$50,000 in NeverBlueAds Earnings

Written by Zac Johnson
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Each month I like to do a little summary report on my money making progress with NeverBlueAds. I’ve even written two FREE pay per click guides (part of my Super Affiliate Guide section) on how to make money using their network (PPC Guide & PPC Dating Guide). I really just started using NeverBlueAds seven months ago. If I was using them previously on my sites and for some ppc campaigns, I would easily be well into the mid six-figures range with the company. However, over the past seven months, I have now earned over $50,000 in commissions using their network. I tell you this not to brag or boast, but to continually motivate you. As a reader of this blog you know I am not trying to sell you products or services, I simply want you to make more money. I am not selling ebooks or tickets to expensive learning seminars, I am writing content like my PPC Guide and my PPC Dating Guide for free, and offering you my stats to backup these statements.

During August and October I was able to pass the $10,000 figure each time. The slight miss in September was due to one of my main revenue generating campaigns being pulled. In exception of September’s slight drop, there has been quite a consistent increase in month over month since I started using NeverBlueAds. This is an always changing business, and you need to be ready to start up fresh with new offers and new ideas to continually make money. Over the past 10 years, I’ve changed markets and niches so many times. Master your markets and niches, but don’t rely on them forever.

So what offers are generating money and how can you start benefiting from my numbers and success. The following campaigns have generated at least $1,000 in commissions. SmileyCentral, MyFunCards, Zwinky and Popular Screensavers. Offers like Webfetti and CursorMania have both produced commissions above $10,000 each. I’m not focusing on promoting these offers through PPC, though I know many successfully are. These offers have been around for well over a year now and enough people are cashing in on them to share the wealth. I’m sure others would say I am shooting myself in the foot by releasing this information, but this is what I do… I want you to succeed!

If you haven’t already, read through my original PPC Guide and my new PPC Dating Guide. After getting an idea on how to make money through PPC marketing, join NeverBlueAds and start promoting some offers. Once you apply, shoot me an email and I can get you approved faster, or will do my best to get you approved should there be any problems. If you have already started to make money off my ppc guides or blog, please send me an email, I would love to hear about your success!

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39 Replies to “$50,000 in NeverBlueAds Earnings”

  1. So question. You do all this without any landing pages? Simply using Google's content network to link directly to the offer?

    After reading your first guide, I did a lot more research on PPC and affiliate marketing…and it seems like everybody was saying landing pages only. I really couldn't find anything else that was linking directly to the offer…but off hand it seems like it would be a lot easier to do so. This way you don't have to spend time creating landing pages, trying to get traffic to them, etc.

    1. Text listings on my content web sites. PPC with Landing Pages and without. Most of the top performing offers I mentioned in this post require a landing page, but they are lower payout offers, so making them profitable is a task, but rewarding once setup.

  2. Dear Zac

    Thanks for a very insightfull blog, its great. A few questions :

    1. How much of the revenue is based on PPC campaigns, and can you state in % on which network thay have been running on?

    2. How much money have you spend on the campaigns (read : whats your profit on it).?

    1. I just started working on PPC recently. I would say 20% of the $50k is from PPC. PPC revenue is usually around the 35-75% profit margin range. All other revenue from placement on my sites is pretty much all profit.

  3. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your success and all this information with us. That is really unique gesture. Not many people would have done that. Thank you!@

  4. hey zac, just came across your website the first time and found your affiliate's guides to ppc marketing very helpful. i love websites like yours that offer high quality content, keep it up!

  5. Damn good job zac. I have been using neverblue for quite a while and I have always loved their service. I just need to get my numbers higher like yours :P.

  6. Pretty impressive figures. I read your two PPC guides yesterday and I’m going to try to apply them on some European affiliate offers.

  7. Man, I feel like a loser … i started with NBA (under your link) last week, got two campaigns going on PPC and have spent like 30 bux (like 150K impressions with 0.1% clicks) with no conversions. I think i've gotta be the worst adwriter ever…..well, i guess gotta try a different campaign. Sheesh!

