253% ROI Facebook Ads Case Study

Written by Zac Johnson
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I’ve always been a big fan of case studies and how people will share their successful ad campaigns once they have died out or already made thousands of dollars from them. Of course this is a no brainer as you would lose money if you did all the hard work in the beginning and then gave it to everyone else to try.

But what the heck… here’s a brand new Facebook ad campaign I’ve been playing around with that has shown some very nice initial numbers and can definitely be scaled and improved big time.

Consider this my free gift to you!

Here’s what you need to know.

The offer is currently available through PeerFly and I will walk you through the process of how to create the same campaign I did. Then you just need to keep tweaking the targeting and ad copy until you find the best winner!

Step 1: Find an Offer to Promote

I’m always looking at different ad networks to see any new offers that pop up. While looking through PeerFly I came across a new dating offer that is geared towards men who play golf. Sounds like a winner to me!


Why is it a winner? It has a decent payout for a free sign up and it’s something unique that I haven’t seen blasted all over the place. It’s also a good one because we can really target into the golf audience with Facebook Ads.

Step 2: Create Your Ad Campaign

Now that we found an offer, we can log into Facebook Ads and create a campaign in a matter of minutes.

Below you will see the campaign I created to quickly test out this ad campaign and below I will explain why this is so important and awesome.

Facebook Ads Golf Campaign

There are two important things to note here.

Ad Copy: You can see my full ad copy and an image that was grabbed for Google Images as an example. The headline says “Need a Golf Buddy?”. The picture and the image itself will gain the attention of any men on Facebook who currently place golf.

Targeting: Just creating a killer ad copy, description and image isn’t enough. Now we need to really hit our target audience… which would be single men who play golf! Bang! It’s done!

You will see there are over 300,000 men on Facebook right now in the US between the ages of 30-50 that play golf and are single. This is a great launching pad for your ad campaign.

Step 3: Track Your Campaign

Once your campaign is live it’s time for you to set low daily budgets and start throwing some traffic to your offers.

I already know this campaign works and make money as you can see my full report below, which was only a few days of testing.

Facebook Ads Case Study

I only ended up spending $17.37 and the campaign did $44.00, which is an AWESOME 253% ROI!

Even if I was to continue with this offer and push it full scale and pull a 30-50% ROI, that would still be amazing and more than enough for most people…. which still shouldn’t be hard for anyone who jumps on this offer right now.

PeerFly Golfmates

Before anyone starts complaining about how this wasn’t a huge test, here are some things you need to consider.

  • I didn’t split test different images, so the click through rate potential is huge
  • There are over 300,000 users who are targeted towards this very offer
  • Expanding your campaigns based on deeper demographics and targeting

Now go take what you learned here and create some winning ad campaigns!

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35 Replies to “253% ROI Facebook Ads Case Study”

  1. Hi Zac,
    That was a really an awesome way to show us how to effectively use and test Facebook Ads Campaign, this can be even used for any other purpose like promoting a blog, business or any product. But to be able to use it to promote an affiliate link that is something unique that I don't think most people would think of. Thanks again.
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  2. Hello 🙂

    How you promote these offers on facebook?
    I think facebook ads doesnt allow direct linking to peerfly affiliate links.

      1. Thanks for your reply zac! But having a redirect on a page isn't a way to get your ads account banned or i am missing something ?

  3. Hi Zac I had a question about this campaign. Are you direct linking from your Peerfly link to the landing page for this Golf Mate offer? I tried putting in the affiliate link I was given by Peerfly and it doesn't accept it in Facebook.

    Did you buy a URL for this and setup forwarding?

    Just can't seem to get it to work with trkur.com URL.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    1. You can create an HTML redirect or possibly use a domain for redirection. Even if you were to create a landing page you should still see nice conversions.

      1. Awesome. Thanks Zac. One more question. Do you buy a domain for every offer you run or use sub domains or folders? And If yes how close does the domain name need to relate to the affiliate offer?

        1. I would test with a page on another domain first, then buy a domain if I was focusing on branding and building out a professional landing page. For the most part the domain name isn't crucial, but might as well go for something related that makes sense.

