3 Online Applications for Better Time Management and Productivity

Time is money. The more time you waste, the less you accomplish — it’s simple math. It’s pretty safe to say that the world of online business and marketing is one of the most distracting industries to be in. This is especially true if you are a blogger or someone working from home. Even if you are a salesperson or working within a company, being online all the time offers more distractions that anyone could possibly deal with. Throw social media and email into the mix, and it’s amazing any of us actually get anything done.

The art of spending your time wisely is something that many people just master over time. More often than anything else, it’s all about self-discipline and learning how to just get work done. However, there are some useful tools out there to help with both time management and automating solutions that would otherwise take up your time.

Today I’m going to share three of them with you. Be sure to try each of them out and see how much time you are actually working vs. doing other various things online.

1. Workflowmax Time Tracking

When it comes to making money in business, it’s all about how your time is being spent and what’s getting accomplished. This isn’t true for just entrepreneurs, employees, and brands — it applies equally to everyone but in different ways. For an entrepreneur who works for themselves, they simply need to be working all the time. For a business, they want their employees to be working at full productivity, otherwise, they are wasting money on hourly wages and salary. Even employees (getting paid hourly or on salary) should factor their own productivity into their own personal goals and work ethic as well.

With all of this in mind, the best way to track how much time is being spent on what is to actually track it! WorkflowMax has a time tracking software that can apply to each of the scenarios above, and even for outsourced team members as well. The more you know about your business team and employees, the better you can manage your costs and know who’s actually getting the most work done.

With technology taking over all components of our lives, gone are the days of taking a physical piece of paper to stamp your work time in, then check out when you leave. However, that same concept can be accomplished through the use of this software, which not only monitors time sheets, it can also provide quotes to outside contractors, enable start timers for team projects and also convert submit working times into billable invoices.

Workflow Max starts at just $15 per month and is available on both their web browser platform and mobile application.

2 – MeetEdgar Social Media Scheduling

With social media being a huge component of nearly every business and brand online, it can also be a huge time waster in the process. Sure, you’ve likely logged into Facebook and Twitter several times already today to check something or post a recent content update, but you likely ended up spending some additional time just looking around or getting lost in your friends latest social rants.

As time-consuming as social media can be, just from a management perspective, it can be a huge distraction at the same time. So essentially, the more time you spend away from social media, the more you can actually get done. But what about all of your social media marketing and branding efforts, you ask? Well… there are plenty of automation and scheduling tools out there to help with this process as well.

One such tool that I have been using for a while now is MeetEdgar. Instead of logging into each social network and posting my latest blog content, I can log into my MeetEdgar account and schedule updates to go out whenever I like. Not only is it an amazing platform for scheduling and automation, it also saves me hours of time every week, while also not requiring me to get distracted with more social media exposure than I need. Listen to my interview with Laura Roeder to learn more about the company and how it’s changing the way social media automation is done online.

MeetEdgar currently works with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and rates start at $49 per month.

3 – Remember the Milk Reminder Service

With so much going on in our daily lives and everything we are supposed to get done for our jobs or business… how are we supposed to remember everything? I personally have a notepad and paper next to my computer where I like to write everything down and cross them off as I get things done. I’m old school that way and like the physical interaction and writing down of what tasks I need to complete. Plus it also feels great to actually cross things out and it makes you feel like you are making progress.

While some people like to write things down, others will use their mobile devices and applications to have timers, checklists, and notifications to keep their productivity up throughout the day, while also reminding them of any important tasks they might need to accomplish.

Remember the Milk is a free tool that allows you to easily manage and track everything that you need to accomplish throughout the day — whether it’s for personal use or business. This tool is compatible with mobile devices, desktops, Gmail, outlook and more.

Get More Done by Staying Prepared

As with all things in life, the more prepared you are for anything, the better you will be in accomplishing your goals. The same holds true for your daily productivity and time management. Be sure to try each of the recommended tools above to improve not only your business performance and productivity but also your everyday life in the process.

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