7 Steps to Get Ranked in Top 10 Results on Google

Everyone wants to rank at the top of the search results, but not everyone had the budget to pay on a per click basis?

An alternative solution to ranking at the top of the engines without going directly to ppc marketing, focusing on your link building of course.

Whether you are focusing on generic, tight niche or long tail keywords at the end of the day it comes down to having a quality web site with content and high value back links to your site.

Getting Top 10 Google RankingsFinding high value web sites is one of the biggest problems with link building. Sure you can focus on guest blogging and get free placement on other sites, but they already have so much link juice flowing out of their site that you will also receive a minimal amount.

LinksManagement is a text brokering service that buys and sells text link placements on various web sites, specifically those which don’t have many outbound links, which means anyone who advertises on these sites will gain more link juice.

While not everyone buys into the business of buying and selling links on web sites, there are plenty of big name companies that base a majority of their link building strategies on it and Links Management has been very successful in their business for many years now.

With 2012 behind us and a new year just starting, that means there are 300 more days for Google to play games and throw some new compliance issues and rules in the face of site owners and bloggers around the world.

Links Management has released their own “7 Steps to Get Ranked Top 10 on Google in 2013” list. I’ve taken each of their key points and provided my insight and focus for each.

1.) Choose the Right Keywords

Choosing the Right KeywordsKnowing what your web site and blog audience is searching for is one of the best ways to tackle your link building campaigns. The next step is to also know your competition, where they rank and the competition of your keywords. Knowing how to find the right keywords and finding long tail keywords is key to a successful long term link building campaign.

2.) Get High Quality Text Backlinks from Relevant Sites

SEO and Link BuildingIt’s not just about the Alexa ranking, Page Rank and traffic a web site has, it’s also about the content. In the world of link building you need to get people and links to your site from relevant sites. If you have a site on sports, you don’t want a site about crafts linking to your site. The more relevant the sites linking to yours, the more it will help in your link building strategies

3.) Get Backlinks with Different Anchor Text

Last year Google put down the ban hammer on sites for creating a massive amount of incoming links to their sites with the same anchor text. Before Google put the smack down on, this was one of the best ways to rank in the search results, along with having an exact match domain. Now site owners need to get creative and build incoming links with a wide variation of anchor text not only focusing on their keywords, but also using their urls and “click here”, “visit” and “read now” type of generic links.

After the recent Google algorithm changes, SEOMoz came out with a case study about the how incoming links to a site should be structured based on anchor text. You can see the full break down in the chart below.

Natural Anchor Text Distribution(1)

4.) Get Backlinks from Sites with Different Page Rank

Everyone knows that the higher the Page Rank of a site linking to your site, the more link juice you will receive. However, if you spend all of your time focusing on only high end or low end incoming links, then you are potentially giving Google clear warning signs about your link building efforts. Just think about a popular blog and how they got to where they are today… sites of all sizes are linking to them and this is the same strategy you should be striving for.

5.) Gain and Purchase Backlinks Slowly

Build Backlinks SlowlyIf you really want to piss Google off, go and order one of those bulk link building packages that sends thousands of links to your site within 24-48 hours and costs you under a $100. This is the LAST way you want to build links to your site. Focus on building 1-3 quality links per day and you will see long term results that continually improve your rankings.

6.) Be Patient

One of the worst parts about link building and seeing results in the search engines and with your sites Page Rank is simply having to wait for Google to update. Page Rank updates are every few months, but search engines toss around their listings every day. It’s a slow process but one that works best with time.

The more competitive your keywords are, the more time it is necessary for you to get ranked on Google. It can take from 1 to 3 months for very low competitive keywords, from 3 to 6 months for middle competitive terms, and from 6 to 9 or even 12 months for high competitive keyword phrases. – LinksManagement

7.) Remove All Duplicate Content

Remove Duplicate ContentIf you have duplicate content on your sites then you are going to have problems right away. Google is after duplicate content and they have no problems with throwing sites out that participate in spinning articles, replicating content, re-posting rss feeds and much more. Use these common duplicate content checkers listed in Google to see if your site currently has any content issues.

Lastly, You Must Track Your Results!

In the end the last thing you are going to want to do is put the time and effort into all of these steps then lose your way and not track the results. It’s important to make sure that your link campaigns and efforts are working for you. Learn the basics of knowing how to track the performance of the keywords you are ranking for and at what position then track their progress over time.

Instead of worrying about the link building trends and Google algorithm changes to come, focus on making 2013 your best yet.

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    1. I've also seen a few case studies about sites ranking with much less links than one would expect… but at the end of the day I still say links do count for a lot.

  1. Nowadays everybody talks about Links! Everyone is trembling with fear that Google can find the paid links!
    I think everything must be done with calm, slowly and with a strategy!

    This product may be a good solutions to help building page rank. Unfortunately, content it's not the most important thing. It's all about being on Top
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    1. But how can you stay on top without good content? If you have no content people won't even visit your site.

  2. wow I had no Idea there was so much involved with backlinks.Plus I am doing it all wrong I really need to fix my content
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  3. Many people still use same anchor text while building links and see huge drop in rankings, and keep wondering why their website rank is getting down and down.
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  4. Zac, from the results of the same case stady SEOMoz links with EDM did very well IF domain name matches brand name. Especially good it worked for the .com domains. I think it's all about branding and I agree with Google on that.
    You said it yourself – to be everywhere and promote your brand. More buzz you create about the brand – more people will know what your brand is about, and more natural will look any link with the brand in the anchor text

  5. Hi Zac, amazing article like normal. I am currently adopting the guest blogging approach, but I am going to take a look at the Link tool you suggested, it sounds interesting.

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  6. Thanks Zac for these pointers. I just started my site and I am anxious to get ranked. But this being a slow process I'm just wondering if all new webmasters go through what I am going? My traffic is so low, initially I thought I was going to get some traffic just from having the right keywords in the domain, but it doesn't work like that. Looking forward to being ranked and find out what kind of traffic I get.
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  7. Link building is really important for getting ranked in google. Yes it will take time according to the competition of the keyword.
    Thanks Zac, its my first time in your blog and I really like this post.
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  8. Great Job, this post is reality a great step to make the better optimization. @Prakash : I agree with your comment, nothing is more important than determining the competition for a keyword before attempting to position.

  9. Great post. It will certainly help the newbies like me.
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  10. Am kind of getting confused here because I read somewhere that having back links from sites that are not relevant to your niche is not harmful but here you have said we should get back links from relevant sites so am wondering which statement is right. Would appreciate your response on this.
    Speaking of getting back links with different keywords is a strategy I have been applying though I have been using a small set of keywords and I grateful that you have pointed this one out.

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  12. Isnt this great? Thank you for sharing Zack. I bought some links from directory networks, hope I dont get punished…am not doing this again.
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  13. Good points. But you also have to rely on good keyword research, meta tags, keyword density etc.

  14. Backlink still is importance for SEO strategy. Thus, we need to find more well backlink for blog.
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