3 Creative Ways to Use Mobile to Grow Your Blog

Is your blog currently in a rut?

Are you looking for that one creative way to massively grow your blog and online business this year?

Look no further, because the answer is here. And as you’ve probably guessed, mobile is that answer.

The rate at which mobile usage is growing every year is stunning, and I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of a few years before mobile internet dominates standard internet usage completely; I know that sounds bold, but I have solid data to back it up.

Mobile Internet is Exploding Now, and You Need to Catch On!

Yeah, mobile internet is really exploding right now.

In the past few years alone, mobile internet has experienced such a huge growth that it has been predicted that mobile internet usage will take over desktop internet usage in 2014. Yes read that again; it means 2 years from now.

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll be surprised to hear that mobile payment firm Square, has experienced a significant growth of over 25% in the past month. That’s a 25% growth in only one month, leading to an additional $1b+ in yearly revenue.

If you reread the above paragraphs, and you try to verify the data they’re linked to, you’ll notice they both have one thing in common: mobile. Both of the above facts prove that mobile is exploding, and right now is the time for bloggers to start venturing into it.

Of course, it wouldn’t be too late tomorrow, but those who capitalize on the opportunity now will reap the rewards forever.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here are 3 creative ways to use mobile to grow your blog today.

1. Create QR Codes for Your Blog, and Start Marketing Your QR Code like Hell

Do you know what the next best thing since mobile is? It’s QR codes!

Fun fact you should know: 14 million mobile users scanned a QR code in June 2011; that’s 14 million people, in only one month, and for a new technology, too. You should expect that number to have doubled now.

What is a QR code?

A QR code, also known as Quick Response code, is a two-dimensional barcode that can be read using smartphones and dedicated reading devices, that link directly to text, URLs, emails, and phone numbers.

In other words, instead of having to remember thelongesturlinthewholewideworld.com, you just have to scan that simple image and you’re taken there. It’s that simple.

QR codes are booming right now, and it works in such a fancy way that everyone with a QR reading device wants to use it.

Create special QR codes for individual pages on your blog, your homepage, and other important aspects of your blog and you just saved your readers a few seconds of their time, which can add up on the long run.

How Can QR codes grow your blog?

QR codes are very popular and fancy, and a good way to expose your blog to a new audience.

A lot of people would probably never care about your blog, but you can get them to care by creating a QR code.

Print your QR codes on paper, give it out to people as flyers, stick it on popular notices and sign boards, and submit it to a QR code directory – that’s one smart way to grow your blog with QR codes!

2. Create the Best Mobile Design, and Distribute it Online

Yep, this is just like creating a very unique theme and submitting it to CSS galleries, other than the fact that themes are pretty much common these days.

Quality mobile designs are rare, and people just go for the generic designs lately. Create the best mobile design you’ve ever seen, and make sure it speaks a lot about your brand.

Create awareness about your mobile design, how you came about the idea, what it took to get it done, and how you plan for it to evolve in the future.

Peers in your industry will see this and blog about it, and some people will even come to you for recommendations about a good designer.

Doing the above alone won’t be enough, so you have to take it further. Once your mobile design is ready, start submitting it to dozens of mobile design galleries, and word will spread from there.

This alone will lead to additional hundreds or thousands of visitors daily, and word will spread from there.

Of course, you might not get the best kind of traffic, but you can expect a few of the visitors you get to stick; hundred additional quality readers to your blog a month for free, just for having a good design doesn’t hurt. Now, does it?

3. Create a Mobile App

Do you know the cool thing about apps? It’s that they can help your business grow exponentially.

iTunes is currently one of the biggest mobile directories in the world today, and the Android marketplace recently surpassed 500,000 downloads in a day.

These are cool opportunities you can capitalize on.

A few dozen additional visitors a day from iTunes wouldn’t hurt, and when you add more to it from the Android and Blackberry marketplaces, it’s only a matter of time before the traffic becomes significant.

Create the best mobile apps that make it easier for your readers to get more of you, submit the apps to iTunes and other app directories, get your readers to use them and rate you highly, and expect huge traffic increases for your blog as a matter of time.

What Do You think of the above Creative Ideas?

Of course, none of these ideas is groundbreaking, but you don’t need groundbreaking ideas to succeed online.

You only need ideas that work. And the ideas above work.

What do you think about the above ideas? Do you have any more mobile ideas that can help your blog grow?

This guest post is written by Paul T.

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  1. Really important points, I think mobile apps are certainly great way to get more exposure of mobile users. Easy and interesting apps can attract large number of mobile users as most of smartphone users like to have fun with their device.

    QR Codes really become boom for mobile users, as you can visit your favorite sites without remembering their large domain names.
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  4. QR codes are real cool. I need to reach as many people as I can . thanks for the ideas.

  5. Mobile applications are really booming. They are said to be the future of internet marketing. A lot of apps today are gaining popularity as well as money to with every redirected link, though sometimes these ads while I play are a bit annoying.

  6. Hi Paul, nice post on mobile.

    But I am wondering about this because for my ecommerce store, we really are not seeing a lot of mobile traffic at all. And that mobile traffic I get from adwords is not converting at all.

    So, I am wondering about your ascertations on mobile just a little. Any further information or thoughts?
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  8. Interesting, but definitely one for the future for my business.
    I like to surf the web on a desktop and i think that most people probably feel the same at the moment, but I'm sure that you are right when you say that mobile marketing is the future.
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  9. is ther any plugin or app which can convert my site to mobile site when a person vidit it from tablet or phone … i want to a free app which can do this … please suggest ..

  10. Mobile apps are already huge and they are just getting started. Estimates but the market around $17 billion this year with the potential to hit $58 billion by 2014. That sounds crazy until you consider that Apple's App Store distributes to 120 countries when you upload your app.
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  11. Great ideas! I just wish that you can give us tips on where to get the best unique responsive theme available.Thank you so much.
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