6 Free Tools for Advanced Affiliate Marketers

When it comes to advanced affiliate marketing there are some tools and services you can use without having to shell out big bucks. If you want to do things like check how many backlinks you have, find out what page rank your site is or see if that new article you wrote is enough characters for a directory submission then you might be glad to know there are a lot of great free online tools to help you. Advanced affiliate marketing doesn’t mean you have to shell out a lot of money to use premium tools and online services. There are plenty of great free tools available that make analyzing, optimizing and marketing all much easier and more efficient.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 free tools for advanced affiliate marketing.

1. Pingler.com and Pingomatic.com – These two websites are great for getting your content or new websites indexed quickly. Just made a new blog post or launch a new site? Ping it! Using both of these ping services you can alert blogs and the search engines of recently updated or released content which will not only speed up your index time but possibly give you a chance at drawing in some additional traffic.

2. SEO Toolbar – This toolbar is actually a plug-in for the popular internet browser Firefox. It only takes a few minutes to install and get up running but using this tool you can easily and accurately judge your competition and see what you’re really up against by analyzing their backlinks, PR and many other factors including dmoz listings. This utility is completely free and has a huge following amongst SEOs.

3. Tracking202.com – For any advanced affiliate marketer who does pay per click advertising or wants to track his or her traffic and conversions, this is the way to go. This service is completely free to use and it is extremely powerful. You can track PPC campaigns on a wide array of networks and easily track conversions and ROI with a just a short amount of set-up time. There are great free videos on the website on how to get started and setting up your account to track your sales.

4. Google Alerts – This is a great free tool that many people don’t take advantage of. If you’re a product creator or market under your own name setting up daily, weekly or monthly Google alerts is a great way to find out what people are saying about you. If you’ve got a product you launched you can monitor what people are saying about it and see if it gets posted to any pirating sites. If you’re trying to brand your own name or distribute content keep a Google alert set up to see when new content gets indexed.

5. Affilorama Free Tools — Free Affiliate Marketing Tools include a portfolio of unrestricted, free-to-use affiliate marketing tools to research, and automate tasks. This suite includes a URL Redirect tool, Domain Locator, Clickbank Earnings Calculator and a Word to PDF convertor.

6. Traffic Travis – A great free SEO tool to use is Traffic Travis. This free tool was rated on Cnet.com with 4.5 out of 5 stars and is an excellent free alternative to other expensive SEO programs. This software will give you a good idea of the search volume certain keywords get in each search engine (Google, Yahoo!, MSN) and will generate as many keywords as you like from your “seed keyword”. The software is completely free to download and use and is one of the better free keyword research tools online.

7. How to Start a Blog – This comprehensive guide is for anyone who is still sitting on the sidelines and waiting to actually launch a blog of their own. With a blog you start testing content creation, affiliate marketing and even building out a site to help grow your branding and exposure. This in-depth guide walks through the process of how to start a blog of your own in literally less than 5 mins.

This post was written by Jason Acidre, a Marketing Consultant for Affilorama, an affiliate marketing portal. They provide affiliate marketing education and advanced affiliate marketing tools for beginning and advance affiliates.

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  1. Awesome! The informations you provide on this site have helped me tremendously. Your blog is one of the most wonderful places to visit, great artciles man.

  2. Thanks for sharing Zac. I'm already using google alerts and pingomatic. Those two services are really helping me a lot. I'll definitely check out the other tools and services you mentioned in your post.



  3. There are a lot of excellent scripts and tools available to affiliate partners, these range from products that help you keep an eye on your earnings, through to those that help you create links and develop keyword strategies.

  4. Thanks for your ever good advice, has already earned me quite a few hundred thousand dollars over the last few years …

  5. SEO Toolbar is probably the most important and fastest way to gauge the value of your website instantly without doing any extra clicking. Be sure to install it and set the options to display text instead of bars [instant visual comprehension, though the green bars look awesome!].

    Sign up for your Google Alerts: probably no better way at this moment to figure out when certain keywords or your site gets listed or mentioned in the Google database than an alter system by Google itself.

  6. That's some great tools you've got for us. I used some of them and yes they are really useful. Well it just goes to show that not all quality tools have to be paid for.

  7. I have yet to use the SEO Toolbar but I find that Tracking202 to be well worth the time to download and configure. I'll also give Traffic Travis a try – thanks for the heads up!

  8. @Email Marketing Blog:

    The SEO Toolbar from SEO Book was chosen as part of our best SEO toolbar reviews article because it gives you easy access to SEO resources and market research tools to analyse your competitor’s websites. It is a free download and is seamlessly integrated with your Firefox browser.

  9. I subscribe to a service that will rate keywords for Google Adsense difficulty and income potential. Currently I use the Google Keyword tool to find keywords but it tops out at 200. So Traffic Travis might be helpful if it can export to Excel in the right format.

  10. Hi Zac

    Traffic Travis from Affilorama is a great tool for SEO research from keywords to PPC, site backlinks, keyword analysis etc and it's free.

  11. Google Alerts is really good at finding out what people are saying about your site. Some tools there i haven't heard of so will check them out now.

  12. Actually, I love tracking202 not because of it is free but alsi it is a great tool for any affiliate marketer. Pingler is also good and I would recommend two of them. Thanks

  13. Google alerts seems to be a MUST for me that help me get updated to any selected keywords and pigler help me ping all updates to inform SEs and tracking202 must be the one I should try sooner. Thanks for listing out all of these useful tools.

  14. I like Google Alert but thank for sharing the information about other great Tools

  15. Thanks for this article. I'd not heard of Traffic Travis before. Great tool. I've written an article on my own blog and linked back to this article for my own readers to find it. They are all people looking to break into affiliate marketing and I think this will really help. Thanks.
    My recent post Become a super affiliate with some great free tools #yesplease

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