6 Steps To Learn Internet Marketing And Earn BIG Profit

Do you want to earn BIG profit online?

How can you learn internet marketing especially now that the competition is too fierce?

The thought of starting a website might send Goose bumps into your spine, because already, there are millions of websites everywhere. What’s the guarantee that you’re going to ever make money with yours?

I want to let you know that the mindset of an internet marketer is expected to be different from an offline entrepreneur.

Because on the internet, the way you’ll market your products and services will be quite different, since your ideal customers don’t even know your office – you’re just like a stranger and who knows what you’re up to.

You’ve got to prove to them that you’re real and humane.

When I started internet marketing, it was damn difficult for me to convince people that I was real. But today, it’s a lot different. If I succeeded, you too can.

If you’re a student, an educationist, an entrepreneur or someone who aspires to build a profitable online venture, the 6 steps below can help you earn BIG income.

Without a doubt, if you take action after reading this, your life will experience a surge of success. It’s a guarantee!

1. Don’t set a bogus goal

What are Your Goals?When I started my first website to promote affiliate offers, I didn’t know the power of setting realistic goals. The word “bogus” according to the Encarta Dictionaries means “fake or deceitful.”

The way to learn internet marketing and become a master at it is when you can predict your outcome. In other words, you must know where you’re heading to.

If you ever think you’d earn $10,000 in the first month of starting your website – that may just be your obstacle to success. Because when you fail to realize that gigantic goal, you’d complain and feel dejected.

Don’t try to outrank competitors in your niche within a month, because you might never succeed. If you can’t predict your success within a specified period, then your goal is bogus; fake and must be fixed immediately.

Instead of setting a goal to earn $10k this month, why not work at earning $1000 – $2000 first? This way, you can develop the confidence to embark on a higher goal, which requires more muscles.

2. Mind your own business

Mind Your Own BusinessIf you don’t mind your own business, someone else would control your life. This is the reality and one of the reasons why so many bloggers and internet marketers don’t make a living online – even when they have good plans in place.

You see, Mark Zuckerburg is a wise entrepreneur. He’s minding his own business and using Facebook to garner millions of people who want free stuff.

Yes, you should use Facebook and other social media networks to reach out to your ideal customers, but don’t go overboard.

A friend of mine who started his online business is emotionally attached to his facebook friends.

The negative effect of this is that he barely earns above $200 every month from his online businesses. The time he’s supposed to write informative guest posts and optimize for Google rankings, he’s busy chatting and adding new friends.

That’s what social media addiction is – it’s a killer. As you go about with your online business, be wise with social media. Mind your own business because your website is the first social media platform ever – don’t abandon your primary asset and go after liabilities.

3. Choose a simple platform

Blogging PlatformsGetting a website is one of the ways you can actually leverage the power of the internet to start an online business. But which platform should you use? There are a host of them – Joomla, Drupal, WordPress.org, wordpress.com, blogger.com etc.

From my personal experience, I think wordpress.org is the best and most simple platform to house your online business asset.

Other CMS either requires that you become technically inclined or get some competent hands to help you design the website.

But with wordpress.org, I can run you through the set up process just once and if your brain is still active; you’ll be able to do it yourself. I know for sure because no one taught me how to install wordpress. I learned through trial and error.

Note: When I say wordpress.org, that wasn’t a mistake because .org is where the software you can install for your blog is, while wordpress.com is the free blogging platform where you can get a sub-domain to run your business.

With the latter, you may not need to buy a domain name. It sounds too easy right, which is why you MUST go for wordpress.org.

Now this is simple to use, flexible and you’ll be in total control of your online business. You’ll take responsibility for success or failure. Just be simple and smart.

4. Start a lifestyle website

Creating a Professional Looking SiteIn this context, “lifestyle” simply means passion. What you enjoy doing at your leisure. What you can do even if you’re not paid to do it. The truth is that without passion for what you chose to do, you’ll not go far.

Sure, I’ve seen people who have achieved a bit of success online doing what they hate, because they outsourced the tasks. But you’ll be on the winning team if you truly dwell on your strength – your passion spots.

When I was in college, I started my first website to help fellow students globally to get started with online marketing. Learn more at learnabouttheweb.com.

