the ppc market.

While I’ve been super busy over the past two weeks moving into my new place, I have had a few ppc campaigns on auto-run. It’s a lot of fun to see your commissions increase daily, while on auto-pilot, but my credit cards are also getting billed on autopilot! 🙂 Be sure to set limit campaigns and keep an eye on your campaign results, a few bad days of low conversions or overspending, can kill your profits for the month. Take a look at some of the new offers on NeverBlueAds and test how the PPC market performs for you.

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  1. Zac- you are a true inspiration to us all. I was speaking to Tina at NeverBlueAds on the phone this evening, and I of course mentioned your name. You are one popular guy over there! Thanks so much for introducing us to this great company.

  2. Welcome back Zac, I like the fact your updating your blog, now that you have your new home ..

    I think You make More Money than John Chow I am right ?

    1. I assume Zac runs more than just this site then? According to Alexa John Chow gets a ton more traffic than this site, so if Zac's making more from just this site, he's doing incredibly well!!

      1. "I had a network of web sites to run offers on"

        yea, I assume he runs a lot of other sites.

        It is still impressive nonetheless. I am always cautious when dealing with newer advertising agencies, they can dry up real fast, either that or the payout ends up being quite low.

        While neverblueads doesn't appear to have big clients (by looking at their 'featured' list anyway) can't argue with numbers…

        Wish I had something to compare it to. Ie. 'before switching i made X with Y affiliate ad provider'

        hard to compare numbers against nothing.

  3. another Question I am also part of NeverBlue Ads thanks to you. which Campaigns are you running that make the most money the ? the ones that Generates a lead after entering a Zip code or E-mail address.

  4. Do you have examples of what their ads look like. Part of the problem I have with the websites of these networks is that you have to sign up to see what you're getting into.

    1. NeverBlueAds has a wide variety of offers. A few of their offers are Zwinkies, Zip/Email Offers, Ringtones, eBooks, Dating (True / Match). I advise signing up for the network. If you sign up through this blog, you should be approved quickly as they monitor all traffic I send them.

  5. zac,that is some great earnings you had with neverblueads, you always amaze me with your report earnings.

  6. hmmm, that sounds realy interessting. I think that is a good idea to make some extra cash. In the beginning I don´t expect the big money and I know to buld up a good running side is hard – but keep on working and it will be fine.

  7. Congratulations… it is great to hear when people have a break through. I have a couple questions if you don't mind. How many sites are in your network and do you have links to them someplace?

    Thanks – keep up the great work – Congrats


  8. Just out of curiosity I'm wondering what your traffic numbers are, across all the sites where you run these ads? It would be nice to know the traffic in April versus Today, and how large a factor that was to increasing your revenue?

    1. General traffic across the network of sites can range from 25-50k uniques a day. Though these types of earnings with NeverBlueAds can easily be obtained on PPC Marketing alone. I am starting to focus more and more on the PPC end and would like to increase these earnings several times over.

      1. When you talk about the PPC market, are you basically talking about buying AdWords, TextLinkAds, etc, and using those to direct traffic to your sites that display NeverBlueAds ?

      2. 25-50k unique/day! Whoah! Someone's not doing bad! Wanna send some of that traffic to me 150/day 12-day-old blog? ;-P

        1. I'd say you were doing pretty ok with 150 uniques (assuming no bots in there) per day after only 12 days. Google barely has time to index and list pages in that time, so your site prep must have been good. Too bad it only gets harder..

  9. Right, buying traffic through Yahoo, MSN and Google Adwords. (I would not recommend TLA for arbitrage) You can create your own sites and landing pages to promote, then drive traffic to their CPA offers. Once everything is setup, its a game of testing and working numbers to maximize your profits.

    1. So the sites that you run the NeverBlueAds on, do they show nothing but ads or are the blogs/content sites?

  10. I signed up for neverblue ads after reading your review on it a while back and was disappointed. I get no responses with support even through emails. So I have recently signed up with Max Bounty and even though they have less offers than Never Blue ads, the payouts are more (which is a big plus).

    What are your thoughts on Max Bounty? Have you tried them before?

    1. I haven't had any problems with support at NeverBlueAds, and I usually hear back from someone within 12-24 hours at the most. I assume you have tried contacting your account manager directly through email and aim? If not, try that.

      I have been friends with JP Suave for many years now. He is the founder of MaxBounty. I have had an account with them for a while now, but have not really used them for promoting any offers. I log in every once in a while to see what they have though.

  11. Hey Zac,

    Thanks for your post.

    A quick question…

    I was having a quick read of your post and something isn't quite clear due to the wording (unless I missed something…quite possible!).

    You mention your earnings are at $10k. I assume you mean *cumulative* earnings not monthly earning.

    ie you have earned a *total* of $10k over the last few months, not $10k just in August.

    If its actually $10k cumulative earning over the last 4 or 5 months since you started, I know Im not the only one confused by the wording: read the second comment above (the pingback) which states his interpretation is that you earned $10k in August alone.

    So, which is it??!!



      1. Wow, that is seriously good! I'm very jealous!

        PS can you post a link showing one of these Neverblue ads (point it out if there are other ads on the page!)? I am interested to see what they look like.

  12. cool zac … i'm happy for you … hope to learn and hear more of your success …



  13. So the sites that you run the NeverBlueAds on, do they show nothing but ads or are the blogs/content sites?

  14. Hi Zac,

    I just signed up for NeverBlueAds, am looking forward to earning couple bucks.

    Thanks for the tips. Take care and cheers.

  15. I just got confirmed for NeverBlueAds. Here's a few points:

    1 – They call you on the phone before they will accept your application. They call from Canada. If you don't answer this phone call, they will email you. If you don't talk to them on the phone after they email you, they will not accept your application.

    2- The ads seem to be very free form. Some have banners. Most of them let you use whatever text / images you want. They just give you the url to direct your traffic.

    – Chris

  16. Thats really a great work Zac 😀

    Just impressed and you inspiring me to go more into advertising world Zac!

  17. Never Blue eh? That's awesome! I wil try them out next week as I'm in total redesign and update mode. I love your blog by the way and enjoy reading the different aspects of your blogging life as a marketer, thanks.

    On a side note:

    I’m running a contest open to everyone. I’m trying to see how many people will enter my “Design a Logo Contest”. The Prize is worth $195 so enter now, you have till October 1st.

    Here: https://insanemoneymarket.com/blog/2007/09/17/1st-

    Thanks and good luck!

  18. Hi Zac,

    Do NeverBlueAds have any web hosting CPA offers?

    Which companies?

    I'm currently an affiliate at Commission Junction, but would like to try out other affiliate programs.

  19. NeverBlue is a great network. 10k earnings with one network is fantastic. Has anyone else use any other network with similar results?
    My recent post Fast Cash Commissions Review

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