20 Ways to Say “CLICK HERE”!

Written by Zac Johnson
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Click here!” Never have two words meant so much and changed the way we run our lives and do business online.

Just think about it… before the internet, where did you ever see and hear click here?

And whoever decided that “blue” was the color of choice for hyperlinks and knew it would work so well?

Click Here - Two Powerful WordsAt the end of the day these two little words generate more business than any other words in the business language when it comes to advertising and running our lives on the internet.

Click here… it tells you exactly what to do without wasting any time, thought or effort.

If only all business lessons were this easy.

With all of that said, the game of internet marketing is all about split testing and finding out what works.

Are there better words out there than “click here“?

Even outside of split testing and landing pages, Google is putting the smack down on link building efforts that focus too much on keyword anchor text.

The next best thing? “Click here” of course…

But how many times can you keep writing articles and linking back to your site with the same “click here” anchor text?

It’s not even just about telling the user to actually click, it’s about getting them to take action.

Leslie came up with a few ideas in her latest post over at SEJ to spice up the “click here” words and here’s what she came up with.

  1. For the joiners: Signup Now!
  2. For the chatty: Call today
  3. For the organized: Schedule your appointment today
  4. For travelers: Book now
  5. For the lonely: Visit today
  6. From an engineer-led start up: Demo Our Software Now!
  7. For the content hoarder: Download Our Guide Now!
  8. For the adventurous: Explore Your Options
  9. For the cheapskates: Use Our Free Service Now!
  10. For the inquisitive:  Find Out More
  11. For the seeker: Locate an Advisor
  12. For the 1%: End Your Tax Nightmare With My Help
  13. For the autodidact: Learn More
  14. For the ugly: Look & Feel Great Now.
  15. For those who like to haggle: See all prices
  16. For those looking for love: Reserve Your Date!
  17. For the skeptical: Check Availability & View Packages
  18. For the studious: Enroll Today
  19. For the transcendent: Become a financial advisor / motorcycle mechanic / certified dog groomer
  20. For those with big noses: Pick!

20 Ways to Say "Click Here"If you are currently running your own landing pages, ad campaigns or even a simple newsletter sign up on your site, be sure to put some of these call to action words into your mix and see how they work out for you.

The next time you are writing that killer article and looking link back to your site with a killer keyword that isn’t your anchor text, reflect back to the list above and see what creative and effective combinations you can come up to get users to “click” over to your site.

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  1. Great tips. Thanks for sharing. These are bound to get user's attention.
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  2. Thank you for sharing this with us. To make people click on your website you have to be a little creative an one I like to use a lot so as to entice them to click is get free …… here and it has worked well with me but I wish I had this list before I think I would have had fun with this process.

  3. Thank you for sharing great ideas, I enjoyed this post. I think using other keywords to get more clicks and conversions is key, geared to the right audience of course.
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