$5000 in Sponsored Tweets Ad Coupon Codes

I’ve already made hundreds of dollars with Sponsored Tweets. Referred over 500+ new Twitter accounts to their service, and even won a $3000+ vacation to the Dominican Republic. That’s not all… it just keeps getting better… and this time, BETTER FOR YOU!

Last week I was talking with Ted Murphy and he thought it would be a great idea to hold an EXCLUSIVE promotion to only my blog readers. I AGREED! I am now in possession of ONE HUNDRED $50 coupon codes for Sponsored Tweets. These coupon codes expire at the end of the month, and are good for new advertisers to Sponsored Tweets!

Every day for the rest of the month, 7 new coupon codes will be listed on this post page. Like all coupon codes, I’m sure they will go fast, so be sure to visit daily. On the last day of the month, I will also be sending 16 codes to my newsletter subscribers.

How to Activate Your $50 Coupon Code.
1.) Sign up for Sponsored Tweets. (As an advertiser)
(If you do not have an “Advertiser” account, you will need to create one)
2.) Grab a $50 coupon code below.
3.) Setup a tweet campaign and make money!

November 19: 2zdrwnbuzb, tt2mdk8sra, uw3j469358, f997h7k5d7, rnn44j9jd4, 3zt5synzb5, bjzkjm5x3z
November 20: 3zt5synzb5, bjzkjm5x3z, dsxa7m47n3, zjnaumuupn, 6e8e7nu777, yknypb44cx, 3e68rbw5je
November 21: 2jyez6afht, 9t3m77fntm, fnzej7uttz, nbbbmfts3c, b5ykpp9426, rmjwv4fxk7, kar362jtkk
November 22: szkhvnawcm, v9aekam2et, xkrcf359nz, y7ufvrpm92, edwht5v3z6, rzk84vz22f, pyz54rdeav
November 23: abbhcvzakp, fyeymnuk9k, ypyujy7h9e, fj5r43vy5z, a7wssy9wx7, tec4w78v3a, vwkzty9unw
November 24: 97smrab8s2, d7v56e8wy7, 57e7rs4dbm, y8dnvjzjbh, ujped4nnsh, hejzy72xnk, b967k9mk6v
November 25: y97vsvv9d5, 8k2tcxeh3j, hcnz9yp54j, 4x2atk377e, j46nv4cuh4, 44x95y8mkf, 8fa6ww2ph6
November 26: zfpjfekbr2, 2j9m74u2yk, az86s996f4, uzxzytwyjs, dkxcwafwv6, t774tx58hu, f7u7hr8cax
November 27: 2tpfcx6byv, upkm8shu88, brjkjw2w2f, 7xayja34pt, 6m3pkenvs8, fcz89u948h, mmz6zar4wf
November 28: 987jxxduzj, 73y5x6zr7x, e2j6e8jrp3, 5x5b9236mf, 3ykc8asapp, bxtmz8v377, f388sc2bnc
November 29: 4fmcacuw9h, n2zhcw7tte, wm6e6jdzbs, js4z2eyh32, s6r79u4sbf, wwmsy2mb54, aj633f5w6n
November 30: mn58ydy2r3, f4jynmmdvs, r6dxp79xna, d8rhx8y77w, res5pkxsm8, wtynve65mb, z32pn777wz
November 31: uepduj546k, jvdy7ymtr5, 6ywb8aupau, yc62cm33mu, n3vz3w6dzf, dez9d5tjbx, xut23aaxkb

For anyone who hasn’t tried Sponsored Tweets yet, be sure to read over my past articles and case studies.

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Don’t forget to make sure you are on the mailing list to get the extra 16 $50 coupon codes at the end of the month.

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  1. They should have an easy system to be an advertiser and a tweeter at the same time. I tried to login as an advertiser and it only takes me to the tweeter account.

  2. All the coupon codes are used up. There was 3-4 from your Facebook codes that were invalid. Sponsored Tweets needs a better system for the coupon codes. Having to re-enter it all in every time is annoying.

  3. Just some words of advice — if none of the codes work, wait to sign up until the next ones are released.

    I thought for sure, once I signed up as an advertiser there would be another place to enter a coupon code. Nope! So, now I'm signed up, no $50 credit. I should have just waited for Zac to release the next ones to sign up.

    Definitely sign up, just wait until you get a valid coupon code at the sign-up. Don't expect there to be one in the account. FYI.

  4. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-111776" rel="nofollow">@Tim Jones:

    It's tough to find a way to hand out and manage so many coupon codes to a large audience. I'm open to suggestions for the next time around. Unfortunately I can't create a custom coupon code for each specific user… as of now.

  5. After your facebook ad coupons this comes as no surprise to me. Sponsored Tweets are batting on a good wicket here, and I expect all parties to benefit from this promotion. Do heed Tim Jones's advise, and learn from his experience however.

  6. 1 of the codes worked for me. 1st try too … this was a great opportunity for me to test out the SponTwt system now lets see if I can make some free money !!! 🙂

  7. Hey if Reena and Mr. J can't make it, I'm happy to come along to the DR as a guest blogger. Just an idea 😀

  8. Nice contest. I am also running one contest that I and One Theme will give away 5 One Theme V2.0 license + account free for life worth over $5,000.

    I will inform this contest to my readers soon. Thanks

  9. Thanks Zac!

    Just got $50 credited in my advertiser account. Gonna do some experimental promotions this week.

  10. That's amazing. I had no idea you could make so much money with Sponsored Tweets. Nice work.

  11. Thanks for this awesome share. All coupons, it seems to me are expired. I will wait for your update for today and utilise the coupon codes. It’s always good to make some money, isn’t it?

  12. Wow this is a great reward for your readers, I never knew you could make so much money with Sponsored Tweets. Thanks for sharing these coupons.

  13. This is a good marketing effort by you and sponsored tweets. It 's a win, win ,win situation for you, sponsored tweets, and your readers

  14. I wonder if it is really possible to make money with Twitter and sponsored twits in particular… any idea? what kind of ROI can we expect in the end with sponsored twits?

  15. Good job arranging this promotion just for your blog readers. I'm sure lots of people here would be interested in trying out Sponsored Tweets. Personally I have some kind of phobia about trying Twitter.

  16. Coupon codes are everywhere on the net. You can do a search for eBay coupon codes and u'll get a list of sites that collect these codes to share with other people.

  17. Missed the opportunity.. but this was a great idea to improve visitor involvement on your website. Quite creative.

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