5 Creative Ways to Increase Signups with Customer Promotions

Written by Zac Johnson
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Customer promotions, discounts, contests, and giveaways are some of the greatest ways to convert your existing audience into high-quality leads, paying customers and email subscribers. However, as great as each of these methods might be, it might not always be so clear on how to offer such promotions to your audience, while also getting user engagement and conversions in the process.

Good news… I have some great examples to share with you today!

To help with this process, I hand selected five different promotions running across the internet today from various websites, brands and e-commerce stores. Each using a unique promotion of their own to try and pursued their visitors to be more than just another visitor. Check out each of the examples below and see how you might be able to implement a customer promotion of your own.

Join Mailing List for a Discount

One of the easiest ways to grab a conversion is getting someone to join your mailing list. In most cases, all it takes is a simple email submit. At the same time, you can increase conversions by offering something of value to your audience, in exchange for them joining your list. This is something Tommie Copper does extremely well. The majority of products on their site are kinda pricey, but right when you hit their site, you are offered a 25% off coupon just for joining their list. This is a complete no-brainer for the customer, while also providing Tommie Copper with a huge visitor-to-paid-customer conversion rate. This is a must for any type of e-commerce site!

Bonus After Sign up

Living by Atlantic City, I know all about casino promotions and getting the latest coupons and promotions in the mail that offer a free nights stay, a dinner or even a match play bonus if I decide to make a trip down. While these tactics have all been used for many years to get people in their car and staying overnight at local casinos in their area, they are working even more effectively thanks to the power of the internet. You can see a perfect example of this with new site users and how they can claim a welcome bonus when they join Euro Palace casino. From a marketing and business stand point, this is a no-brainer for both the player and the casino. The player receives a bonus, and the only gaming site can track the performance of all players coming from an individual coupon or bonus code.

Share with a Friend and Get Money!

When you are a customer or subscriber to a real product or service, it’s likely that you would want to tell your friends about it. This type of ‘word of mouth’ marketing has worked extremely well for PetFlow — a pet food subscription service. However, it’s not just about customers telling friends and family about the service, it’s also about them being rewarded in the process. Tell a friend about PetFlow through your account (or on their site) and you will get a $10 credit for each referred account after their first purchase. A win-win for both PetFlow, their existing customers and any new customers coming in (as the new customer will also get $10 too)

Amazon Daily Giveaways

I bet you shop at Amazon.com all the time, but I bet you didn’t know they give away thousands of products on their site daily through Amazon Giveaways! Millions of products are listed for sale on Amazon, but they are actually sold by independant parties or brands that are looking for even more promotion. Through Amazon Giveaways, brands can run giveaways that people can ‘tweet and share’ to enter, or even follow a specific brand on Amazon for future updates. For Amazon, it’s a clear winner, as they get engagement on their site while also increasing sales. For the brand, they gain exposure and maybe sell a few more products based off new audiences discovering what they have to offer.

Rewards from Customer Surveys

Let’s face it… we all hate the idea of taking customer surveys, but every once in a while one of them might have an incentive with it that totally makes it worthwhile. It’s not uncommon to find such incentives on nearly all receipts these days — everything from a free burger, fries, discount or coupon on next visit. The incentives are quite great for a few minutes of your time, but the problem is always remembering to bring back the coupon on your next visit. You can see a perfect example of how RiteAid would run such promotions in the past in the screenshot below. It’s a bit of an older example, but the process of rewarding customers for taking a short survey still work extremely well today. The brand not only gets feedback from their customer, they will also likely gain a repeat customer, as they now have an incentive to save on their next purchase.

How to Increase Sales and Revenue with Online Promotions

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to engage with your audience before letting them leave your site and not completing the sale. From running a simple giveaway, contest promotion, freebie offer or even following up after a short survey… it’s all part of the process to build a relationship with your audience and making them feel special. Try each of these methods with your audience and see how much it might increase your existing sales and repeat customers.

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