$400 Logo Design Giveaway from DesignCrowd

Let’s start this post of with one of the most important questions you can ask any web site, business or blog… do you have a logo for your business? If you do, then you are on the right track… if not, then you are missing out on a massive branding tool that could be working for you every single day of your life! I’ve written about the importance of having a killer logo many times on this blog and through a partnership with DesignCrowd, we are going to award one of our readers with a killer $400 logo package to get you and your blog on the right track!

Why You and Your Brand Need a Great Logo Design!

Before we jump into the contest promotion, we should first stress the importance of why you need to have a killer logo design. Even before reading this, I’m sure you took a glance at the designs below. I’m also sure that some of the designs stood out more than others. This is an example of the importance of logo design in itself.

In the world of online marketing you only have a second or two to leave a lasting impression. If you have a great logo design that can tell what your business does and leave an impression in the minds of your viewers, you are getting the job done. If not, then it is definitely time you looked into creating a new logo.

Just think about some of the most famous brands in the world and how their logos speak volumes and some of them don’t even have words on them. Take Apple’s logo for example… it’s become a recognized symbol through out the world for quality, excellence and technology… yet it is just an apple with a bite out of it.

What can a logo do for your business and branding? View some of the current design contests running right now for more ideas and inspiration.

Designing Your Next Logo Through Crowd Sourcing

A growing trend in the design and content creation space is to ditch the one shop design agencies that charge a lot of money and only provide you with a few draft designs to choose from. The new way to get results is through the use of crowd sourcing and creating design contests through sites like DesignCrowd.

The concept is simple… you come up with a design idea (logo, site, tshirts, flyers etc.), write up a few details about your design and company or service, then thousands of designers on the site will get to work on creating new and original designs for you to choose from. (see examples) Instead of having just one design team work on your logo, you will have a whole army of designers and hundreds of drafts to choose from.

Contest Time! Win a $400 Logo Design Package!

As mentioned earlier, we have partnered up with DesignCrowd to offer our readers the chance to walk away with a sweet $400 logo design package! It doesn’t matter if you have a logo already, looking to upgrade to a better design or completely clueless about what logo you should have for your site… you need to enter this excellent promotion!

It’s ridiculously easy to enter, all you need to do is fill out this short form on the DesignCrowd site which is an entry form for ZacJohnson.com readers only, which means you have a really great chance at winning the contest!

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  1. Thanks for the post Zac, we're super excited about this giveaway! We've received a bunch of great entries in the last 12 hours, so enter now for your chance to crowdsource a $400 logo from DesignCrowd.

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  3. Really cool stuff here zac, I use a software called the logo creator, and it works pretty well.
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  4. Its my first visit to your blog, and I am glad I found it. Actually I found this awesome site from basicblogtips.com

    I think this giveaway is really cool, and the prize is good enough for most of the bloggers.
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  5. Entered the giveaway,have been looking for a professional design since a long time.
    And there is some problem with the form,the state part doesn't seem to work.I removed the state part and everything worked flawlessly.

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