7 Examples of How to Properly Brand a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is all about connectivity and engagement. When it comes to keeping in contact with your blog audience through a social platform, Facebook is one of the best out there. Every website, blog or brand should have a Facebook Fan Page in place to keep the conversation going on social media after the audience leaves your site.

However, creating a Facebook Fan Page simply isn’t enough. You also need to make sure the content is flowing and that you are providing value to your audience in the process. With millions of Fan Pages actively being subscribed to on Facebook, it won’t be an easy mission to stand out from the crowd.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is through the use of custom profile images and backgrounds. If you want to get the most out of your Fan Page, keep the branding aspect similar to what your audience already knows from your website or blog. For example, the profile picture should be your face, name or logo — as this is what followers will see when new updates appear in their feed. The background of your Fan Page can also play an important role in this process, as it can pull at different emotions with your audience.

To help with this process, I’ve selected seven different Facebook Fan Pages from top websites, brands and businesses around the world. Take a look at how each of these brands are using Facebook to grow their brand exposure and reach, while also thinking about how you can do the same.

Old Navy Fan Page

As one of the most famous clothing stores in the world today, Old Navy has built up quite a brand and business for themselves, while also amassing nearly 10 million fans. Old Navy has a perfect profile image on their Facebook Page, as it shows their logo and color that everyone is familiar with. The background is super clean and simple — a woman and man in fashionable clothing. Clean look for a professional brand.

Dove Press Fan Page

Nearly everyone has a Facebook Page these days, from well known-consumer brands to cutting edge publishing companies. Dove Press is a perfect example of this, as they offer open access to scientific and medical research through their website. Through their Fan Page they have a profile picture that clearly showcases their name, while also accepting reviews from their audiences. The background photo blends in with the site perfectly as well, which is a DNA strand if you couldn’t figure it out the first time around — something their medical audience would love!

Blogging Tips Fan Page

Running multiple website and blogs is always a never ending task. To help with this process, I like to make sure all of my sites have their own Facebook Fan Pages, while also making sure they are properly branded in the process. Below you will see my Fan Page for Blogging Tips, which has a profile image that really pops off the page and a background photo that brands the site, as well as my Zac Johnson toon logo.

Tony Robbins Fan Page

As one of the most well-known motivational speakers in the world today, Tony Robbins should have a great Facebook Fan Page to go along with it. His face is the perfect use for his Fan Page image, as it will appear clearly in all status updates and user feeds. When it comes to background photos, Tony does this extremely well — as it’s basically just free promotion for his next sell-out event.

Coca-Cola Fan Page

It’s hard to find any brands in the world that are more well-known than Coca-Cola. It’s actually come to their point where their commercials and branding are just people having fun and holding a Coke in their hands. The profile photo is perfect as it’s their brand red and white colors, and it will stand out whenever appearing in status updates. For a background, just another fun photo of people enjoying life with friends and a Coca-cola. Also, don’t forget to notice that the Fan Page will soon hit the 100 million fan mark!

Microsoft Fan Page

When you think of Microsoft, you definitely think about computers, software and their famous windows logo. Of all the brands on the list, I think Microsoft’s logo fits most perfectly in the profile image spot. You will also notice the background image isn’t so much about computers or technology… but instead a business using a tablet to track their inventory. This is all part of the new marketing and re-branding for Microsoft and trying to hit businesses and audiences of all sizes with changing technology and business in the world today.

Toys R Us Fan Page

What was your favorite place to go and pick up a new toy when you were a kid? For most of us, it was Toys R Us. The branding of their Facebook Fan Page is perfect. They have a longer logo name, so instead of squeezing it into the profile box, they simply made it look like it all fell together — which is great! At the same time, they are also using their background image to display some of the latest toys and upcoming holiday promotions.

How are Others Seeing Your Brand on Facebook?

With nearly 2 billion active users on Facebook, it’s still one of the best platforms for reach new audiences and building a community outside of your site. After looking through the list of brands, personalities, and websites above… are you doing everything you can to perfectly brand yourself on Facebook?

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