3 Millionaire Success Stories from Lesser Known Millionaires

When it comes to making money online and helping you discover the opportunity that lies within in the world of entrepreneurship, I’d love to be that inspiration that gets you to take that first step. At the same time, I also realize that ‘online marketing’ or the concept of ‘making money online’ might not be for everyone.

This is exactly what I launched my Rise of the Entrepreneur podcast, to help share success stories from different entrepreneurs around the world — while also helping you discover any new opportunities through such stories and interviews as well.

Keeping with this theme, I thought it would be a fun idea to showcase a few more success stories from different millionaires around the world that you likely haven’t already heard of. Each of these millionaires has their own unique stories, struggles and eventual success which lead them to where they are today.


Sam Ovens Makes Millions Helping Property Managers

Sam Ovens is a 26-year old entrepreneur from Auckland, New Zealand who dropped out of college to ultimately start two successful companies of his own by the age of 24… while also working out of his parent’s garage. Having found success with digital marketing and managing a large ad spend on behalf of his clients, Sam was able to turn that expertise and skill into a successful consulting company of his own.

In addition to his consulting business, Sam is also the CEO and Founder of SnapInspect, a property inspection app that helps property management companies cut costs and better manage their properties.

To learn more about Sam Ovens and what he’s currently working on, be sure to check out this recent article on his wealth building tips for Americans.


Lani Lazzari Finds Financial Success in an Offline World

Lani Lazzari is a great example of someone who was able to make a boat load of money and creating a real business, without thinking about just using the internet or focusing on technology. If the name at all seems familiar, it’s likely because Lani was a participant on the infamous Shark Tank (4th season). At the time, Lani was just 18 years old and made all-natural skin care scrubs for sensitive skin as a hobby until her junior year of high school. It was then that Lazzari decided to take her Simple Sugars business into the Shark Tank and see what would happen.

Long story short, Marc Cuban decided to invest in her business ($100,000 in return for 33% equity) — which generated over $200,000 in sales within just 4 hours of the episode airing on TV. Be sure to read up on her full story and the business is now doing over $3 million in sales per year, while also now having over 700 retail locations across the country.


The 10-Year Old Who Makes $1.3 Million a Year on YouTube

EvanTubeHD is a name you probably haven’t heard of unless you are kid, or parents with children. Nonetheless, he is yet another entrepreneur in the making, who is already raking in millions of dollars per year. Oh, yea… I forgot to mention, he’s still not even a teenager yet — which is a majority component to why he has found so much success online.

Evan is one of the most sought after names on YouTube, and not just by people who are viewing his videos. Big name brands and toy companies would jump at the chance to have one of their products reviews in his online videos, and are willing to pay big bucks to make it happen. However, it’s not just sponsorship money that is making Evan and his family (also his video editors) rich, it’s also the massive subscribers and viewership he has online as well… to the tune of more than 3.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

For a full breakdown on how Evan has been growing his massive following on YouTube and raking in millions in the process, be sure to check out this older article on Business Insider, and this more recent one on DailyMail.

What's Your Story

How Are You Going to Make Millions?

More than anything else, I want you to get inspiration and motivation from the different millionaire success stories above. When selecting each of these profiles, I wanted to make sure each had their own path to success, while also being in their own niche market — some with completely out of the box ideas that went on to become big success stories of their own!

No matter how silly or crazy your business idea might be, you will never know until you put your ideas and plan into action. Be sure to read up on each of these entrepreneurs and implement similar components into your business or brand to help reach that multi-million dollar mark!

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