7 Effective Ways To Build Strong Backlinks For Your Affiliate Blog

So you want to build strong backlinks easily?

First, congratulations to all those affiliate marketers who are making a living from this business model. And for those who are still hustling to make few sales per week, I’m here to clear the stumps off your path. After reading this post, every of your niche affiliate blogs would receive a push and start bringing the required cash you need.

You need to know the importance of ranking on Google top 10. When you finally attain a high ranking on major search engines, even the crappiest sales copy will sell like hot cakes. I’m an affiliate marketer and I know how targeted traffic affects sales.

I’ve been reading Zac Johnson’s blog for over 6 months and he’s a strong advocate to affiliate marketing especially cost per lead. In line with this, I want to share 7 smart & effective ways to build quality and strong backlinks. I want to lighten up your link building knowledge a bit and give you the master-plan for successful niche domination. Enjoy it…

1. Savvy Comment Strategy

Do you know that placing comments on a blog post is one of the best ways to get quality backlinks? Alright, I’ll tell you why. What Google is seeking for is engagement; active blogs and sites where readers come and get relaxed. When you comment on such blogs, your link will be attributed with relevance and quality. It means you’re contributing to the well-being of readers (Google’s #1 goal).

But how do you make your comments savvy in order to add link-juice to it? It’s very simple but unusual. You need to research do follow blogs in your niche, subscribe to their RSS feeds via email and get alerted when new posts are up. Then head over to these blogs, read through the post and be the first to comment. That’s not all…

When commenting, add creativity into it. Since you’re the first to comment, make it a bit interactive so that other commentators can reply to it. The more active your comment is, the more relevance your links would be – give it a shot and share your experience.

2. Link-Wheel Strategy

I find this an advanced topic in link building. But specifically, it talks about link-wheels. You know how a wheel works – it revolves around a hub. If you visit most manufacturing companies, you’ll notice how wheels work to produce a circular motion while strengthening the hub.

That’s how powerful a link-wheel is. If you want your affiliate niche blogs to be ‘firm’ on major search engines without getting bugged by Google panda updates and competing web pages, you need to create a link wheel.

You start by creating an epic content around your primary keyword. For instance, if you’re into web hosting, create a detailed article (800 – 5000 word counts) with that keyword on the title and make it original.

Then start linking to this web page with guest posts, article marketing social media etc. At the end of the day, connect your first linking site to the last and you’ll create a strong link-wheel system.

3. RSS Feeds Syndication

How about creating a fresh article and have 10s of links pointing to it from authority networks instantly? That’s the power of RSS Feeds syndication. But before this can work for your blogs, you need to set it up.

If you search Google for Feed aggregators, you’ll get thousands of them. Now, spend time on these feed sites. Submit your web page links manually and if you’ve huge budget outlay, get a premium service and have software do it for you.

Within 24 hours, you could have 100 authority and high PR sites linking back to you. Each time you create a new blog post or product review, you’ll automatically generate 100s backlinks to it on autopilot.

As others (affiliate marketers and bloggers) struggle to build few quality backlinks, you would be ranking on Google top 10 already. I’ve been using this strategy since 2009, it’s never failed me – I’m sure you know what to do!

4. Guest Blogging Contest Strategy

Are you a blogger or aspiring entrepreneur?

You must have seen the rich gossip flying around the web about guest blogging and how powerful it is. If you ask me, I think guest blogging is the #1 promotional system for bloggers. However, what I’m after is what happens to your contents to make the link strong and relevant.

A lot of people entered guest blogging contest because of the monetary gains. Yes, its part of it, but the last contest I participated in brought me over $700 in affiliate sales. Even though I didn’t win the $250, I still was able to build relevant backlinks with it.

The concept behind writing contest is simple. You’ll invite your readers and encourage them to promote your post. Why? You’re looking for extra points because it’s a determining factor to winning.

The higher your points the higher your chances of winning – imagine if 100 bloggers with 1000 facebook fans each and RSS readers share your contents willingly. That’s about 100 quality links to your affiliate blogs. Wow, wonderful isn’t it?

5. Twisted Article Marketing Strategy

You don’t need any fortune teller to tell you that traditional article marketing is dead. Yes, it is. I wrote over 914 articles and published on article directories. When Google updates started rolling out mightily, my friendly directories were buried along with my articles and links.

Suddenly, I no longer get traffic to my affiliate blogs and sales started demeaning.

But there is a better way to do article marketing in this 21st century. Instead of writing and syndicating valuable contents on these directories where your links carry little or no SEO juice, contact active blog owners and contribute.

You can call it guest posting, but I like to call it ‘twisted article marketing’ because guest posting is an arm of article marketing.

They both make use of contents; article, video, podcasts to promote a particular product or web page. So, start linking back from niche sites and blogs in your market. Use Google to find plenty of them – write quality and evergreen irresistible contents and link back to your affiliate blog.

6. Web 2.0 Contextual Linking Strategy

There was a time when web 2.0 sites were popular and everyone was using them to build backlinks. But after Google smashed a lot of them, people emigrated to other link building systems and left web 2.0 to perish.

But can I tell you something? You can still build relevant links from squidoo.com, hubpages.com and tumblr.com provided the link appears right on the article body. We call this “contextual links” because it helps the reader understand the meaning of certain words and phrases used in a given article.

However, when linking from web 2.0 sites, ensure you naturally link to your inner pages.

Don’t try to squeeze in anchor links, do it as if the reader asked for it. What matters on the internet is the satisfaction your readers derive from your contents and that’s why several sites lost their ranking because they don’t satisfy readers.

One good thing about web 2.0 sites is that you can sell your products direct to active users and also boost your top 10 ranking on major search engines, where your major sales would come. Will you use this strategy to improve your affiliate blogs or…?

7. Create A Linkable Content

Why chase backlinks manually when you can trigger it to come?

In your affiliate blog, you should create some epic contents. This type of content must be valuable, helpful and slightly controversial. You’ve to visualize what other bloggers and affiliate marketers are looking for right now, and what they would desperately need in the future.

Research your topic in and out and craft an irresistible content. Just like the post you’re reading now, I’m sure a lot of people will reference to it in the future. Why? It’s valuable, helpful and detailed – no other link building system has been defined in such clear way.

People will gladly link back to your page if you satisfy them. They’ll share on social media networks and send to their email subscribers with a “refer a friend” link. Your link would go viral quickly, enhancing your SEO ranking performance and generating affiliate sales ultimately.

Link Building Quote:

I prefer 10 backlinks that are news worthy and linkable than 100 dormant backlinks
– Michael Chibuzor

So, when you build backlinks, aim for authority, relevant and news related sites. The reason is simple, search engine spider visit these portals often and your links would be rewarded consistently. I hope you’ve enjoyed and ready to take action. I’ve three words for you – GO TO WORK!

This guest post was written by Michael Chibuzor who specializes in link building services. Also learn SEO content writing in his blog and improve your top 10 ranking.

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