7 Killer Ways to Promote Winning ClickBank Products

It’s no secret that some of the best affiliate offers to promote are available through ClickBank. It’s no wonder they’ve paid out BILLIONS of dollars to affiliates thanks to their digital market place.

I even wrote a post a couple months about how the top gravity products on ClickBank and what they all have in common…. videos of course!

Videos sell like crazy! We are living in a new world and video interacts with your audience like never before… and who really wants to read a few thousands words on a long sales page anyway!

Learn How to Use the iPad

There’s a new iPad product on ClickBank that is sure to do extremely well and more people are getting iPads every day and simple don’t know how to make the most out of them. The concept of this product is to discover how cool the iPad really is by viewing step by step video tutorials. The cost is $77 and the payout to the affiliate is 75%.

But more important than the product is the many different ways you can create content and promote items that are on Clickbank.

Here’s a killer list of 10 different ways you can start pushing ClickBank products.

For example sake we will use the new iPad offer that we mentioned above.

Display Advertising & Media Buying

Media BuyingOnline advertising is always going to be one of the best ways to push traffic and big volume to your ad campaigns. Whether you are buying regular banner ads or pop unders… it’s all about making media buying work for you. If you were going to promote an iPad related offer, it would be best to see if you can buy private ads on Apple/Tech forums and “tips” web sites and blogs because you know the majority of people on these sites and seeing your ads will have Apple related products.

PPC Ads Including Google Adwords &Bing

Pay Per Click MarketingHow many killer resources can we cover in one section of pay per click related advertising? Imagine how many people head to the search engines to find answers about their iPad every single day. The numbers are mind blowing and they range heavily from what type of charger they can use, best apps to download, syncing with computers and so much more. You can target all of these keywords on a pay per click basis or go after them organically with long tail keywords.

Social Advertising with Facebook Ads

Facebook AdsIf you wanted to get right into the audience of users who love Apple and are interested in “iPad” there might be no better way then through Facebook Ads. Instead of hoping to target the right audience, you can create ad campaigns within Facebook that allow your ads only to be seen by people that have “Apple” and “iPad” as their actual interests! You can be sure you will get plenty of clicks and high click through rates from those campaigns.

Email Marketing & Solo Ads

Email MarketingMailing lists are always going to be one of the best ways to get immediate results and drive high volume. If you aren’t currently building out your own list, you can always do direct mailings through other web sites that have an Apple and iPad following. Not all web sites offer solo mailings and advertising to their mailing lists, but you may be able to sponsor a content and or a fun promotion with the site. Always contact the site owner to see what options are available.

YouTube Videos & Ads

YouTube Video MarketingWay too many forget the real marketing and buying power of YouTube. Stop thinking about how to create a viral video that will send millions of un-targeted users to your site. Instead focus your efforts on how you can create quality niche videos that rank well and target people who are in buying mode. If someone is searching for a video on “how to restore iPad” and you have a video to do it… you can be sure they are going to watch it. See if you can start creating videos based around a product you are building and promoting… provide a solution and you will have a limitless amount of potential customers.

Blog & Reviews Sites

Target Audience

How many times have you searched for a product or service in the search engines and then came across organic listings saying “product name review” or “product name sucks! don’t buy”… these are some of the best ways to make money by calling action to niche review sites. When people are searching for reviews and info on products they are already in buying mode and all you need to do is convince them and give them what they need, along with your affiliate link to complete the transaction.

Press Releases

Press ReleaseAnother under utilized method of promotion is through press releases. If you need to get your news out there and links all over the place, a press release can be a great way to do this. If there is going to be big buzz about a new product or software launching, create a press release about it and include your affiliate or site link. Another great piece of advice is to make sure your press release caters to news that is currently going on in the industry you are looking to get attention on. This will only help with getting your press release higher in the news and getting more attention and clicks.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to start promoting ClickBank products. Just because you see some of them being promoted all over the place, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any more money to be made.

While advertising for the iPad is already all over the place and it might seem like everyone already has one… they are selling thousands of new devices to new people every day. This is just one of the many successful and growing niches on Clickbank that you can tap into right now.

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  1. Yesterday I sold my first ClickBank offer using PPV via Media Traffic and now thanks to you that another great offer I'm creating to test for making more money in my first month of affiliate marketing.

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  2. Great article Zac. I am mainly using Amazon as my preferred affiliate network and am really started earning some serious money.
    However, fees cannot be compared to Clickbank at all and I was thinking of focusing a bit on networks such as CLickbank and Neverblue in the following months.

    I definitely think it is worthwhile to try to explore new universes.

    Thanks for sharing the article.
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