5 Most Popular Myths About Making Money Online

Make money online is a powerful attraction for many people. However, some are still skeptical about it while others have wrong beliefs. Either way, you are losing your chance to earn your millions just by working on your computer.

If you wonder why many people have become successful in online business, the reason is that they have enough knowledge about it. If you want to be like them, here are some make money online myths you should know to avoid misconceptions.

1. You Need to be an Expert

Some cynical individuals fail to venture into this line of business because they think that to make money online, you have to be an expert. The myth is the primary reason why many are still trapped in financial burden. Remember that the internet offers a wide source of information.

As long as you have the drive to learn, you can become an expert on the area of your interest. By focusing on your field, you can start to make money online. Actually, to earn more profit, you do not have to know everything. Just concentrate on your niche and riches will come flowing to your door.

2. You Need to Quit your Job

Some people fear even trying to join the internet community because of their fear that they will lose time for their job and eventually, it will require them to quit. However, contrary to this belief, you can make money online without having to quit your primary source of income.

You can make additional earnings by simply using your leisure time. Instead of wasting your time watching non-sense on TV or waiting for your spouse to come home, you can turn your free time into productive time by navigating the net to find ways to increase your income.

3. You Need a Huge Capital to Start a Business

Another setback for wannabe online millionaires is the myth that they need a huge capital to start a business on the internet. In land-based businesses, you have to hire employees, rent an office, and pay for the utilities. With the make money online, all you need is your internet connection and your computer, and your business starts to work. Your virtual office is open 24/7 without any employee manning it.

4. Only the Professionals in the Field can Make money

Anyone can join and create an online business. Whatever field you are in, you are welcome to start your venture. You do not have to be somebody to make money online. An ordinary employee and a boss can have the same status when it comes to businesses.

5. Internet Marketing is an Overnight Success

Some people fail in the venture because of the misconception that make money online will turn them from rags to riches overnight. Although it is true that you can earn huge amounts of money with the internet, the earnings come with time. You cannot achieve the financial abundance overnight. If somebody offers you with a quick way to make money online, be extra careful before jumping into the offer. Many fraudulent sites exist and they are waiting for their next victim to come.

Andre Conferido has been in the internet marketing business for over 5 yearsand is also a writer at https://www.carlocab.com.

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  1. Some sound advice. I always get tripped up on #1. I have a hard time taking on projects that I don’t know something about.

    1. Same here. I love seeing where other people are making money and have built up sites. Sometimes I would try and break into the niche and do the same, but just don't have enough passion or knowledge to keep up with it.

  2. It is all about being consistent and have a lot of perseverance to become successful in this industry

  3. I can't agree more. I have been in the business for a while, and have made quite a few zeros. It has definitely not been a get rich experience for me. It has been a tremendous vehicle to get my messages in front of millions, but definitely not a get rick quick.

    If I were 18 and just getting out of high school, I would definitely be moving in this direction now for sure. The sky is still the limit.

    1. It takes forever to build a name and brand for yourself, but once you get there it definitely pays off. It's like starting a company and being in debt forever… then finally going in the black!

  4. in my case i take all the possibilities to where I can possibly earn online.

  5. Another misconception that many people have is that they think they need an original idea to make money online. They think the only way to make it big is to make the next facebook, twitter, google, etc. In reality there is money to be made online in any niche for any size of website. You don't even need a website to make money online with certain strategies.

    1. Definitely! Bank off the success of something already big. How many people are using resource sites and apps for networks like Twitter and MySpace. Still mega money to be made catering to huge networks and site.

  6. It's important to always remember that you should never let your doubts get in your way if you plan to start a business, blog or whatever way you can think of making money online.

    You could say "ah, I don't have the time" but really? There are hours each day that are wasted which could be put toward your goals. It's a crutch for many people, it's easy to fall back on so everyone will nod and agree.

    Surround yourself with others that have the drive as well.

    1. I hate starting projects that I know are going to take a while. I like to rush through things and always see the end goal… but it can't be that way. Running a business online is the same as running one offline. You need to make sure the foundation is right, or nothing will build correctly.

      And you are right. How many hours a day are wasted watching TV or other crap, while you could be focusing on starting something online?

  7. I agree that more people should take caution against "make money in 24 hours" type sites that promise much and deliver nothing. Making money is an ongoing process that is often a slow and steady process.

  8. I know some other bloggers say you can thousands of dollars by only working two hours per day on your blog. Well I think everyone knows that you need to spend way more time when you get rolling.

  9. All of us started with no idea on how to do something in our subject of interest. Just like in school, you have to learn before you can master your degree or course that you have taken. In online world, we just have to do the same thing, w/c is to study, learn more information about the niche that we're interested to. Time will come that we will become experts on the subject that we're interested to. So, we don't need to be an expert, be a professional, to succeed online. All we have to do is to persevere, dedicate our time to learn a lot, and follow the system and copy what successful people have done to become successful.

    Gary David
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  10. It becomes a constant polishing of your place on the Net. It takes a number of trials before you're set in motion.

  11. Great post. A lot of these common myths keep people from giving Affiliate Marketing a shot.

    Number 2 is especially important, because many people can use their free time after work (even an hour or two a night) and start making money online. That's what we discuss over on our blog, Affiliate by Night.

  12. I have a friend who do good in PTR, but He isn't working, but me, i'm working and often i feel don't have time to manage with making money online. Coz takes time to learn the way to how to earn money online. Usually I just managing my own personal blogs.. Thats my situation. Thx can sharing here.
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  13. Any thing that seems to good to be true is to good to be true. To make money you have to be persistent and good at what you do. Then if you do well invest in real estate.

  14. So people should choose making money advice selectively to avoid the myth that hold us back.
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  15. I agree that you don't have to quit your job if you wanted to enter the internet world or earn online. But of course you have to spend sometime and dedicate few hours a day to develop your site. Internet work is also like having a girlfriend, you have to spend time to them in order to grow what you have invested.
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  16. I believe to make money online, first we need to find an trusted advisers or gurus that can show us the right direction and it is a great way to leverage our our mentor's years of experiences.

    The next step to have a goal , plan and then committed to making it happen.
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  17. You are very right for some extent but the story is much bigger than it is explained above. I believe Money Making Online requires some very honest reviews, honest tactics, honest thoughts, honest content, satisfied readers, helps other to get there ultimate aim. Many Many things are there to get your dreams come true.
    Now there are many ways to Make Money. Thing is that you must know which tactics are suitable for your niche marketing.
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