Written by Zac Johnson
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Launched: October, 2005
Revenue: $12,000 a month

What better way to make money online than to write a blog about making money online? Jeremy Schoemaker, a 33-year-old Web entrepreneur, did just that. The half hour he spends each day writing ShoeMoney attracts 20,000 unique visitors daily, brings in $12,000 a month, and gives him a platform from which to launch his own Web products. His other Web businesses—AuctionAds, which displays ads for live eBay auctions on relevant sites, and, which sells ringtones—are his main ventures; the blog accounts for only 3% of his company’s revenue. Other companies selling to businesses find a ripe audience of aspiring Web entrepreneurs reading ShoeMoney, which consistently ranks among the 100 top blogs on Technorati. Schoemaker had no ads on the blog until January, 2007, and the five spots sell out quickly. “We’ve never had an open advertising spot,” he says. “We have a waiting list.”

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