4 Exciting Ways to Increase Lead Generation with Wishpond

Improving conversion rates, lead gateways and scaling over time are some of the most effective ways to make more money online. It doesn’t matter if you are generating leads for your own web site, blog, business or even through affiliate marketing, focusing on just a few different ways that you can increase volume and conversions can shoot your revenue and profits through the roof. However, for many affiliate marketers, the concept of creating each of these methods and setting up tracking is just way too confusing and overwhelming.

Wishpond is a lead generation tool that makes the process of setting up landing pages, social media contest and lead generation campaigns easy. I last wrote about Wishpond several months ago, and since then, they’ve completely revamped their system, while also improving a lot of what they already had in place as well.

Implement these 4 Wishpond Features in Your Marketing Today

Since we are all trying to figure out new and exciting ways to generate leads and increase conversions and profits, I wanted to highlight five different methods that you could start using with Wishpond today.

Let’s get started!

Create Killer Landing Pages in Minutes

Landing pages are essential for ever site owner and affiliate marketer in the game today. There is simply no better way to market to a general audience and segment out the interested traffic from the rest of the noise? Or even better, how can you take a targeted audience and increase your conversions by showing them the best of what you have to offer?

Yes, landing pages have evolved a lot over the years and there are no more options than ever for how we can create landing pages. In the past it was a lengthy process of designing the images and PSD files in one program, getting them coded into HTML in another and then adding a tracking platform and eventually uploading all of the content and making sure they seamlessly worked together.

In short, it was a huge pain in the butt! Now anyone can create a landing page by simply dragging and dropping different content together to create the ultimate landing page. Not only does Wishpond have the process of creating landing pages available to all of their users, but they also have built in tracking and split testing as well!

Wishpond Landing Page Editor

Once logged into your Wishpond account, it’s as easy as selecting a base template to start working off of, customizing it to your needs and clicking the publish button. Your landing page will then go live (on their site or your own domain) and is ready to start converting your traffic into high quality leads.

Social Media Contest Giveaway

Social networks have completely changed the way we communicate with others around the world. It’s a no-brainer to have a social profile for yourself and your business, but if that’s all you are doing, you are missing out big time.

Through the use of Wishpond, anyone can create killer social media contests that make it easy for anyone to not only enter your content, but also share it with their audience and followers as well. The result, a viral promotion for your site that generates social followers and a powerful mailing list in the process.

Wishpond Facebook Contest

Think your social contest is over when a winner is selected? Wrong! Send out another email to everyone who didn’t win and offer them an opportunity to claim an product or service of their own at a discounted price.

And still… you aren’t done yet! Run another contest in the coming weeks and email all of the entrants who didn’t enter the first time, to come back and enter again!

Split Testing is Your Best Friend

Whether it’s for landing page conversions or measuring how many people are clicking through to enter your social media giveaway, tracking your conversions and implementing split testing is the best way to increase conversions over night.

Split testing works by simply making a few minor changes to your landing page one at a time. Since you already have traffic actively flowing through your site, it’s simply a matter of using Wishpond’s A/B split testing tool to measure what’s working and what isn’t.

Wishpond AB Split Testing

I know there are many site owners and affiliates reading this right now who keep hearing about split testing, but for some reason keep forgetting to implement this function into their existing ad campaigns. If this is you, let me give you an example of how effective split testing can actually be.

Let’s say you have a lead generation campaign getting 100,000 views per month and on your first attempt you are seeing a solid 5% conversion rate. While this might seem great and is already delivering a profit, you could be doing much better. After making a few changes to your headlines, images, form placement and call to action

Automate the Process and Scale

Not many people can make six or seven figures online by themselves. It is possible, but everyone could use a little help here and there. This is mainly due to the limitation of how much an individual can actually get done within a day.

For times like these, automation is key!

A great example of how this automation could work is to setup a mailing system with your landing page that allows you to make follow-ups every few days after a user takes action on your site. This could be anything from welcome emails, surveys, participation in sweepstakes and further lead generation — all leading up to a more engaged lead, which ultimately becomes a new customer or sale.

Wishpond Automation Workflow

Once you’ve found a way to use any of the methods above to increase conversions and drive a profit, it’s time for you to build a sales / lead generation funnel and automate the process. If it worked once, there’s no reason why it should work time and time again. Track your campaign results, target new audiences and scale in different directions to you find profitability again.

Gain Access to Wishpond for Free!

As you can see, Wishpond has some pretty amazing tools and services within their updated platform — and we’ve only scratched the surface.

What’s also exciting to note, is that Wishpond is now available to everyone for free!


As seen in the screenshot above, anyone can now get setup with Wishpond access of their own for free. Once you’ve seen what the powerful tools and features can do for your online business, you can scale your account access in size. All free accounts come with 200 free leads and one user. The basic level (at only $44/m) allows you to scale up to 1,000 lead, and so on.

Take a few minutes of your time to signup for a Wishpond account and see what you are currently missing out on.

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