          1. Thanks Zac.

            I've setup a campaign on a manual CPC of 0.15 cents but its recommending a bid price of $1.50 – $3.50 range. I wonder how you got your CPC at such a cheap rate and still got traffic.
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  4. Awesome post Zac. Our dating campaigns are doing awesome on Facebook for our other publishers and I'm happy to see you saw the same 🙂

  5. Great Post! How the heck did you get the super low suggested bid of 7 -14 cents???? I've run many campaigns around different niches and specific targets, and I've NEVER gotten a suggested bid below 30 cents on Facebook!

    1. This can have something to do with your Facebook Ads account. I've heard that certain accounts will get lower requested rates than others based on their previous spend and campaigns run in the past.

      This still happens most of the time. What you need to do is start with a very low budget and focus on your CTR rate. Your CPC will continue to lower over the next few days. Stick with a low daily budget til it does.

      1. Thanks for that info. I've always started with $200 daily budget for a new campaign. I will try starting one with a smaller one.

  6. So I just set up a FB ad, identical to yours in every way with respect to targeting and I got a suggested bid of $0.82 to $9.67 USD.

    I’m in Canada, and my FB account is Canadian, so I’m wondering if I get much higher suggested bids for the US targets because of my location?? Anyone else try this care to comment on their suggested bids?

    1. Kevin – I have the exact same problem. There is no way I can make a profitable campaign with a suggest CPC of $1.50 to $3.50. That is what I am getting in Canada. I don't think I am going to even get any traffic at all with my bid of manually going for a 0.15 CPC.
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  7. Okay, so now I've set up the same targeting via a US based Facebook account and I do get lower suggested bids of $0.51–$5.92 USD. Much lower than my Canadian account, but still much higher than your suggested bid s. I clearly can't make a profitable campaign with such a large price disadvantage. That is very discouraging!

      1. But no "Sign up here" or "Register now", that's what i meant…Also, how did you get away from telling the dating site's name?

          1. Did my own test campaign with this offer, but used a different ad copy based on the same idea with 10 images…CTR's were alright, same as yours, but got 0 conversions. and my max bid was alot higher…in the 0.60$ (did you started high then lowered it gradually?) So i'm close to the 17$ you spent but not profitable at all not even close lol Not sure how you managed to do that with yours…

  8. go for a high ctr like zac said. start with a low budget and dont bid too high. just bid 25 cents and get a smaller amount of traffic. If the ctr is good, facebook will reward you with more traffic and you can start to lower your bid.
    this is how to get the best results. also, use a highly targeted high converting landing page and your conversions to sales will increase also.then redirect from the lander to the peerfly offer. you should be good.

  9. It is a good offer itself first. The pretty good conversion rate contributes a lot to the high ROI, I think. Since Facebook Ads rejects direct affiliate link so you have to make a landing page as Zac pointed out. How the landing page is like is missing is this article. But it's OK, affiliate marketing itself is a job needs creative minds. Otherwise everyone can use the same tools to make money. Good article for Facebook Ads Users, thank you.
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  10. Great post, Zac. Thanks for sharing. I will send this article to a few people for inspiration!

  11. Honestly this is beyond unhelpful – its counterproductive and leading new affiliates astray. Basically my takeaway from this post is you need to be a big affiliate with special status with FB to get ROI. As a new affiliate, I'd be lucky to get a CPC of 0.40. So my cost would be $55.20 best case scenario and give a negative ROI.

  12. Great Post Zac, I am curious – for this campaign ! Did you send the traffic via Cloaked link directly to your Offer or you've built a Landing Page, which then directed them to the offer ! I think I misunderstood that part !


    1. Except Facebook Ads, which Network/Service do you focus on mainly?
    2. Do you cloak your Links/iFrame your Pages and send them directly to Money Landing Pages, or you use a Squeeze Page, then ask them to Sign Up and as a Thank You Page, you sent the traffic to CPA or whatever offer?
    3. Aside from Peerfly – recommend another CPA Network, that you've had success with ?
    4. Since I've read that many FB Accounts got banned from time to time for any reason – what are you doing as alternative ? How do you create new FB accounts for Ads ( are these accounts with 0 friends , or you add some for evidence ) or maybe you are buying some accounts !
    5. Do you pay your FB monthly Fees via Debit Card or Paypal ?

    Thanks – I appreciate your answers !

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