And it was a huge success. But it didn’t happen by accident. I had a strong passion to transform the academic system, and targeting the students happened to be my best shot.

If you love teaching, then starting a website where you can share practicable ideas and tips would bring you much success.

5. Find a pressing need and meet it

The Truth About Making Money OnlineAt this juncture, the next step is to find a need that’s pressing and challenge you to meet it. It doesn’t matter the niche you decide to venture into, you MUST be able to provide solutions to a problem.

More so, it could be a challenge that people are passing through. Remember, you should also have interest in the field – so that you can excel when tough times come.

As Robert Schuller rightly quoted in his book that, “tough times don’t last but tough people do.”

As you go to bed, think of ways to add flavor to the life of your target audience. Don’t forget that these people are human beings with blood gushing down their veins. Even if you’ve not seen any of them face to face, it really doesn’t change anything.

You still need to meet their needs. And as you do this, you’ve to be entertaining and educative at the same time.

Nobody wants to get answers to their questions in a boring state. Be lively. Use humor if you can and tell emotional stories in order to captivate your audience.

A vital part of meeting a need is recommending helpful products and services to your target audience. As a start up entrepreneur, affiliate marketing is the best way to go. But later on, launching your own digital product will be great.

6. Adopt a quality customer service

Brand IdentityIf you desire to make money and build a strong brand online, in your own business, then you must treat your ideal customers correctly.

Amazon is known for their great customer service. The first time I purchased an item and didn’t get it within the specified period, I quickly contacted them and got a favorable feedback. I was happy.

That’s the reason why millions of people love to shop with them. No matter what happens to you, don’t ever transfer your greed or anger unto your fans, blog readers and prospects.

They’re your truest asset and if you take care of them, you’re guaranteed success today, and tomorrow.

Respond to every email you receive. When someone visits your website and ask any question, even if it’s irrelevant and stupid, don’t bury your face.

Rise up to the occasion and fill the gap – answer the question with a smile on your face, because you may not know who the prospect is – and how INFLUENTIAL he or she is in the online space. A single tweet from them could net you millions of dollars.

Time for you to act

But before you take action, have you been trying to build a lifestyle business that can generate income for you, and help you reach a hungry target audience?

If you answered yes to that question, click here to build your business.

Internet marketing is the only solution to your financial woes. Don’t trade your joy at someone else’s company. It’s time to mind your own business & build that web presence where your ideal customers can find you easily with their money.

What do you like most about internet marketing? Please share your insight in the box below. See you at the top!

This post was written by Michael Chibuzor.

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  1. Mike, I think that success is very connected to the attention one gives to his/her customers. If you have one satisfied customer, he will serve as your promoter to other people and you wont have to pay a dime. I think this is the cheapest way of advertising and I also think that a satisfied customer brings more customers. On the other hand, one dissatisfied customer will tell at least 7 other people about the poor services you get, so the negative publicity has an even worse effect than the positive one…What do you think?

  2. Nice tips. I like how you put setting realistic goals first on the list, because that's many newbies first and last problem. Rather than setting the initial goal as low as possible so they can experience success right away, and new levels of success each step of the way, they set the goal at a height that's impossible to reach and the first thing they experience is failure. And for many of them that's all it takes to give up. This is a good article. I hope many internet babies taking their first entrepreneurial steps find it before they try to walk to far. Good job Michael. 🙂

  3. you shared with us great ways to make lots of money online brother
    thanks a lot for sharing
    have a cool day 😀
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  4. Thank you for this educative post. I quite agree with you, passion in whatever you are doing is one of your driver to success. I could remember when I started as a web designer, it was tough because I don`t get client all the time but my passion for the job kept me going. I started designing free for some people and from there, things started happening. I started having connections every where, people I designed for started recommending me to others.

    I want to use use this medium to say that I love you and Internet marketing…I want to start marketing online and as you said the best way is to start as affiliate marketer. I have so many information already but I want to know how to start right.
    Thanks for sharing.
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    1. Yes, affiliate marketing is the easiest way to start generating income online, if you're a beginner. Even experts like to earn commissions – and bypass the stress of product creation.

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