5 Reasons to Hate on Jeremy ShoeMoney this Week!

Let’s face it… if there was one thing the internet and affiliate marketing industry was full of besides money… it would be vanity, jealousy and hate!

Not a day goes by that someone isn’t hating on someone in the industry… whether it’s because they are ripping off affiliates, pushing unethical offers or just making money and your pissed off that you aren’t doing the same.

One of the most hated loved guys out there is Jeremy Schoemaker… better known as SHOEMONEY.

Bring on the haters… Shoe’s got you covered… and he laughing all the way to the bank!

With hundreds of thousands of people reading his site every month, he must be doing something right.

Pick one of the many reasons below why you might be hating on Shoe this week!

The Blog, The Brand… The Shoe!

One of the best ways to get people hating on you is to build a blog and following. For some reason it’s the ultimate form of flattery to hate on bloggers that write about how they make money, even if they are just writing about their day to day business or what’s new on the industry. With over a hundred people always reading the site and another two hundred thousand following him through social networks and his mailing list… he must be doing something right. Want some haters?… start a blog!

ShoeMoney Blog

He’s Got a Big Ass Check!

Yea, we’ve all seen that $100,000 adsense check. What an ego for posting it, right?! Yea… say what you will, but how many people were actually inspired and started to learn how to make money online as a result of seeing that check, then started reading his blog. Jeremy was also the motivation behind posting one of my largest checks as well! Don’t hate… you can still post your ACH and Wire transfers.


Jeremy, The Man… Not the Myth…

Guess what? Lots of people in this industry are jerks and dicks… but you shouldn’t judge anyone based on just their blog or what other people have to say about them until you actually meet them in person. I first met Jeremy several years ago at Affiliate Summit in Florida and have been very good friends with him since. He’s one of the top guys I know and is always willing to lend a helping hand, give a referral or just sit back and relax with the guys.


He Wrote a Book and Tells it Like it Is!

It’s one thing to have a successful blog where you can tell all of your stories or whatever you like, but it’s another to release a real book and be a Top Amazon Seller. It’s not only about releasing the book… it’s about what he wrote in it! Who has the balls to write and share about some of the stuff that he wrote about. Don’t hate on Jeremy because of what he’s done in the past… hate on yourself for not coming up with the idea and implementing it first!

Nothings Changed But My Change

Everything He Touch Turns to Gold

ShoeMoney has the magic touch and is just so damn lucky!… No, it’s not luck… it’s the skill, dedication and life/business lessons to making things work. How did he create AuctionAds, FreeSEOReport, create an authority blog at ShoeMoney.com and now also running an established service through ParProgram?… yea, I guess it is based of luck! Not…

ShoeMoney Companies

If you don’t have any haters… then you aren’t working hard enough.

Quite the bitching and get to work… maybe one day you will have an army of haters for yourself!

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  1. Awesome Article Zac keep up the good job !
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  2. yeah shoemoney always has good stuff on his blog. this is the 2nd time i've clicked on a blog post directed at shoemoney in a negative way in the title only to talk him up as a good guy in the post. i like the approach.. i have to test some of that in copy for my own ads. :p
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  3. He seems to be an inspirational idol. I'll check out his blog.
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  4. Honestly.. i believe that shoemoney it's not providing so much value.. the tools and services he offers are for beginners I think. He is a great guy but I wouldn't buy anything from him.
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  5. Glad I picked the two smartest guys to get newsletters from! Great article, Zac!

  6. Yes I too hate him!
    And you too! Zac 😉

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  7. I hate everyone. lol

    I've been a loyal reading on Shoe's blog and sometimes he get's under mys skin because i'm just the average blogger and he is the rich guy.
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