    1. Yea I've tried and was successful on the first try which was a small test and then when I went to a bigger one and switched companies a little, my conversions went down the drain. Now I'm testing to see if I can get some conversions by placing the ads on my sites without paying for any traffic. If it works well, then I may consider doing it all again by purchasing specific ads with it. You got to learn everything through trial and error I assume with this thing. 🙂

  8. Here is my story. I recently won a few hundred from problogger birthday giveaway. I joined a forum where a guy helps us out get started in PPC. I've only done e-mail/zip submits and recently brought in $125 revenue but spent almost that. I'm just starting.

    I have signed up for NeverBlue but they always call when i'm at work. I need to just stop one day and call them back. They do have word of mouth of being a good network.

    I'd like to hear your other networks that you know of that are good to work with and great.

  9. i bookmarked the aff guide, hopefully can get to it in the next day or so. thanks, zac! and congrats on 50k for neverblueads!

  10. Been with Neverblue for 2 monhs and Ive made 15.00 so I guess I have room to grow

  11. Yeah, thats pretty motivational stuff ZJ ..

    Thanks for touching on the campaigns you used as well; do you do the landing pages yourself? Or to jazz them up do you get pro help in?


  12. It was amazing how you pull through almost every month with 10k of earnings, it is amazing to hear all these from you, $50 grand! Cheers!

  13. Zac,

    Your numbers are quite inspirational. I really like how not sleazy your blog is too. So many make money bloggers are like reading a blog at a used car lot. Not you!

  14. Congrats and keep it man. I am very interested in affiliate marketing. Once I am done with school, I will definitely want your help and any help will be appreciated 🙂

  15. I have been using neverblueads from July but started promoting their offers recently. After reading your blog posts about neverblue I gain a lot of confidence in their offers. Congrats on your achievement in such a short period.

  16. Zac,

    I have a couple of questions if you don't mind.

    1) You have mentioned ads in Google Content Network, PPC on Google Search, and also content links on site you own. For someone new where do you recommend they first focus their advertising effort?

    2) While advertising in the Content Network I saw lots of impression but zero clicks. When do you consider an ad in Google Content Network a failure? 1000 impressions, no click, 2000 impressions, etc ??.

    As always you provide valuable information and great motivational example. Thank you very much for that, we all appreciate it.


  17. I have just started using neverblueads because of your statements you made about them. I however have struggled to make much money. Would you say it is better to start a PPC campaign versus just promoting them on blogs?

  18. Are you promoting adware? Somehow SmileyCentral, Popular Screensaver contain an adware when download and install it. You can search at google about it.

  19. Excellent cash money! Looks like your out there crushing some real jing yourself. Keep up the awesome work.

  20. was wondering how can you help speed up process for joining neverblues, been a few days now and still no response from them.

  21. lol funny soon as i put up post about the the dalay on joing neveblues the called me so disregard ealier post thank you.

  22. This is a great blog. I'm impressed. I'm going to check out the company and see what they are all about. I've been waiting for months for Clickbank to approve my product.

  23. You are NOT helping us out, you are just TEASING us. You refer to PPC guide that you wrote then you tell that most of the 50k came from ads that you put on your sites, not from ppc. People will read your post , will spent a ton of money on PPC and will not make any return. SHAME!

  24. That is amazing. I myself have had very little luck with Neverblue. I can run a HydraNetwork ad on the front page of a site and make a couple hundred in a month and then switch to an almost exact ad with Neverblue and make less than $100.

    <abbr>Steve’s last blog post..RB Carlos Hyde to Sit in 2009</abbr>

  25. Excellent stuff from you, man. I’ve read your things before and you are just too awesome. I adore what you have got right here. You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart.This is truly a great blog thanks for sharing

  26. i bookmarked the aff guide, hopefully can get to it in the next day or so. thanks, zac! and congrats on 50k for neverblueads!

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